Links of Great Interest: Speak truth to power in anyway possible

DC youth speak truth to power. <3 In further news of DC awesomeness, Brittnie Smith, an 11th grader at a local high school, writes about harassment.

Let’s not forget the Hyatt 100.


Email from Dark Puck:

I just discovered that CBS is going to be cutting one cast member of “Criminal Minds” entirely and reducing another to the sidelines. I have been reliably informed that the “There’ll be a new female replacement, honest!” remark wasn’t added until after the uproar
began. Here is a blog post about the cut as well. I would like to note that while I’m not a fan of “Criminal Minds”, I’m speaking out against this as it’s a problem that transcends a single TV show.

Links from SunlessNick:

How come Joss Whedon keeps smelling like roses?

Wait, so what you’re saying is that rape is ALWAYS bad? Even when it’s an artist?

Links from MC:

For Girls, It’s Harder.

Links from ManaG:

The Romaction film… oddly appeals to my interests… BTW, romantic comedies are LIES.

Hey, fellow academics, I just got spammed! Be cautious out there.

Nature’s Partner? Uh, you’re doing it wrong.

How do you describe your relationship?

Does weight impact your feelings of worth as a partner?

Well, shit, EdensFantasies are apparently quite fail. :(

LA Times = anti-lube. Well. That’s just odd.

Most women don’t use abortion as a primary means of contraception. Hat-tip to Scarlett.

Kyle at Butchtastic has some thoughts on binaries.

Can pets improve your relationship?

Sex (awkwardly!) sells.

Karnythia (who’s totally fab in person and like talks the way she writes OMG) talks about being a black woman.

On another note: mixed marriages are on the rise.

AZ mom doesn’t want her kids. I guess that works since AZ doesn’t want Latino kids in general.

Um, what? Supernatural fandom fail.

Tressie talks about bad stats. She also pointed me to this article on the shifting gender landscape in the US. I don’t think this is a very good article, honestly. Numbers /= power.

IN CONCLUSION: This is how BP handles coffee.


  1. says

    First, thanks for the shout-out (again),you are too kind. Also, I’ve been wanting to watch that BP Coffee Spill video and there it is, conveniently available.

  2. Scarlett says

    RE: the abortion thing, I first read several years ago that the whole myth of women using abortion as primary contraception was, well, just that, a myth, and it was a ‘well duh’ moment for me – I mean, what’s more likely, that the woman was using a far less invasive form of birth-control that failed, or that she was relying on a surgical procedure, however minor, as her primary control?

    I’m actually surprised that it’s *only* two-thirds. I would have thought 90% would be closer.

  3. Robin says

    Since comments are closed on the Whedon article, I’ll say it here. I’m a huge fan of the Mutant Enemy shows. No, season 6 of Buffy is not my favorite, but for the most part I enjoy it. I don’t think Marti Noxon did a particularly good job as a show runner for that year, but it has nothing to do with her being a woman and everything to do with her vision of the storyline not meshing well (for me) with the ones that came before and after it. I think she’s doing wonderful work on Mad Men these days. And no, Joss is not blameless in the bad turns that the plot took. He makes mistakes just like everybody, and I for one am not afraid to call him on them when he does.

    The continuing argument that talented artists shouldn’t be held accountable for raping people just gets more ludicrous and infuriating every time I see it. Ugh.

    Real People Fic weirds me out at the best of times just because it feels much more invasive to write fictional things about real people than about fictional characters. (I’ve met several actors who are uncomfortable with fanfic that uses characters they’ve portrayed. I can’t imagine how unsettling it would be knowing there was fic that uses you yourself as a character.) Writing RPF set in earthquake-ravaged Haiti that does icky racial things is just… ew.

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