Links of Great Interest: You make my heart…

Sarah shares a rape story.

Essin-em describes the ways in which allies can support sexual assault survivors.

Some thoughts on why we need more feminist JOURNALISTS!

BTW ladies, everyone gives a shit about your last name.

Once again, the bodies of American youth (and the foods they intake) become militarized. School lunches now pose a threat to national security.

Women forcibly sterilized in Uzbekistan.


Check out some of the posts for Blogging Against Disability Day 2010!!!

Some reflections on the universality of SF/F.

Some thoughts on Sandra Bullock’s recent adoption of a little black baby. Some thoughts on how noting blackness signifies (or detracts from) full personhood by emphasizing what the norm is. also highlights Cosmo’s evolution over the years.

Being pro-life is fun and trendy!

Thoughts on the rights of black women and girls.

Afghani schoolgirls poisoned at school.

Dear Craigslist — There is totes a difference between casual sex and human trafficking. Buy a fucking dictionary.

What if the Tea Party was filled with black people?

Can the average American tell the difference between a conversation on healthcare and one about Pokemon?

OMG seriously? A terrorist investigation successfully concluded without torture?

Check it out! A woman’s gym in 1910.

Why designers won’t make bras in bigger sizes. :(

Okay, for some reason the Toni Braxton videos I linked to yesterday disappeared! WTF. Anyways, here they are. ROCK OUT PEOPLE, life is too short to stay still.

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  1. sbg says

    I’m not sure how to feel about the Sandra Bullock adoption thing, primarily because I can’t sort out the personal – I have two adopted nephews, neither of whom are the same race as me (or, natch, my sister), and knowing that my sister just wanted a baby and could not have one herself. Not the same scenario as SB at all, but…

  2. says

    OMG! Lord knows school lunches suck, but “too fat to fight?” It couldn’t possibly be that they don’t want to risk their lives for US business and political interests. Nope, gotta be the fat. It’s always the fat.

    The Black Women’s Rights post is a must-read. I know black women get a heap of crap to deal with, but some of the specifics were news to me. Not surprising, but news.

    The bra explanation makes sense. I’m unhappy about it, but “we lack the skills/can’t be bothered” is the first explanation I suspect whenever business leaves money on the table. See entire site, LOL. Now if we could just find out why they won’t make more plus sizes that are, in fact, average sizes now. Is it more difficult to tailor clothes to fit bigger bodies than small? I wouldn’t think so (very few bodies of any size are really right for clothes off the rack), but maybe. I get frustrated because while I’m not plussize (I’m plump but very fine boned and small in build, so it balances out) every top I try on either works with every part of my torso except my chest, or it works with my chest and nothing else. Very frustrating. No wonder I don’t spend more of my disposable income on clothing. Oh, well, their loss, right?

  3. says

    So, uh, two more depressing links:
    Rapist goes free because of skinny jeans.

    Three girls get acid thrown in their face for not wearing a scarf.

    The black rights text wavers between: “That shouldn’t even need spelling out” and “wait, what?” Damn, that’s a lot of shit to take.

    I’m not sure what Craigslist is supposed to do – aside from closing down on any casual encounter ad. It’s horrible what happened, but as the text says, someone should have reported the ad, and there is police trolling the boards, too. So what else should CL do?

    Free Dora is a nice take on the immigration issue / Arizona law. Maybe humor helps.

  4. says

    The black rights text wavers between: “That shouldn’t even need spelling out” and “wait, what?” Damn, that’s a lot of shit to take.

    Yes, exactly!

    Hey, Maria, why aren’t you putting the email for links in the posts anymore? 😀

    • Maria says

      …are you guys being sarcastic? Because the email is there! Can you not see it? Sometimes I feel like parts of my posts get deleted…

  5. says

    I was being not so much sarcastic as just wacky, and it didn’t really work. I think somehow people are overlooking the email address and I’m not sure what to suggest. Maybe we need to stick it in the sidebar somewhere?

  6. sbg says

    Honestly? From work I cannot always see the email address tag at the end of messages. No lie – I looked for it today and had to go back multiple posts before I could find one with a visible email provided.

  7. says

    I just overlook it. It’s not a link, but some big fat writing at the end. I don’t think I ever consciously read that until you just said there was an email adress in there and I looked to find it – and I had to look twice to see it.

    Sorry for using the “E-Mail us” link.

  8. says

    Okay, I found a way so that the Contact Form has a drop down box and you can email Maria, Deanne (who handles our communications for the most part) or me specifically. I think this may be the most intuitive solution, since lots of company websites have something like this.

    That should help, but in the meantime, please everyone just be aware: if you dump links in comments on other LoGI posts, Maria may or may not see them. Email is always the best way! :)

  9. says

    I’m a little uneasy about the Sandra Bullock link. Here’s what I don’t get. A child is a child is a child regardless of color, birth creed, or race. Children need loving a supportive homes. Children need opportunities. It makes me a little queasy that rather than look at this as a positive situation, the poster expresses an incredibly amount of rage at what is possibly an improvement in a child’s life. Furthermore, while I acknowledge that the adoption system is NOT geared towards middle class people, and certainly makes it hard for certain groups of people, it exists for a reason. And the fact that a child in America–which has a notoriously difficult system–got adopted is reason enough to celebrate. Why should skin color matter? It is views such as this–an “us vs. them” opinion of the world–that creates problems. Actor/dancer/Civil Rights activist Josephine Baker adopted 12 multi-national children whom she called The Rainbow Tribe. She believed that children everywhere needed love and opportunity regardless of their color. Why should that be any different today? Do terrible things happen in adoption because people want to make a quick buck? Yes. But don’t blame the new family that’s forming. IMHO the last thing someone should find a reason to complain about is one person of a particular skin color adopting a child of another. Is it not, in its own way, a sort of reverse racism to say that white women/families adopt colored children as a means to exert a sense a privilege or to assuage “white guilt”? Why not commend a person, again, regardless of their skin color for looking beyond the biological and reaching out a child who needs love and affection? THAT makes more sense to me than railing impotently about the color of skin and attaching one’s own agenda/reading to said skin colors.

  10. says

    The Bullock link is suggesting that her ex-husband, with whom she adopted and planned to raise this boy, has strong ties with racism and racist activists. If so, THAT is definitely troubling as a unique facet of this particular situation.

    I’m torn on the other issues surrounding adoption. There is SO MUCH wrong with the system I don’t know where to start, and for that reason, I kind of agree with those of you saying it’s a cause for celebration anytime a child finds a supportive, loving home, regardless of race. But: where are all the couples of color adopting little white babies? Ya know?

  11. Robin says

    I’d be interested to know how many of the 9 million “potential future recruits” in the school lunch article would actually apply for military service if weight weren’t an option. And if the increased number of washouts is due to a decline in physical performance or based solely on preliminary exams / BMI, which doesn’t always accurately indicate what a person is capable of doing.

    The fact that Craigslist is being used for sex trafficking is horrible but — as one commenter on the article pointed out — boycotting the entire site doesn’t solve the problem. And attacking the man who created an otherwise useful service certainly won’t. Enacting tighter oversight by site moderators, community members, and law enforcement can.

  12. Charles RB says

    The Craigslist thing is monstrous, I’d be sickened if I was Buckmaster (and he almost certainly is too). I’m not sure what he can do here – all sex-related ads needing to be vetted first is the only thing I can think of – but refering to complaints as “cynical misuse” of the trafficking campaign is… odd.

    The Pokemon Health vid is bloody hilarious. When he actually says “Pokemon” and no one bats an eyelid…

  13. Erin says

    The adoption post also bothered me – I agree with the author that there are things a black parent can teach a child help him or her with that a white parent couldn’t, but there are too many abused and neglected kids out there for me to be unhappy about them getting into loving homes, even if the situation isn’t ideal. Help for disadvantaged women who want to keep their kids, and making the system more favourable to black adoptive parents, I am completely in agreement with the poster on.

    I liked seeing Mystere mentioned in the Jezebel bra article – the first bra I’ve ever owned that fit (bought this year!) is by them. I actually have Maria to thank for that – sucks that I have to find bras at specialty stores, but many thanks for pointing out the particular one in Boston I finally went to.

  14. scarlett says

    Re: women taking/not taking their husband’s names. If my boyfriend and I ever get married, I was planning on taking his because mine is an obscure Polish one and his is a very common English one and after twenty years of s-l-o-w-l-y spelling out my last name and having it STILL gotten wrong half the time, it would be lovely to have a name that people get straight away. Can’t say I’ve ever thought of it in political terms :p

    • Maria says

      Huh. See, we both have long complicated names, but I feel the opposite of you. Taking a name that’s easier to spell would just be letting the arseholes get you down!

  15. says

    I have a short, uncomplicated name, but people always want to spell it “Kessler” because that’s a more common spelling. The grass is not always greener.

    (It was this name thing that made me decide as a child to become very, very famous, so people would try to misspell Kessler as Kesler because my version would be the more familiar. Don’t worry, I got over this particular dream, LMAO.)

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