Links of Great Interest: congrats, graduates!

Signal Boosting: Japan’s Cat Island survived the quake, but still needs help.

Signal Boosting: Someone wants to interview queer women at WisCon.

Y’all, now that I’m *just writing* for a summer I am struggling to maintain control of my time. ADVICE???? I’ve downloaded Scrivener… but have no idea how to manage sources, design a reading/writing schedule, etc. BLACK ACADEMIC BAT SIGNAL TO THE RESCUE???

A dear friend of mine critically reflects on being a late twenties feminist.

OMFG. From SunlessNick: Pro-lifer uses billboard to continue stalking/harassing ex-girlfriend.

This article argues that a Catholic social doctrine is not about the GNP. Liberation theology for the win!

…Is this a joke? I can’t even tell anymore.

Fat-shaming /= an anti-obesity campaign.

From Some Guy: Rift —> objectifies women.

Inexpensive training saves children’s lives.

The leaders of Slutwalk demonstrate their white privilege.

The April issue of Expanded Horizons is LIVE!

This blogger talks about surviving mother/daughter sexual abuse.

Breaking down the mythos of the “controlling” woman.

Oh Rihanna. I love you.

Does this article sound classist to anyone else?

More on the TSA scanners.

From Sylvia Sybil:

Roseanne Barr on the classism and sexism behind working on the Roseanne show. Particularly interesting is the below quote, which goes along with what Jennifer is always saying about Hollywood and institutional discrimination.

I finally found the right lawyer to tell me what scares TV producers worse than anything—too late for me. What scares these guys—who think that the perks of success include humiliating and destroying the star they work for (read Lorre’s personal attacks on Charlie Sheen in his vanity cards at the end of Two and a Half Men)—isn’t getting caught stealing or being made to pay for that; it’s being charged with fostering a “hostile work environment.”

Latino war vet shot to death and denied medical services by mistaken SWAT team.



  1. The Other Anne says

    The Women’s Monthly site (that tells you how to make your gay daughter straight) is sooooo full of Poe I don’t even.

    I browsed through the site and still can’t figure out if it’s serious or not. The fact that it’s so large and so ambiguous leads me to believe they’re serious, but I really, really ant them to not be serious.

    Off to the rest of the links! :)

  2. The Other Anne says

    The Other Anne,

    I want to clarify that when I say Poe I am referring to Poe’s Law, which for me at least, has become more inclusive than just religious fundamentalists and now includes MRA stuff, racial statements (specifically among my friends, who will say racist shit, then say things like “I’m just joking, but it’s true.”), and in politics, among others.

  3. says

    I’m going to be selfish here and heartily recommend Rosanne Barr’s article to anyone who doesn’t understand why I quit film:

    I made the mistake of thinking Marcy was a powerful woman in her own right. I’ve come to learn that there are none in TV. There aren’t powerful men, for that matter, either—unless they work for an ad company or a market-study group. Those are the people who decide what gets on the air and what doesn’t.

    This producer was a woman, a type I became acquainted with at the beginning of my stand-up career in Denver. I cared little for them: blondes in high heels who were so anxious to reach the professional level of the men they worshipped, fawned over, served, built up, and flattered that they would stab other women in the back. They are the ultimate weapon used by men against actual feminists who try to work in media, and they are never friends to other women, you can trust me on that.

    I also recommend it for all sorts of other reasons. I <3 her.

  4. Casey says

    OMFGZ as if the actual “Setting Your Gay Daughter Straight” article wasn’t fail in and of itself, the author’s replies to people in the comment section is SO MUCH WORSE:

    (in response to a lesbian who was “surprised” (read:RAPED) by a “bait-and-switch” trap-boy)
    “Oh believe me, if you hire the right transvestites it is not rape. Its pretty hard to refuse a 15 year old Vietnamese ladyboy with supple, hormone-encouraged breasts, minimal male sex organs, and a jasmine-scented anus. Reguardless of your gender, they are pretty hard to pass up, so they fetch a high price… and they are shrewd barterers. I once traded an entire Tommy Bahama bedroom set for just 3 hours of service to two fine gentlemen/ladies. It was worth it, after that point my daughter totally stopped watching Sailor Moon with her bedroom door closed.”


  5. The Other Anne says



    And at the actual site, in response to the outrage at that article, they were like we love the (and I quote) “LGBTQCHFLOLOMG” community and here’s an article for them! And then it was an article telling lesbians how to eat out.

    There’s enough fail and snark in there for me to be doubly unsure as to whether or not this is a Poe or a seriously, willfully ignorant person.

  6. Shaun says

    The Other Anne,

    Oh I’m pretty sure it’s intended to be a joke–the writer of the article is a Miss “Ann Thrope.” No doubt they think themselves immensely clever.

  7. Casey says


    It took me a second (mostly ‘cuz I misread her name as being Ann Thorpe) but yeah, I figured out that she, along with The Ladies’ Monthly (GEDDIT A PERIOD JOKE YOU GUISE) are some kinda satire site…but still, “ironic”, “hipster” bigotry disguised as satire IS STILL BIGOTRY…but I’m sure you already knew that yourself.

  8. Attackfish says

    About the fat shaming… It’s like they actually looked at food access and racial differences in shape, and the lack of a healthy food culture in the US, and the underlying health problems that can cause weight gain, and the fact that what’s healthy for one isn’t healthy for all, and decided blame and mockery was the better solution!

    Casey: “ironic”, “hipster” bigotry disguised as satire IS STILL BIGOTRY

    Oh my God, the transmisogny, racism, queerphobia… Oy.

  9. Casey says

    Attackfish: Oh my God, the transmisogny, racism, queerphobia… Oy.

    Also, if I have to hear ONE MORE FUCKING “GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN/HERP DERP MAKE ME A SANDWICH” JOKE, I’M GONNA…curl up in a hole and just sleep forever. >_>V

  10. says

    I’ll have you all know that what we do at the Ladies’ Monthly had nothing to do with hipster racism or hipster anything for that matter. What the Ladies’ Monthly is about is providing the best advice for mothers, no matter what they want. We’re not about sequestering someone’s judgment, if someone needs a gay son to feel happier, or a straight daughter to have grandchildren, we’ll be there. If someone needs advice on how to teach their baby to use makup, we’ll be there. If someone needs advice on dealing with their boyfriend’s wife, we’ll be there. If someone needs advice on how to manipulate their children during a rough divorce, we’ll be there. If someone needs to find out how to abort an unwanted pregnancy at home, we’ll be there.

    And we’re going to be here for a long time, so if you have a mother in need of the world’s only advice site without boundaries, we’ll be there. Tell Mom Ann sent ya.

  11. The Other Anne says


    I did notice that and the name of the site, but at the same time, seriously bigoted people can use handles and “clever” jokes just as well as trolls, so I continued to be unsure. The reassurance here that she is, indeed, a massive troll, is not actually a comfort. Judging by the comments on the website, a majority of others also cannot tell if she is serious, and with the amount of misinformation out there and a lack of critical thinking makes me wonder if the site will be used to “back up” bigotry by the ignorant.


  12. Casey says

    The HuffPo article about women feeling like they’re being “controlling” was pretty good, to bad the comments section (OF COURSE) sucks/completely misses the point/decries modern-day feminists as having a “martyr complex”.

    Some BRILLIANT MIND named Ed Baker ~Not a Tool of the Political Elite~ keeps harping on this, “I think women have missed part of the socializat­ion that goes into making men leaders and followers. Team sports is a great place to learn these skills.”

    Does he not realize that even today women entering team sports isn’t exactly encouraged? It’s not their fault their lacking in “proper” (read:male) socialization. >_>V

  13. Shaun says

    The Other Anne,

    I don’t think it matters that she’s/they’re a troll. Personally I find the idea of training anyone in or out of being gay laughable, but there’s still some pretty rapey content on there that the site’s author(s) think is hilarious.

  14. Maria says

    FYI: I let the above comment by Ann Thrope through even tho it violates discussion guidelines because it answers a q y’all were asking.

  15. Maria says

    Casey: ….What question did it answer? That it’s a legit site? I still say it’s a very hateful troll site.

    LOL Or both!

  16. The Other Anne says


    It’s amazing that Ann Thrope seemingly responds to every single comment there….and apparently places that link to hir.

  17. sbg says

    I didn’t read the TSA scanner article, fwiw. Wanted to say that first. I just got back from my first trip with these things in an airport, and the video they have playing assuring all the shee…er, people waiting in line to be personally invaded this way is bar none the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard. I felt like I was in one of those future-movies, you know, with the bland, disembodied female voice telling everyone everything would be okay … seconds before everything is not okay.

    I don’t CARE if the face is blurred. I don’t care if the image is deleted right away. I DO care that my only other option is to be felt up by someone with about a week’s worth of training.

  18. Robin says

    The tl;dr version of the TSA article is that the company that makes the backscatter scanners won’t allow them to be tested by outside agencies, so nobody really knows how much radiation they emit, but scientists who know about such things are pretty sure it’s at something on the order of 10-45 times more than they claim because anything less wouldn’t actually create a usable image.

    sbg, I don’t CARE if the face is blurred. I don’t care if the image is deleted right away. I DO care that my only other option is to be felt up by someone with about a week’s worth of training.

    THIS. I’ve only taken one trip (so far) in which these were my only options — i.e. no plain old metal detector option at all — and the woman who performed my “enhanced pat-down” was very polite and professional, BUT…

    a) I’ve heard enough awful stories about people experiencing what amounts to sexual and psychological assault during the procedure to be nervous anyway;

    b) If I’d really wanted to hide something from the pat-down, I could have done so very easily, since (thank the FSM) she didn’t go anywhere near my ladyparts, and;

    c) On the way home I was too tired to deal with the opt-out rigmarole, so I docilely went through the porn-o-tron and instantly regretted it as I was even more scared of the potential future repercussions of allowing myself to be bombarded by unknown amounts of unnecessary radiation than I had been of surrendering my bodily autonomy to a stranger.

  19. says

    I’m just not flying unless I absolutely have to. Fortunately I don’t work somewhere that requires travel. There is one trip I want to make this autumn but I’m hoping I can take a train instead.

    Exposing myself to unknown amounts of radiation or be sexually assaulted? Neither, thank you.

  20. Shaun says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    Trains are awesome. They’re more expensive than flying, but you don’t have to risk sexual assault if you don’t want to be irradiated and pornographically photographed. Trains are also less hectic and a lot more fun to be on.

  21. ziv a says

    That billboard is freaking weird. someone should point that guy and his excess cash in the direction of some dead-beat dads, let him use his billboard space to shame them. maybe then some woman will be willing to risk having his kid?

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