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I’m on the board at Lifting Voices, a nonprofit that teaches critical thinking through writing workshops to under-served kids.  We’re publishing a coffee-table book called Counter Culture.  Counter Culture shares kids’ food stories in words and images. José Andrés, Chef Spike (from Top Chef), and Robert Egger (from DC Central Kitchen) are all contributing essays.  A team of well known photographers is capturing images that show the kids at their kitchen tables and in their neighborhoods.  The idea behind the book is that food unites people.   If you contribute, you’ll get a REWARD . . . like a hamburger at Good Stuff Eatery, an autographed and illustrated child’s essay, or a copy of the book. Please also signal boost! We need $5,000 by the end of the month to help these young foodies get published!

A brave woman shares her story of rape with the international press. Egyptian activists subjected to “virginity” tests.

More on Walmart’s sex discrimination law suit.

Duke Nukem: kinda fail.

Paul Taylor‘s Wapsi Square: SHIT JUST GOT REAL. For reals, though, what I <3 about Paul’s writing is that rape is not the only big bad in this scene: that Brandi would have to watch them torture Jin, that three girls would have to choose between suicide and burning to death, that this torture of innocents was so horrific it knocked the world off its temporal axis… wow.

Elizabeth Taylor: An AIDS activist to remember.

Gabrielle Union talks about why she supports Planned Parenthood.

Republicans try to intimidate a university professor

Portman’s dancing double from Black Swan wants recognition. I wonder if Mila Kunis had one as well?

From SunlessNick: No, you cannot see your mother because she is paralyzed. Ummm what?

From Casey:

I don’t know if this DeviantArt link will count for anything, but it’s a fan-fic about a gender-bent Lelouche from Code Geass…I really loved it just ‘cuz I wanted Lelouche to be a girl and imagined him as such because, y’know DAT DEARTH OF FEMALE LEAD CHARACTERS (even though anime/manga has a better ratio than western works) but this comment by Skypirating bugs me and I think warrants discussion:

“I can’t see how switching his gender will change the story in any way. It’s not an interesting plot twist, or any kind of plot twist at all – unless his personality were to change, in which case he would be a different character and the gender-bending would be pointless.”

I’m not eloquent (and too cowardly) to leave a reply explaining why just switching Lelouche’s gender and nothing else is interesting enough but maybe my fellow Hathorites could take a crack?

From Sylvia: Jessica Verday refuses to make a m/m love story into an f/m.

Girl friendships and movies that (may) rock.

9 yr old loses leg, saves sister’s life. READ IF YOU WANNA CRY A LITTLE.

GODDAMMIT. I officially withdraw my naming the MLP good examples of friendship.

WomanistMusings calls out Bitch Magazine for not including WOC under the “mommy blog” label.

Scott Adams: It’s hard out there for a dick.

Pixar will finally have its first female lead.

From MC: A list of formidable female characters.

Jennifer Garner to play Mrs. Marple. Yuuuuuuuck.

A woman enjoying sex changes the rating of the movie.

Oh lord. Labioplasty is a growing trend. Trigger warnings for the linked doc.

From SunlessNick:

A whole department of Salt Lake City’s DMV gathered to mock and abuse a transwoman trying to renew her license – one woman stood up for her.

Congrats to the first legally married lesbian couple! 10 years, baby! That’s tin, aluminum, crystal, or diamond. PRESENT TIME. :does a presents dance:

Things you can’t say when talking politics: “uterus.”


  1. Gabriella says

    Somethhing I didn’t get about the Black Swan article – how exactly what Portman ‘lying’ by not thanking Sarah Lane? Does no-one else remember when Hilary Swank managed to forget to thank her freaking HUSBAND? Yes, Portman may have been thinking ‘damned if I’m going to give that spotlight-stealing cow any credit’, but I think it’s far more plausible that she either forget or thought Lane ranked pretty low in people to thank for an ACTING award. That doesn’t make her a liar, or even ungrateful towards Lane for helping her look so good.

    Some of the comments in the article and related ones are pretty mean. From what I can gather, Lane simply wants credit as a dancing double as opposed to an extra, but it’s being made out that she’s plotting to steal Portman’s spotlight and somehow detract from her performance as an ACTOR by pointing out she’s not a professional-level BALLERINA.

    It makes me think that there’s a higher standard for actresses when it comes to a role that requires a certain degree of physicality to look real. This is a bad example, but did anyone believe that Geoffrey Rush was really a super-talented piano player? As opposed to being given enough instruction to fake it? No? Then why should anyone mind that Portman didn’t actually dance at a proffesional level of ballet all by herself?

    • Robin says

      The way I see it, Lane was the equivalent of a stunt performer in an action movie. Nobody expects Mark Wahlberg or Matt Damon to thank their stunt guys when they win acting awards. In fact, a lot of stunt people are happiest not being recognized — if the audience can’t tell which bits are the actor and which are the stunties. That means they’ve done their job right.

      I think the problem has arisen from the fact that Lane isn’t primarily a stunt person. She’s a performer in her own right, and clearly highly skilled at her chosen art. She’s proud of her dancing (as she should be), but she’s not used to someone else getting the kudos for her work.

      • Gabriella says

        True. I think all-around this has been handled badly… but especially by the studio. I don’t think Lane deserved a mention in Portman’s speech, unless Portman thought so. But I think she deserved credit as a dance double as oppopsed to an ‘extra’.

        • Attackfish says

          Given that Fox News was from whence I was hearing the loudest calls for Portman to give up her oscar (seriously, what?) I think that the whole controversy is very possibly a publicity stunt, and depending how much o want to credit them with foresight, they may have done the incredibly shitty thing of crediting her as an extra in preparation. Or they could have been shitty just because and are now taking advantage of her ire to drum up publicity.

          • says

            If this is a publicity stunt, which I consider VERY likely because hardly anything publicized about HW isn’t, that makes it even worse because they’ve created a real life Cat Fighting Bitchez drama. That’s even more uncool than when they stick that shit in movies.

            • Attackfish says

              Oh yes, because people will point to it and say “see those nasty petty women? haha, isn’t that always the way it is?” And the thing is, if it is a stunt, it’s perfectly possible for Fox to have pulled it without either woman’s knowledge. It certainly not doing either of them any good.

              • says

                it’s perfectly possible for Fox to have pulled it without either woman’s knowledge. It certainly not doing either of them any good.

                Wouldn’t be the first time Fox did something like that, either. They’ll smear anybody to create publicity. God, someday we’ll all wake up and think the world seems just a tiny little bit cleaner and fresher and nicer, and it’ll turn out Rupert Murdoch kicked the bucket overnight.

                • Gabriella says

                  Jenn, you should find this Australian movie called Black and White. It’s based on a true story about an Aboriginal man who was convicted for the rape and murder of a little white girl in what was, at best, flimsy evidence, Parts of it are unintentionally funny because one of the ‘characters’ is Rupert Murdoch when he was just a small nespaper owner, a left-windger crusader for justice and civil rights. I shit you not.

                    • Gabriella says

                      Ya mean there’s more money in making up crap and ruining lives thAn telling the truth and crusading for justice? Whuddathunkit?

                    • Gabriella says

                      Well the Murdoch family were fairly left-wing – big on civil rights, education for all, etc, etc, My university was one of the first free unis in Australia and named after one of Rupert’s ancestors, whiich is appropriate because apparantly Keith Murdoch was big on everyone being able to access tertiary education. And by all accounts, Rupert started off the same but at some point decided it was better to invest in tabloids and shitty behaviour.

  2. M.C. says

    OK, people, I appologize for not sending this link the right way but instead posting it in the comment section. But I just saw this and need to share it with you right now. ;D
    Remember how Maria posted a picture of the new Wonder Woman costume last week? Well, here are pics from the actual filming and it’s greatly improved. The pants aren’t shiny anymore and look like they’re comfortable, the boots are red but still flat so that she can run. WW looks actually dressed in this! :)

    • says

      I think it is hardly my favorite Wonder Woman costume– I think it is such a no-brainer to hoplite it up, add a few Greek warrior touches– but it is astonishing hot much of an impact those red boots make.

      • SunlessNick says

        I still wish she’d wear normal clothes. (Though part of that is that I don’t really like the superhero genre for the most part, and would rather see Wonder Woman through an urban fantasy lens, which her backstory would fit).

        • Shaun says

          A Wonder Woman in “normal clothes” is not going to have the same resonance with the comic unless the show is very, very popular. It also won’t have a shot at cementing the idea that WONDER WOMAN CAN WEAR PANTS AND IT’S OKAY, which this may.

        • Gategrrl says

          I remember a Wonder Woman adaptation made-for-TV-movie back in the 1974. Wonder Woman was the ONLY superhero that was a woman, a real woman with as much strength as Superman, and I was annoyed and insulted that they put her in a *leisure/exercise* suit, with not even her colors to distinguish her from anyone else. Plus she was played by Cathy Lee Crosby. ( )

          The Wonder Woman series starring Lynda Carter premiered not too long after, I think, and I LOVED it. Finally! A Wonder Woman who was just like the comic book!

          So, why put her in regular street clothing? She’s an *Amazon*!

          • SunlessNick says

            So, why put her in regular street clothing? She’s an *Amazon*!

            I think “She’s an Amazon is a stronger argument when paired with “Why put her in a swuimsuit/leotard decorated in American flag colours?”

        • M.C. says

          The superhero genre just wouldn’t be itself without the silly costumes.

          But if you are looking for an urban fantasy series with a female hero, then I recommend you watch Lost Girl on showcase:
          It’s about a very tough bisexual succubus and her female human sidekick solving crimes and kicking some fae-butt. *g*

  3. says

    The racism in MLP: FiM is saddening. The series started out so promising, but in the end it has become obvious that the makers just love showcasing their privilege. The case of Zecora was bad enough, but the episode Over A Barrel was just a steaming pile of WTfuckery. Not only are native Americans othered by making them buffalo instead of the pony “default” of the series, but the plot of the episode left me with my jaw on the floor. So, the colonizing white people, sorry, ponies stole a patch of native land to make apple orchards. They were completely in the wrong there, and yet several characters take their side. After the situation has worsened into a big fight (which the buffaloes are apparently losing) they finally reach a “compromise” of the ponies leaving a path through the orchards so the buffaloes can continue to make their traditional annual rampage through it. And the buffaloes get some apple pies. This is all treated as a wonderful lesson about sharing and friendship.

    The solution might have been pretty good IF the buffaloes had come up with it voluntarily from the very start. Then the decision would have been theirs. But as it was, they were violently forced into a “compromise”. FUCK NO. It was their land to begin with! They shouldn’t have to “compromise” with it at all!

    *foams at mouth*

      • Casey says

        This is semi-OT but the othering of PoC via Pony = white, (RAPPING!)Zebra = black and Buffalo = Amerindian reminds me of Fritz the Cat. IDK if this was supposed to be making some kinda SOCIAL STATEMENT but in that movie white people are afforded the luxury of being anthropomorphic animals of all fauna whereas ALL black folks EVERYWHERE are portrayed as crows.

        • Cloudtigress says

          On the My Little Pony mess: are the people griping about the othering of POC’s taking aim at the right target? Since the MLP producer has to answer to Hasbro marketing, and incorporate whatever characters and toy sets Corporate tells her to put in (as mentioned in the first of the MLP links), I find it quite likely that the idea for the Native buffaloes and cowboy ponies (plus rapping Zebra-pony) originated from Hasbro’s toy department, thought up by someone who didn’t “get” why giving POC ethnic trappings to a non-pony ‘race’ would be seen as upsetting, especially to the ethnic group being used for that ‘race’. Not that this excuses how the episode was written, of course. Others have already pointed out some ways the racist elements could have been negated IF the MLP show creators had thought things through. Just pointing out another target to blame. :)

          Fritz the Cat started life as a 1960’s (American) underground comic, a genre characterized by ‘adult-only’ themes like sex, drug use, and cursing. Basically they could be said to be a reaction to the ‘kids-only’ themes that the US government all but imposed on US comicbook publishers “to protect the innocence of the children”. (Google Dr. Werthham and the book ‘Seduction of the Innocent’ for more info.). Fritz’s creator is R. Crumb, and there was a graphic novel collecting the Fritz stories that came out a few years ago. Racial social commentary wasn’t really there in those stories, beyond being ‘background noise’ for the time (1960’s) the stories were set in. They were more about Fritz trying to be counterculture and get laid as much as anything. And BTW, Crumb DID NOT like what the movie ultimately became under Ralph Bashkin(?)’s hands. Don’t immediately recall all the reasons why, though.

          • Casey says

            Oh yeah, I knew most of all that stuff (regarding R. Crumb).
            R. Crumb’s a strange bird, he did all these racist caricatures of black people that many people (including myself) aren’t sure about whether they were supposed to be parodic or serious…nevermind the fact that he drew some awful misogynist shit like rape and murder and would have all these wink-wink-nudge comments in the comics like “REALLY LADIES, I’M ON YOUR SIDE! HONEST!”

            • Cloudtigress says

              Have you ever seen the documentary done about him? I haven’t, myself, but from what I’ve read about it, it shows how odd he can be. It also showed he has a brother who’s apparently a better artist than him, and who almost makes R. seem normal in comparison.

              While the crows in Fritz are bad, the other other animals in the movie also had negative stereotypes among them. Going from memory, the cop characters were portrayed as fat pigs, while the female characters were portrayed as cats (sex kittens), or a big clumsy horse willing to be beaten to a pulp by her boyfriend (blanking on what animal the “mean” girl Fritz abandoned by a desert highway was. Want to say dog, but it’s been years since I last saw the movie). Stereotype by job admittedly isn’t the same as being stereotyped by race, but it’s still bad to see.

              • Casey says

                Yeah, the girl Fritz ditched in the desert was literally a bitch. >_>V
                And there was also a poodle in that trio of girls Fritz cavorted in the bathtub with (and who could forget ALL COPS literally being pigs?).

  4. Chai Latte says

    I cannot WAIT for “Brave”–I’m so excited! It looks like my mind of movie–fantasy, Scottish setting, and a warrior princess as a heroine! Fuck yeah, I am SO there! And I will take my six-year-old niece with me! XD

    • meerkat says

      I am looking forward to it too, except for the part about “the enormous Lord MacGuffin” “serving as comic relief.” A hilarious fat guy! That is SO ORIGINAL and not stereotypical at all.

      • The Other Anne says

        Especially because the other two comic relief lords are described by their personality traits: disagreeable and surly, while the “enormous” lord apparently is only describable by his physical size. Dehumanizing much?

    • The Other Anne says

      (this isn’t an argument directed at you, Chai Latte, but a general one that’s just dealing with the same link. Don’t want to make you feel like your opinion is being attacked–this is just me being ranty about PIXAR and the movie.)

      I WANT to be really excited about it but I’m not, in the same way that I wanted to be really excited for Princess and the Frog and wasn’t. Because all this celebration of them finally having a female main character seems like patting themselves on the back when they should have had female main characters from the get go. Now I’m apprehensive that the plot will be about what’s proper for a girl and how this badass girl is too EXCEPTIONAL to do what girls do so even though she’s a princess she’s going to be a warrior. Would it have been so hard to make earlier characters girls? I mean, any of them. It doesn’t seem like any of the male characters they have have any real REASON to be male, but it DOES seem like there’s a reason for all the female characters to be: love interest. Or, in the case of A Bug’s Life, I was okay with it because it tried to sort of mimic an ant colony set up.

      But, I mean, why does Nemo have to be a son? Why does Russel have to be a boy? Why did the old man have to be an old man? Why are all the monsters except the secretaries male? Why did Marlin have to be the father? Why were there even gender binaries among the robots in Wall-E? Why did the cars have to have genders, and why couldn’t the awesome racing car have been a girl when the fallacious gender essentialism that tries to justify the mocking of female racecar drivers would not be an issue when, well, they’re CARS and they have NO SEXUAL ORGANS OR HORMONES? Why couldn’t the ginger chef in Ratatoullie been a girl, instead of the love-interest supporting character? Or BOTH? Why did the story of The Incredibles have to focus on the husband? Can’t the WIFE for once be the one who isn’t satisfied with her boring life and want to go crime fighting? Oh wait. I forgot. Women are totes satisfied to care for the children. It’s not like MEN can do that. /s

      (I don’t want all of those to have been changed, but it would have been NICE for a few of them to be women or at least not boys because the whole “yay a female MC PIXAR is awesome for doing this!” sort of mentality is bothering me–not because of the people that have it, but that PIXAR decided to make that happen.

      I mean, at some point I just can’t trust PIXAR to represent my gender. Because this, the first time they have a female main character, she’s a Princess who, from the sound of it, is supposed to be an exceptional girl who’s “not like all the other girls.”

      So, I’m going to see it, and I WANT to see it, but I do not trust PIXAR right now. I will be open minded when I watch it and hope to be pleasantly surprised, but I’m also not holding my breath.

      …/rant? Sorry. That was long.

      • says

        ITA with you on this. While I enjoy Pixar movies, every single one of your WHYS is why I simply can’t LOVELOVELOVE them like I used to, before their stories took on such a strong pattern of a Boys Only club. None of those stories would have been harmed, and would probably have been *better*, if there was more female representation on par with the guys.

      • Attackfish says

        This. Seeing them have a girl main character leaves me with a well finally, jackasses! feeling instead of a cookie dispensing one, and the sneaking suspicion that she will be the only girl character, and that they will screw it up.

        I will still go see it.

      • Casey says

        This reminds me of MovieBob/GameOverthinker review of Up and how he LOOOOVES Pixar because (as opposed to the animated Disney canon which is about girls (*cough*mostly insipid princesses*cough*) their movies are all about MEN doing MANLY THINGS and MALE BONDING and derp derp derp

        (yeah, ‘cuz movies about guys doing guy-stuff is in terribly short supply, amirite?[/snerk])

        • says

          And never mind that for the past twenty-five Disney theatrical animated features (skipping Fantasia 2000, of course), seventeen have had male leads. Eighteen if you count Stitch as the main character of his movie.

          • Casey says

            I guess Disney animated features are girl-centric ‘cuz they usually have song and dance numbers.[/roll-eyes]

            • The Other Anne says

              Wait, you mean having a character with boobs sit around next to the main character doesn’t make the movie about a girl? I thought if the movie had a girl in it at all that was enough, right!? /S D:

              I’m wondering what universe these people live in where they think Disney is all about teh girls. Most of my favorite Disney movies are NOT about girls because Disney likes to tell me the girls have to be princesses while boys get space adventure, go to Atlantis, get turned into llamas, fly on golden eagles, fly in houses, be the cuter robot, be race cars, have non-defensive super powers, scare children, make children laugh, live past the opening credit sequence, have a life outside romance, be an English-speaking chef in Paris, be a rat who is the greatest chef in Paris, have toys that aren’t Barbies…yeah, I’m really seeing that downside to Disney men.

              OTOH, it’s great to idolize Disney women! But it’s a good thing most of their stories end at or before the wedding, because fast forward a few more years and the women that those movies are about will probably die tragically after having at least one child and be conveniently out of the picture for said children, probably daughters, to be raised by their well-meaning fathers until THEY TOO can find the LOVE OF THEIR LIFE, get married, and start the necessary narrative cycle all over again! Yay women!

  5. sbg says

    Wait – wasn’t Mrs. Marple an elderly lady?

    And Scott Adams has been downing dick Kool-Aid.

    Are you sure some of these links aren’t April Fool Day jokes? (Which, btw, I hate with a fiery passion.)

      • Maria says

        Whichever one you think might be an April Fool’s joke. It seems unlikely to me, since I collect the links over the 10 days BEFORE LoGI posts to Hathor

        • sbg says

          Oh, no no no. I wasn’t thinking any actually were jokes so much as perhaps hoping they were because they’re so ehhhhhh. Should have put a wink after that.

    • JenN says

      Miss Marple actually. Part of the point of her character was that she was literally someone’s elderly maiden aunt.

      • Shaun says

        Why cast an older actress when you can cast somebody with ~sex appeal~? Nobody wants to see women after 40, after all. =.=

      • SunlessNick says

        Yes. And arrived at her detection ability through a lifetime of watching people and drawing parallels between criminal versions of passions and ordinary ones that she’d seen played out thousands of times. The kind of stuff we might associate with a profiler now, but for an amateur, needs… well, a certain age.

        Despite the date, I do wonder if this is an April Fool that got released a couple of days early.

        Or maybe they just figure that nobody but nobody is ever going to equal Joan Hickson as a halfway authentic Mss Marple, so they have to go for a complete revamp. (They needn’t worry: Joan Hickson, like Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, is just so superlative that no fan is going to hold not matching them against anyone).

        • says

          That’s an interesting thought. Benedict Cumberbatch – playing Holmes in the latest BBC version of the series – is in his mid-30s, and it’s set in modern London (which I thought sounded like crap, but it’s actually pretty awesome). Maybe that IS the formula they’re relying on.

          (Of course, Holmes IS describes as a young man in some of the books – they’re intended to span quite a few years, so almost any age might be acceptable.)

        • SunlessNick says

          In a burst of optimism, could it be that the story being planned is one with a significant level of flashback, and that’s where Jennifer Garner comes in?

  6. Shaun says

    I want to incorporate my non-existent uterus now. Can you imagine the possibilities? Fallopian Enterprises, Inc. “Bleeding the Way To the Future.”

      • says

        Incorporating offers a lot of tax benefits and somewhat of a shield from lawsuits and criminal suits. So, like, your uterus could be taxed at a lower rate from the rest of you, and if your uterus was ever sued for, like, back wages, they wouldn’t be able to take your house and car.

        LOL, but I do love what this Randolph guy said. And ffs “Republicans voiced concern about young pages hearing the word uterus.” What, are they hiring 11 year old pages? Because we had to draw a diagram of the reproductive systems to pass 6th grade biology, so I’m absolutely positive I knew all about the uterus by that point. And that was in a state where you couldn’t teach evolutionary theory without giving equal time to Genesis in your biology class.

        • Shaun says

          If one’s uterus were a corporation, wouldn’t that make the body the uterus was in the corporation’s headquarters, and anything done to maintain the company’s address (like eating) would be a corporate expense?

  7. Casey says

    Even though it wasn’t much, I signed that Duke Nukem petition (along with a bunch of others about helping Planned Parenthood and rape victims and the like). 😀


  8. SunlessNick says

    The one about a woman enjoying sex and a movie rating. I figured the article was about toning it down to a make-out; somehow it still managed to gobsmack me that no, it was nonconsent that would lower the rating. Kudos on Emily Browning for talking about it so frankly.

    • says

      One of the comments said this isn’t the first time either; I have This Film Is Not Yet Rated in my Netflix queue now since that was the source they cited.

      • says

        Having finished This Film Is Not Yet Rated, I highly recommend it. They compare things like gay sex (NC17) to straight sex (R), female masturbation (NC17) to male (R), a few seconds of pelvic hair (NC17) to bloodily hacking up a woman’s breast implants (R)…

    • The Other Anne says

      I second the recommendation to watch This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

      The ratings system is completely flawed and needs to be overhauled.

      • Attackfish says

        Ditto. the arbitrary nature and secrecy involved would be bad enough, but the prejudice that are included, and the preference for violence over coarse language or sex is outright disturbing. Wonderful documentary with plenty of side by side comparisons.

  9. Casey says

    The comments in the second link about the transwoman who was mocked by DMV workers is, of course, SHITE. When you don’t have people making jokes like, “she removed her makeup and they found Jimmy Hoffa” you’ve got some arsehole accusing this “far left-wing” website of being the “thought police”, i.e., “If you’re against the homosexual agenda, you have your post removed. Typical left wing hypocritical censorship.”

  10. Jenny Islander says

    I’m so glad that Ofelia Fulfarres got a shout-out! Remnant Population is such a good read. Ofelia has been beaten down pretty much all her life; the moment in which she realizes that no, by God, there may be a new Company in town, but she does not have to take a single moment of their crap or of anybody’s crap ever again is marvelous.

  11. Cassandra says

    I dunno, I don’t actually think the young Miss Marple isn’t all that bad of an idea – perhaps I’m in the minority but. It will depend, of course, on how good the movie is. I like the idea of exploring her character more, taking her beyond the ‘meddling old lady’ trope. It will give her such an interesting dimension. And it means that people take her character, a female character, as a positive movie draw. I can understand it being seen as a form of ageism, but, the character has been around for so long, and has had such a long career in film as an old woman, I don’t think it could be said to be unexplored.

    Again, though it will depend ENTIRELY on how good the movie is. I can see how it could be terribly messed up, but I can also see potential for awesome.

    • Shaun says

      Yeah, but as bad as women pushing 40 have it, how hard do you think it is for a woman in her 60s to get a *leading* role? How many potential actresses did Jennifer Garner push out from consideration with her star power?

      • Cassandra says

        Just because there is going to be a young Miss Marple does not rule out the possibility of an older Miss Marple in the future. I dunno. I understand what you are saying, heck, I should be saying the same thing! But as far as character is concerned it would be very interesting to me to see how they deal with her character, make her real. Maybe they will show her making the decision to never marry, and maybe they will show that decision as a worthy one. Which would be interesting, I think. But as I said, it realllly depends on how they treat the material.

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