Links of Great Interest: Mel Gibson = bigoted cockroach with rape-wish fantasies

Hey internets! There’s a Native woman who is homeless on a reservation. She’s got several small children, and could really use a miracle to get herself into either a FEMA trailer or a rental unit.

How NOT to critique an anti-rape ad.

Why is everyone so worried about single black women?

But not to the point that black women are guaranteed safe spaces?

In defense of Pride.

From Jha: Steampunk Lady Gaga

Let’s try “Walk of Shut the Fuck Up”

Dear Prudence FAIL

What Team Jacob translates to

God, chicks, don’t you get it? It’s not child abuse when your dad’s an artiste!

Access_Fandom’s having their first fanfic festival!

HackGender is having a call for submissions!

Wearing the wrong t-shirt can put your citizenship in doubt.

What a world — Disney Fairies is more anti-racist than TLA.

From Sunless Nick:

Neil Justin of the Minneapolis-St Paul Star Tribune compares the shows Rizzoli & Isles and Covert Affairs. The former show has a placehold website that caused me much eye-rolling, and which I hope is about as representitive of the show as the first season DVD cover of New Tricks.

From Scarlett:

I had to send you this, just because it compares Mel Gibson to a bigoted cockroach obsessed with rape-wish fantasies.

Is Lindsay Lohan insurable?

Ageism and the BBC

From Amy: Who controls childbirth?

WONDER WOMAN: The bookworm. <3


Postcards from hell.

Hat-tip to UnUsualMusic: Fashionistas find inspiration in site of femicides.


  1. Julie says

    I started reading that article by the woman with the shitty birth experience, but just couldn’t make myself click on the “read more” button. THIS is why doulas (women hired to look ONLY after the mother during a birth) are necessary, why litigation over births are done, and how a really bad birth experience can screw a woman up. I hope the writer of that article got some serious help for her PTSD.

    • says

      I don’t know, Julie… I DID read the whole article, and it seemed like some of the doulas and midwives and their enthusiasts were just as bad, telling her afterwards how she could have avoided the situation if she’d only done THIS, or THIS, or used aromatherapy, or just BELIEVED in her cervix enough. It seems like she went through a lot of victim blaming crap from people in that community, and it’s bullshit. The only people to blame in that situation were the asshole doctor who went against her express wishes, and the system that props him up.

      Now it appears that the author of the article DID eventually find a doula who was sympathetic and helpful (whose first response upon hearing the story of her first birth was not to say “you should have” anything, but to say “that was an awful thing that should not have happened to you and I’m so sorry.”), but it seems like a lot more education and sensitivity is needed for everyone on all sides. That’s the only way that women who have hospital births won’t ever be traumatized, and natural birth adherants whose labours don’t end up going according to the birth-plan won’t feel like failures.

      • Maria says

        That’s the thing that gets me about labor/kids in general — everyone’s got a better plan, and gets mad at you for not knowing what to do. It’s VERY victim-blamey.

      • jennygadget says

        “but it seems like a lot more education and sensitivity is needed for everyone on all sides.”

        Yes, this.

        Also, 1) I wanted to go to the doctors/nurses who were talking about how all the homebirths they see are train wrecks and suggest that maybe that’s because the ones that aren’t don’t need to be rushed to the hospital? and how gee, maybe that’s a good reason to work with doulas instead of shutting them out.

        and 2) I loved the part where the author of the article was wondering aloud about things being natural – or not – and about how every woman is different and stuff just doesn’t work the same way for everybody.

  2. says

    This is psychological abuse:

    Ms. Tamburlini said her father filmed his daughters every six months over at least five years for a body of work he titled “Growing.” If she objected, she said, she was called uptight and a bad daughter. When she confronted her father as a teenager about the films, she said he told her “my intellectual development had been arrested.”

    Plain and simple. But in case that’s too difficult for people to wrap their 20-sec soundbyte brains around, it’s very clear the videos were intended to become the property of the daughters.

    I really don’t understand how the law works with photography. Sometimes here in L.A. you’re walking around and there’s a sawhorse with a notice explaining that filming is happening on this stretch of sidewalk, so by walking on it you consent to being filmed, so if you don’t want to be filmed, please cross the street and walk on the other side. And yet if paparazzi get shots of people in witness protection who just happen to be nearby a celeb without realizing it, they can sell that and the person in witness protection, as far as I can work out, is just shit out of luck. WTF?

    These girls were clearly too young to sign a release form at the time these films were made. They could’ve signed one when they became adults, if they were truly okay with this. Why isn’t a release form required anymore?

  3. says

    The article behind the “But not to the point that black women are guaranteed safe spaces?” is absolutely appalling, but a must-read – she details so perfectly how insidious racism can be, how it’s possible to take grotesque advantage of the privilege racism offers you without realizing you’ve done anything remotely unfair. Though I have to say: this particular doctor sounds over-the-top self-absorbed. It’s possible to say offensive things and not realize you’ve offended when you’re talking to people who don’t feel entitled to make it clear to you what you’ve done. But it’s just ridiculous to think you should be harassing patients who are in discomfort with your thoughts and opinions on any topic in the universe, so – what an asshole.

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