Links of Great Interest: Bring Amina home!

Signal Boosting: Bring Amina home! FB page, and petition page.

Basic questions –> “Gotcha” journalism.

More on the Texas cheerleader forced to cheer for her rapist.

NYC cop acquitted of rape.

Pants for Superheroes!

Has Sarah Kerrigan been white-washed? Personally, I agree with the poster who thought she went from mixed –> white –> mixed.

FHM accidentally names Andrej Pejic one of the sexiest women alive.

Oyceter (who I met! :waves:) talks about the WisCon panel on indigenous fiction.

What insults are worth talking about?

Prison overcrowding remains an issue in CA.

Here’s a post on sexism and Islamaphobia in the recent Strauss Kahn rape. Here’s an NYT article on how to re-traumatize a sexual assault survivor during legal proceedings. Here’s a soc-images post on devaluing hospitality workers. Naomi Wolf dismisses the right of WOC and poor women to talk about rape vis a vis public figures.

I hate L’il Mama. Really, ABDC should just have JC Chasez do ALL the judging.

Some advice on strapping for the first time.

Congrats to Andrea Hairston and Debbie Notkin, who will be WisCon’s GOH next year!!!!!!! Also, congrats to Debbie Reese, whose daughter graduated from Yale a few days ago.

Jane Doe honestly reflects on aging and the fear of becoming unfuckable.

Human trafficking and the military industrial complex.

Let’s play “Spot the Unmentioned Domestic Violence!”

To the girl who called me a fatass on the bus.

The Revolution Starts At Home sounds amazing!

From SunlessNick: Anti-choice movies are weird.

From Charles:

BBC article on a rise on female-on-male domestic violence reports has statistics showing that conviction ratings for domestic violence have doubled (for both genders, with men noted as the greater offenders) in England and Wales from 2005-10. Chief Constable Carmel Napier, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ lead on domestic abuse, also reports the amount of reported cases have gone up; “We know about more cases now because of better responses from police, multi-agencies and the voluntary sector and a shift in the societal view of the crime”, she says.

Neat interview over at TanyaD’s journal!

I guess it’s a crime against the state to own a home, pay taxes, have your name on the property, and expect it to be okay that your kids attend school in that district.

What do we expect of creative black women?

Imagine your wedding day…


  1. SunlessNick says

    Anti-choice movies are weird.

    I wouldn’t have said “weird” myself, more like chilling how they don’t even feel the need to pretend any more that they don’t want to punish women for sex/not fulfilling their purpose as baby machines (however contradictory the two may be). I suppose it might count as weird that the director thinks anyone will believe he’s made a film that explores both sides in a balanced fashion.

  2. says

    I’ve stepped in warm, stinky stuff in cow fields that had better ethics than Sarah Palin:

    Does anyone actually believe this woman thinks “What newspapers do you read?” is a trick question?

    This is simply a woman who is uninformed and not at all interested in learning anything, who is determined to get into office no matter how dangerously unqualified she is. Okay, people like that happen. But what’s REALLY scary is: people think she’s awesome. They are so thrilled that FINALLY, someone as dangerously uninformed as they are, has some power! Go, Team Willful Ignoramuses! We will defeat the people who try to run the country with sense and rational thinking, those bastards!

    And you know what? I blame the media and entertainment industry. This country used to believe in people knowing a thing or two. We used to take pride in being savvy and sensible, whether or not we were educated. But in the past 30 years, a “cater to the lowest common denominator” entertainment, news and media industry has made everything from news to movies so increasingly stupid that poor thinkers now believe their approaches to decision-making and situation assessment are value.

  3. Azzy says

    I actually find it amusing that anti-choicers play the villains in their own propaganda movie. I can just predict reviews coming in praising the movie for being a straight-up horror film about “pro-lifers gone mad!” and sabotaging the very message they hoped to convey.

  4. says

    Re: the raped cheerleader. The responses from people in the town are so ugly, especially considering there were WITNESSES TO THIS RAPE. Obviously, this is a town that thinks football is so goddamn important, its players must be shielded from any sort of legal fallout. Well, the rapist has threatened to kill people, according to witnesses, and if he gets around to that, as many rapists eventually do, I quite hope he starts with some of these shits who are supporting him. Let’s see how they feel about insisting he can’t be guilty of murder, even if there are witnesses, because he’s so popular and the victims didn’t really seem properly “ashamed.”

    Rapists are evil, but their supporters and enablers are exactly as bad. If you support a rapist, you might as well be one, and as far as I’m concerned, you are.

  5. Charles RB says

    Anti-choice movies are weird.

    Are we sure a team of stealth pro-choice activists didn’t make that movie to discredit the other side from within?

  6. says

    Re: the human trafficking article. This is reminding me of an Equalizer episode I just watched (one so chilling, it had stuck with me for some 25 years since I originally saw it). It’s not that the military is indirectly supporting trafficking, but that the US govt refuses to prosecute a human trafficker because he pimps for dignitaries and VIPs from other nations, thus giving the US loads of good dirt on these people, should they ever find them difficult to persuade. And that’s only one tiny aspect of the episode. I really should review it sometime.

    Re: abortion movie. I think this may be more sinister than it sounds, and in a world where people think Sarah Palin’s awesome, we shouldn’t underestimate its potential effect. This thing has GOT to be intended as a rallying cry to the kind of people who cheer at the murders of doctors who perform abortions, because it insults reasonable anti-choicers to no end, doesn’t it?

  7. sbg says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    I actually had a brief email conversation about this with one of my brothers:

    Me: I do not enjoy that Palin is kind of making the whole female gender seem brainless.
    Him: Well, there are a lot of women cheering her on, so…
    Me, internally: Seriously, bro? You just said that to me, for real?
    Me: Uh, I’d be willing to be there are as many, if not *more*, men doing the same. Anyway, I think the crux of the problem for me is more that according to Republicanism** bubbleheaded (prettyish) women = great! and average looking, intelligent women = bitches who have to be stopped and stopped now*. It’s incredibly troubling.

    *of course, Republicans want everyone stupid, not just women – but I dare say their big name male politicians don’t come off as blatantly daft as Ms. Palin.

    **Republicanism as a giant, massive political organization. I don’t believe every single Republican out there thinks this way.

  8. Azzy says

    Oh good grief.

    I’ve just read a review of “The Life Zone” that reveals the big twist at the end of the movie.

    Ready for it?

    The women are in Purgatory. They died on the abortion table. The one that accepts that pregnancy is OMG WONDERFUUUL gets to go to Heaven, and the one that doesn’t, gets to go to Hell, where she is stuck in an endless cycle of pregnancy and childbirth as punishment. And the man who kidnapped and imprisoned them and forced them to carry the fetuses to term (allegedly, I should say. I presume God sent them there?) is Satan.

    Get that?

    Satan is pro-life. That is totally the moral of the movie. In the slight chance that any anti-choicer points to this movie as supporting their position, just point out to them that Satan is on their side.

    I did not expect them to shoot themselves in the leg so spectacularly. I think this requires a round of applause.

  9. says

    Anyone who feels like slogging through Sarah Palin’s emails to see what sort of brilliance she manages when NOT being asked trick questions like “What did you get out of your tour?”

    Also, *giggles*:

  10. Firebird says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    I know someone, someone quite intelligent, who responded to the recent news stories about Sarah Palin getting the Paul Revere story mixed up and refusing to own up to it, by saying he was convinced she knew what she was talking about. When someone responded back with the current historical understanding of the facts around that story, he said he would trust her over the historians who get caught up in political correctness and don’t know as much as they claim. When asked what source she would have the historians wouldn’t, he claimed she was like Admiral Farragut (don’t ask me) and would know how to separate the chaff, and he had learned things he didn’t know from reading her account of Paul Revere’s ride.

    I just thought the exchange (and the evidence of blind faith) was fascinating, though appalling.

  11. SunlessNick says

    Amina has turned out to be noise rather than signal. Irritating as is for those of us who signed the petition, a point made at both links is that there were Syrian bloggers who were putting themselves into actual danger looking into “Amina’s disappearance.”

  12. Jane says

    Just to reiterate re: Amina, after a couple of layers of links from Nick’s link, one finds out that Amina = Tom McMasters, as posted on the “Gay Girl in Damascus” blog. Oh, and unless I’m reading it wrong, McMasters says that investigating whether there was any such person as Amina is evidence of “the pervasiveness of new forms of liberal Orientalism.”

  13. Jenny Islander says

    “Amina” has done an interview to ‘splain himself. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. He’s going to use Amina as a character in a novel, so that makes his lying and endangering other people okay.

    Mighty Whitey Speaking Out for the Downtrodden with a side order of Ain’t I A Stud, I Attract Lesbians (by lying to them).

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