Links of Great Interest: 6/4/10

Last week, I was at Wiscon! Now… I’m visiting my future in-laws. Setting this up WAY in advance too.

From the hot-to-trot Anna!: Support hotel workers’ right to access healthcare!

FYI: Sarah Palin’s not a feminist.

Let’s flip out about teen girls and sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That study? Made of fail.

An acrobat in Australia might have knowingly exposed 12 women to HIV.

Have you done YOUR good deed today?

From AJ: A quickie vid on women in the Army! The whole thing is long-ish (at least for me, but wtf do I know, I’m in an airport) but worth  watching.

From Gategrrl:

An advice columnist took a letter a few weeks ago from someone who wished that overweight people would wear clothing that fit better-and there was a follow-up on today’s column. It’s the comments at the end of her column that are so interesting. There are a lot of people talking about the class nature of food, healthy and unhealthy. And there are some awesome examples of privilege, too, which are perfect illustrations for everything Jenn and Maria says.

Oh, my awesomeness, it BURNS. Now, if only SATC2 didn’t sound like a racist version of that Jem ep where Kimberly has like a secret twin or some shit, only not awesome, not in France, and without a kickass musical montage.

Speaking of Islamophobia and misogyny, let’s talk a little about Miss USA.

Can violence in video games work towards social justice?

From CharlesRB:

“You need to make the people who prop up this system responsible – the drug dealers, pimps, those who wait outside school gates to lure girls into slavery,” she says.

“At the moment, support for women is all about vaginas and veins – not the heart and soul.

“Many have suffered domestic abuse, are on medication or have mental health problems. There’s no therapeutic support.”

Here’s a review of Shrek 4. Haven’t seen it yet, but am wondering if there’s a way to argue that part of what’s going on with my girl Fiona is that the same skills, passions, and concerns that led her to being a kick ass ogre mama led her to being a kick ass revolutionary. If so, I wonder if that’s at all transgressive.

FWD writes about the word crazy and political ideologies.

Speaking of  wacked out political ideologies: STFU NIGERIANS UR OIL SPILL IS NOT NEWS WORTHY.

Selu’s got some hot essays up on race and gender in Twilight. Jacob Black is full of fail… TOO MUCH FAIL FOR ONE POST!!!!

How full of yourself as a chick can you be when you’re still working in a world structured by sexism and racism?


  1. says

    Wait! You were at WisCon? Damn it, how did I not know that??

    …Now I’m going to be really embarrassed if we met and I blanked it, but I don’t think we did.

  2. says

    Wow, the “good deed” story is great. And here I just helped an old man stand up again and walked him home while he was drunkenly spouting racist shit (“Only a German would have helped me, the others would have walked by”) in between thanking me and talking about his new hip (yeah, shit-faced, 70, and a new hip :))

  3. Izzy says

    Frankly, Ms. Fakih winning is the first thing in my life to make me think beauty pageants might *not* be complete pits of fail. I mean, I’m still not exactly thrilled about the concept, but at least they’re getting away from the Wholesome White Christian Girl model of pageant queens.

  4. Ray says

    That review of SATC2 is fantastic. Literally every time I hear something about the movie, though, it just sounds like even more of an enormous FAIL.

  5. sbg says

    I am still trying to figure out why the first SATC movie was made, let alone a sequel.

    ETA: I’m like the queen of unfinished thoughts this week. I meant to also say that judging from the ads for SATC2, I knew the hijinks the four central characters got in on their “desert oasis holiday” were bound to be horribly offensive. And it’s pretty damned sad that that conclusion, so easily jumped to, was pretty accurate.

  6. says

    Re: Sarah Palin. Faludi needs to write another book. She mentions in an update to newer Backlash editions that the backlash transmuted into a co-opting & twisting of feminist language and ideal, 1984-style (love is hate, hate is love – anti-woman is positive feminism, natch). The topic is worthy of a whole book, IMO.

    Huh. I don’t know what to make of the fat teens + sex study. They seem to hate it, but they also seem to agree with it, and it’s 180 degrees contradictory to my own experience. I’m confused.

    SATC2… OMG that sounds SO OFFENSIVE. And the commenters sound ignorant as hell. One of them compares this movie to Legally Blond, but Legally Blond is a morality story about a naive character exploring the ACTUAL virtues of feminism. Far from perfect, but at least it doesn’t confuse imperialism with liberation.

    Hmm, thoughts on “crazy” as an ableist term. I’ve read some discussion on this before – not everyone agrees on just which usages are acceptable, if any – and had to go to the dictionary to see how we got to this point. The original meaning was apparently:

    Full of cracks, frail, about to fall to pieces.

    As in a vase. It’s related to the word “crack” and:

    English speakers were using pot in reference to the skull at least by the 15th century. The metaphor of a cracked pot referring to someone who is out of their mind started sometimes later, beginning with cracked brain and ending up simply as cracked in modern English.

    If I’m reading this right, it means “crazy” has always been a sort of slang that compares human beings to pottery. Understandably insulting.

    I would tend to think it’s more acceptable to refer to a weekend as “crazy”, but I’ve never had the sense people associate a “crazy weekend” with a mentally ill person. Which may be a privilege issue on my part: while I was chronically depressed with anxiety issues for 30+ years, I don’t know where I fall on the mental health privilege ladder with that.

  7. Robin says

    The article on teen sex and obesity, and the comments that follow it, are fantastic. I love the fact that we can poke holes is a ludicrous “scientific” study before it’s even available to the general public. Yay, Internet!

    Grammar nerd nitpick — The acrobat exposed 12 women to HIV, not with HIV. The latter sounds like he outed people who were trying to hide it rather than endangering their health himself without their knowledge.

    I much prefer the more polished version of Selu’s essay on Jacob Black. It makes some really interesting points about exoticization, even to someone (me) who hasn’t read the books and only saw the first movie once.

    The Goth article is far to long to read during my break at work, but the abstract sounds good enough to go back to later.

  8. Jen says

    Sorry but I really can’t listen to anymore Lady Gaga parodies… hurts my ears…–0&feature=player_embedded

    found this link the other day from a cartoon I watched as a kid called ‘captain planet and the planeteers’.
    This is the first episode and it particularly RELEVANT i.e. oil pipeline spilling out oil into the sea. I realise it was practically an anti-capitalist cartoon, tho loads of people take the piss out of its earnest tone and dodgy mullets on youtube. Gaia rocks though. haha

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