Links of Great Interest: So. Much. Fail.

Read the reflection for this week’s SP.

RaceFAIL in Cooney’s “Household Spirits.”

WTF is up with this new generation of authors finding racism so intriguing?

You don’t deserve to get raped.


Some thoughts on the FRIEND ZONE.

You can’t fix a body you hate.

On teaching boys feminism

FANTASTIC post on dance, gender, race and disability.

Hat-tip to #gradschooldiva Jha, who is kickin‘ it.

On Black Swan and incest.

Religious discrimination is not a good look.

Comical lessons from Xmen.

Pi vs. tau: I have no idea.

Anyone seen Hunger?

Gay marriage is on the move.

From Nuria: REALLY AWESOME talk on feminism and ableism.

HRC store vandalized.

Justin Bond talks art. <3

Ben Affleck to play a Latino. Why.


  1. Alex says

    So from moniquill, I have to say, “Mary Sioux” is brilliant and I am totally using that. It so perfectly encapsulates that whole ickiness of noble savage and primitive pacifists.

  2. says

    I’ve been following Something Positive off and on for a few years and he generally does a pretty good job on the egalitarian front. It’s crude and violent but it’s equal opportunity cruelty based on individuals, not demographics. The cast is a pretty good mixture but more importantly he does storylines specifically tackling the stupidity behind *isms. In one, PeeJee (Asian) has to deal with the hypocrisy and horizontal oppression of her boss Cab (Black) permitting his employee/girlfriend to say racist things about Asians. In another, a woman has sex with a drugged man and it’s specifically called out as rape. The Nice Guy (TM) is shown as just another flavor of sexist asshole. Daphne, a part-time wheelchair user, has dealt with both the “the disabled are so inspiring!” and “the physically disabled are all severely mentally disabled” tropes. It’s not perfect, of course, but I think it does a pretty good job.

    As for Black Swan, I’m surprised anyone could miss the mother’s abuse. I mean, I’ve had some engaging discussions about whether the abuse extended to the sexual or not, but no one I’ve talked to has missed the physical, mental and emotional abuse. I suppose there could be selection bias in my friends, but it still seems glaringly obvious to me.

  3. Casey says

    Ugh, I feel oddly violated and insulted; my mom, who knows nothing of the social justice stuff I read on the internet every day went into my room when I was refilling the bird feeder outside my window; she ended up reading a little bit of Moniquilloquies’ decimation of that awful “DARK CIVILIZATIONS” thing and she asked me, “What’s that guy* ranting about? Colonialism shit? He should watch Monty Python they’re always ripping on British people and stuff.”

    (she assumed Monique was a guy because she only saw the bottom half of the post >_>)

  4. Shaun says

    I’m really glad you posted that video on the form, function, and aesthetics of disability. It was particularly topical to me after today.

    Separately, I’m kind of glad someone is calling out the HRC on their bullshit.

  5. minuteye says

    The Black Swan link was fascinating, I didn’t pick up on most of the things the article talks about, so a rewatch may be in order.

    Also, so thrilled you linked to a review about Hunger. It was such an incredible movie, Steve McQueen is certainly a director to look out for. To nitpick the review linked to, however, the first part of the movie depicts a stage of the Troubles known as the “Dirty Protest” not, as it says, the “Blanket Protest” which was an earlier event. The thing that most struck me about the movie was the way it managed to give a strong sense of the timing of events, just by juxtaposing the three stages of the film. I’ve read a fair bit about the historical framework, but the dates things happened always seem fairly academic. McQueen gives a very powerful depiction of the conditions of the protest in the first half of the movie, and then gives you a sense of how quickly after that the decision to go on hunger strike was made. IMO, this gives a whole other kind of insight into the psychological state and motivations of the people involved.

  6. says

    Re: HRC, is the Right Honorable Stepmothers etc. and Men’s Auxiliary a thing? I know they’re mentioned in the dedication to Patricia Wrede’s Searching for Dragons, but that says there’s only three women, the Men’s Auxiliary is fictional, and has no connection to queerness that I can see. I’ve tried googling but all I’m coming up with is the same article about HRC over and over again. At this point it just looks to me like some fantasy fans needed a quick pseudonym; it doesn’t look established.

  7. Robin says

    I had certainly categorized the mother-daughter relationship in Black Swan as abusive, but I hadn’t picked up on the sexual component precisely because Nina is forced to be so desexualized around her mom. The article makes some really good points on that front, though, and a lot of the evidence lies in the ways Nina’s sexuality does emerge when she’s not in the apartment under her mother’s control. I’ll have to keep an eye out for this aspect the next time I watch it.

  8. says

    I find this suggestion especially amusing, since I kind of love Monty Python (nerd alert!) – they’re a British troupe mostly ribbing on British people and British culture in a way that was routinely self-aware, with humor that mostly relied on the surreal and the unexpected; the exact opposite of tired and harmful tropes!

    Not that they were perfect or beyond reproach – they fucked up on occasion re: use of blackface and redface in some skits – but they often had skits that were direct criticisms of 1970’s British xenophobia. even their problematic skits make awesome conversation starters.

  9. says


    Are you the same Moniquill who used to be on fictionpress? I loved your writing! It’s weird I stumbled across you again through a different channel. And awesome that you are now blogging about racism and bigotry. /fangirl

  10. Casey says


    Very true, what my mom said just bugged me ‘cuz it had this underlying tone of “THIS WILL FIX YOUR PROBLEM, STOP COMPLAINING” when really, watching Monty Python to escape from othering xenophobic bullshit is just a small bandage.

    (she also watched an episode of America: Beyond the Color Lines and whinged about somebody being “REVERSE RACIST~!!1one” >_>V)

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