Links of Great Interest: :( 51 weeks til NWSA

What happens when a pastor comes out at a megachurch?

WTF, fitness magazines? Why’s it always about consuming docile female bodies?

Here’s a post from ColorLines on owning your sexual health.

Remember the woman who did not consent to being on Girls Gone Wild? Her case will be retried.

A woman raped by a police officer was forced to sign documents saying it wasn’t rape… just non-consensual sex.

From MC:

Morning Glory: a studio movie that stars a woman (written by a woman) where she is in charge of her life and not fighting with her best friend over a guy or a wedding date.

This CHILD is a rape survivor. She’s facing prison. Please help.

A new book argues that the college cost crisis isn’t actually a crisis.

Three young people in Denmark are brutally beaten, in a country that tacitly approves of violence against people of color.

Dutch women are happy being underpaid, etc. Gotta say, this article is rife with heteronormativity, and it doesn’t appear to think about the experiences of immigrant women, women of color, and/or Muslim women in a state where all three of those identities are increasingly unwelcome.

Looking for a steampunk cooking resource? I will say though… I’m concerned that season = salt, even though other spices were certainly available (and also forged: hatchet-faced nutmeg dealers, I’m looking at you!!!!). For some reason, I’d’ve thought steampunk cooking would include more fusion foods appropriate to the melange of eras, like curry with tomatoes in it, stuff involving corn, maybe cumin… you know, stuff where it’s all about the delicious mixing of borders. FoodTimeline MIGHT be more useful.

An out teenager defends the teacher who was suspended because of defending the teen from a homophobic bully.

Follow up on that misogynist, clitoris-removing doctor. From Scarlett!

From Gena: obesity and poverty: side by side.

Also from Gena: Pole Spin magazine. Seriously, this magazine demonstrates why I’m goddamn obsessed with pole.

From a TON of people: Privilege Denying Dude. :) MEMES GONE WILD!

Portia di Rossi refuses to be interviewed by male, Australian interviewer. Privilege denying dude says: THAT’S DISCRIMINATION.

This just in: GRANDMAS CAN BE SUPERHEROES. Proof! Here’s the artist’s website.

RAFFLE RAFFLE RAFFLE: Carl Brandon Society has more tickets for that raffle! You know, the one with the delicious ebooks pre-filled with yummy stories?


  1. Casey says

    Oh man, I am OBSEEESSED~!! with Privilege Denying Dude; everybody flipped their shit at the “MEN ARE RAPED TOO, LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT” pic…I think they lost out on the nuance of it. This is a meme that references an argument that’s come up on the article about the Men Can Stop Rape campaign wherein a male rape victim said “this campaign is all well and good but women are capable of rape too so let’s stop all of them first”, or some such comment.

    IDK why I’m explaining it on here. I guess ‘cuz I don’t have a TUMBLR account and don’t feel like making one. 😛

      • says

        actually, I managed to find this From the single comment:

        tumblr recently suspended privilegedenyingdude for extensive “copyright violation,” but it was not in violation of copyright – in fact, the creator actually paid for the stock image of the model they used for the meme, and clearly stated this fact on the tumblr page. Please add your voice to this objection by e-mailing

        It also links to a generator where you can create captions for the image of that guy yourself. Have fun!

        • The Other Patrick says

          Since I decided to make up my own privileged dude for a blog debate I’ll be doing next week, I guess if the original is down, if you want you can use mine, as well:

          it’s the most fitting picture of myself that I had on my computer, and I know the quality’s not that great, but at least I permit using it for this purpose…

          • The Other Patrick says

            Ah, I see it’s only the tumbler that’s down, you can still do stuff with the picture. Nevermind, then :)

  2. Maartje says

    I’m a Dutch woman and that makes reading the article supposedly about us with any sort of objectivity very difficult. Besides all the ommisions that you already mentioned (and let’s face it, the country I live in today is getting more racist by the minute and fascism is taking a hold) the article doesn’t give a flying fck about the men those heteronormative women are partnered up with. In my experience, wich is anecdotal, the men want to parent their kids as much as the women do. So the men too scale back their hours at work when starting to breed.
    What the author of the article seems to forget while stating her pretty stats is that the NL has a LOT of really old folks. The babyboom that happened after the 2nd world war is really taking its toll. And again just my experience, but the older you are the more likely it is you’re conducting your life in a more or less traditional manner.
    And just because I can’t help myself, this one’s for the ‘I’m more progressive then you’ poll: I know two stay at home moms, three stay at home dads and the rest all works (at least part of the time)

  3. meerkat says

    That article on obesity is kind of iffy. The author “read[s] material on this issue now and then” but has missed all the parts about changing the BMI categories (which turns out to have been based less on medical evidence and more on supporting the dieting industry) and seems to be calling for more government action (reins for the horse metaphor) to eliminate obesity, which we already have too much of, as opposed to making more nutritious food available to low-income communities, etc. (which would be a good thing and could actually succeed without eugenics). I am actually really disappointed to see this article linked on a blog I respect.

  4. M.C. says

    Thank you for that link about physical fitness. It’s so inspiring! And that’s exactly how I felt when I started doing martial arts.

  5. Kathmandu says

    Echidne has demolished that article about Dutch women. She shows how the article was constructed from one or two out-of-context numbers and a whole bunch of projection.

    First I looked up the Dutch working hours. Here is some recent data:

    “Average weekly working hours in 2007 with overtime:
    Men 34.7
    Women 24.5”

    Interesting! I bet most of you thought that the male colleagues slaving away in the office were all there for ninety hour weeks, what with all those womenfolk enjoying their gardens and shit. Turns out that the Dutch don’t work very long hours in general.

    Second, I came across an actual study of the Dutch women’s part-time work, and in it I found a reference that may (just may) be the mother of that 4% comment:

    “The result on the propensity to work full-time is consistent with studies on stated preferences and attitudes towards the employment of women. The SCP (2006) finds that among women who work part-time and do have a working male partner, 96 per cent prefer to work part-time.”

    Could this be the source of that four-percent figure? Subtract 96% from 100% and you get that. Except that the women asked were not ALL Dutch women but only those who a) worked part-time and b) had a working male partner.

  6. esther says

    Mmh, all the dutch women I know that work part-time would actually be able to support themselves with that salary in case of sudden divorce. Obviously the sample is biased in that they have pretty nifty jobs, but still.

  7. Scarlett says

    The article about the Dutch, to me, relies on three assumptions: 1) that everyone is in a hetero monogomous relationship 2) that all women prefer to be the stay-at-home parent and 3) that all MEN prefer to being in the income. My bf and I decided yonks ago – on a strictly theoretical basis, mind you – that all things being equal, he’d much rather be the stay-at-home parent and I’d much rather be the full-time worker. What about couples like that? What about gay and lesbian couples? Single parents, relationships that extend beyond monogomy? They seem to have taken a VERY traditionally used subset of society to use as their basis.

  8. Patrick McGraw says

    The Jezebel article on fitness magazines and attitudes towards women exercising is great.

    Although male, I ran into something a bit similar. I started exercising recently in an attempt to lose the 35 pounds I gained following my kidney transplant. I’ve had very little success yet (still consuming too much – as in any – high fructose corn syrup), but despite that I’ve continued to focus on a regimen of dynamic tension exercises because, fat or not, for the first time in my life I feel strong.

  9. Scarlett says

    The Portia de Rossi article was intersting. I could understand it from Koch’s perspective – he’s right in the sense that there would be an outcry if a male refused any female interviewers – but I think he missed the point about how abusive the male gaze can be to a point she doesn’t feel comfortable being interviewed by men, in a way that the female gaze *on men* isn’t nowhere as close as abusive.

    • Shaun says

      I don’t think it would matter if it was a man preferring not to be interviewed by women–since when is anyone obligated to be interviewed by anyone? Not that you’re saying this, I just don’t understand why this is even a topic of debate (for this guy). He works in the media, if she wants to be interviewed by his co-host then his co-host needs to interview her–it’s still going to help his program’s ratings.

      • Casey says

        IDK, I think people would flip their shit if a male celebrity REFUSED to be interviewed by a woman for whatever reason…

        • Scarlett says

          I can see people accepting it if they refused ONE particular reporter, especially if there was a history of antagonism between them, but yeah, generally, I think there’d be an outcry if a male refused to be interviewed by a woman. So I can understand Koch’s response in that regard, but I think he’s missed the point in terms of what she must be feelin in issuing such a ban. Women tend not to say ‘not dealing with any men’ without a decent reason to it.

  10. says

    Thanks for the link to my blog. As to your remarks—I’m just getting started, and I hope to start expanding into more of a fusion of food styles soon. Cooking around a hectic schedule of culinary school and other responsibilities forces one’s hand towards the somewhat-less-exciting.

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