Links of Great Interest: Don’t Taze My Granny!

Don’t taze my granny!

Let’s get some love on for Joanna Russ.  Here’s the text of “When It Changed.”

Feministe on language, bodies, and shaming.

I know! Let’s experiment on pregnant ladies!!!

Are looks on of the last acceptable forms of bigotry?

The Privileged Fan’s Primer on Not Fucking Up


This is what transmisogyny looks like. [link corrected to original source]


Some thoughts on marriage and solidarity.

What ever happened to the mad scientist’s beautiful daughter?

From Ray:

Other Hathor readers might be interested (by which I mean, angered by) this piece, which explains that “Virginia is one of eight states that excludes people in dating relationships—in other words, unmarried couples or partners—from getting protective restraining orders, and for the past three years, the state has failed an annual assessment of domestic-violence-protection laws. ” It discusses this in relation to the Yeardley Love tragedy.

Ray also sent:

18-year-old Jamie Keiles created the [Seventeen Magazine] project as “an attempt to spend one month living according to the gospel of Seventeen Magazine,” and blogged about her experience with the magazine and media coverage of teen girls, etc. She examines and critiques the advice that such magazines are giving. And now there’s a chance for others to contribute — until July 6, she’s inviting readers to finish the sentence “Hey mainstream media, we are…” so that everyone who has ever felt alienated by a magazine like Seventeen gets a chance to represent themselves. People have begun sending in photos, with posters that read, for example, “I AM EMBRACING MY “thick waves, frizzy curls, and poufy hair.” and “NOT AFRAID OF BUTTER (OR LOVE HANDLES)”

Nnedi Okorafor on misogyny and women’s writings.

Some thoughts on the G20.

Really, really interesting book review on I Love Dick that touches on internet feminism, shame, and subjectivity.

Hat-tip to Jha: Christian Nymphos.

Lustin’ for soccer players as a political act. Ooh yeah.

I really liked this documentary on big breasts — particularly since it touched on street harassment.


I don’t mean to alarm you, but The Last Airbender might not be a very good movie. Here’s more on why it’s both sucky AND racist. Here’s why we can’t stop the signal. More on racebending in fiction.!

Indeed, one could even describe it as hero’s journey bukkake.

Uhhh. A CSU prof had a sex tourism website.

Julia Gillard Admits Her Atheism.

Wonder Woman’s got a new costume.


  1. Patrick McGraw says

    I’m rather saddened that Wonder Woman’s new costume hasn’t been given an “armored” look that would have better suited her persona.

    On the other hand, JMS writing WW? Intrigued, but apprehensive. His superhero runs so far have started off very strong before running into problems.

    • Elee says

      Linkara has a long rant on his blog (atop the 4th wall, just google it) about what he thinks of the new costume and I pretty much agree with him. The new costume looks nice, but it is just not WW. Why is it, that it is okay for WW to be “reinvented” so completely that she looks nothing like herself anymore? If anyone gave Batman a jacket and took away his cape and made him wear more flamboyant colors readers would run amuck. But for a female character you can get away with it because everyone knows that women are never satisfied with their looks. /sarcasm. There must have been a version that wasn’t so sexist but still similar enough to the original costume, but what we get is a street punk-version of Diana.

  2. Maria says

    I actually dig her new look. She doesn’t NEED armor, in the same way Supes doesn’t, because her body is that badass. Plus, I’m hoping in this run she’s all about being an ambassador, and this look is more Hi, I’m a civilian-but-royal representative of a modern Themiscryian state, then armor would be.

    • Patrick McGraw says

      WW isn’t bulltproof/swordproof, though, and can’t block everything that comes her way.

      Hoping for more ambassador stuff this run, too. That was part of what made Greg Rucka’s run so fantastic.

  3. Charles RB says

    Seventeen Project’s display of “hello media” photos was epic.

    (The Seventeen Project idea made me think of the Daria ep where she encounters “Val Magazine”… and then I click on the blog and “The Search for Teen-Friendly Media” has Daria looking at me. That was eerie.)

    “I’m hoping in this run she’s all about being an ambassador”

    She’s not, it’s a reboot and she’s the last Amazon, living in a modern American city after Themiscyra was destroyed.

      • says

        Because it is an island full of women who DON’T NEED MEN.

        We can’t be having THAT!

        …sorry, I seem to be slightly bitter this morning.

      • Charles RB says

        Because they can’t think of anything else to do with it, probably.

        Mega-City One has been trashed to hell and back in dozens of Judge Dredd stories, but that actually matters because the writers made it an awesome cool place first and then show it rebuilding after. Dredd fans respond “oh shit, that nuke went off!”. Wonder Woman fans seem to be responding “AGAIN?”.

  4. Scarlett says

    Re: pregnant women. So there’s this masive campaign to stop women eating anything remotely yummy during pregnancy (seriously, I think I could give up booze. BUT YOU WILL TAKE BY BRIE OUT OF MY COLD, DEAD HANDS!) but on the other hand, using experimental drugs is deemed acceptable by at least ONE group of people.

    One word for ya: Tholidamyde.

  5. says

    The person who posted the piece on transmisogyny to LiveJournal showed remarkably bad form; the piece is by Tobi Hill-Meyer (you can visit her website here), but he never credits her, he just reprinted the entire article in his post. There’s a link to Tobi‘s original post at Bilerico, but it’s not made clear that’s what it is, and if you didn’t click the link you would have simply thought the person posting it wrote it himself. Ugh.

    I wrote to this person about this, so hopefully he’ll make the necessary corrections and then never do this in the future. (Yes, to do it with a piece on transmisogyny… the irony is crushing.) Anyway, I’d appreciate if y’all at Hathor changed the link up there to Tobi’s original piece (here at her blog, or here at Bilerico), and maybe added some note of correction to the link so that people know it’s not by whom they might have thought it was. Thank you!

    • Maria says

      Thank you for the catch! I thought it looked familiar, but assumed that because I didn’t see a link out that this was the original post and I’d just seen it reprinted somewhere else. HOW RUDE!

      • says

        It’s surprising to me, but some people really honestly don’t have a clue they need to credit people when they reprint their articles.

        I can only assume they are graduates of the US’s proud public school system.

  6. JMS says

    Gee, it seems to me like racism, sexism, heterocentrism, cisgenderism, ageism, ableism, classism, xenophobia, sizeism, and many other “-isms” are all still perfectly acceptable forms of bigotry.

    CAN PEOPLE PLEASE STOP WITH THE ‘LAST ACCEPTABLE FORM OF BIGOTRY’ BULLSHIT? All forms of bigotry seem to be flourishing just fine, especially over at The Daily Beast. I guess there’s less anti-Albigensian sentiment than there was in the Middle Ages, but other than that I don’t see any bigotry that isn’t still perfectly acceptable in the mass media.

    • Maria says

      Yup! I’d actually done a little write up about how wanking about ugliness at a political moment where looking Latin@ was grounds for arrest in AZ and looking “like a terrorist” is grounds for a random search was such a signifier of privilege, and that this was probably the kind of WTF moment that lead many WOC activists to start calling themselves womanists or 3rd world feminists.

      It still really bothers me, actually, and I think the author’s careless use of language really distracts from her point.

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