Links of Great Interest 7/24/09

Bored at work? Check out these links of great interest! 😉

Eco_mindedPOC has a collection of great water links collected by UnusualMusic. This awesome LJ user also has a neat post up on 10 Things I Hate About You and transphobia.

Starbucks wants you to think they’re local! :-/

TroubleInChina has a great post talking about the realness of women’s bodies.

The Atlantic talks about a major longitudinal study done at Harvard on happiness and mental health.

Feel like talking about The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland? This Livejournal community might be just the place for you!

OMG. The marked-up version of Palin’s resignation speech rocks my grammatical socks.

This is a very cute story about the lesbian couple behind An Unadulterated Love: Young and Gay at 90.

The Indigenous Law Journal is looking for submissions.

Rod2.0 has a great post up on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates. I like the comments where they’re debating the usefulness/radicalism of the black bourgeosie. The Nation has a pretty sweet analysis up too.

ThePrettyYear talks about tight clothes, class, and “sleazy” bodies.

For the first time ever, Miss England is black!

Calitics explains what-the-hecks? of the California budget thingies.

TwoWolfMoon discusses “cross-playing” — what it’s like to role-play as a male character.

Nikke Alex has helped to create green jobs for Navajo youth.

The Lashers of LKH_Lashouts are offering some great book suggestions in this [since locked] thread on race. Be prepared for some serious race!fail by some commentators.

These links are NOT safe for work but are still of great interest!

BlackSexxxology talks about Asian men in porn.

(Quick call for help: does anyone want to recommend a blog or link round-up focusing on politics, sex, and race? I look at BlackSexxxology and Sugasm, but if we’re going to do this NSFW work section I’d like to know more sources and have it show up more frequently.)


  1. Pocket Nerd says

    Properly speaking, “crossplay” means cosplaying as a character of the opposite sex, not just roleplaying. :)

  2. the OTHER Maria says

    Ohhhhh! Do you have a favorite link on cosplaying the opposite sex, so I can add it to next week’s LINKS OF GREAT INTEREST?

  3. Pocket Nerd says

    Alas, no. My interest in cosplay overall is only moderate; I think it’s awesome when I see it, and I’d love to try it someday, but at present it’s not really a big part of my life. Unfortunately, I don’t really know of any particularly good cosplay or crossplay sites. :-/

  4. says

    The LKH_lashout’s post is flocked to the community. IIRC, most of the posts there are.

    I’m always so torn wrt to non-conventional winners of beauty pageants. On the one hand, Yayes! Non-conventional winners! On the other hand, I wish we didn’t have these things to begin with.

    (I wrote a post recently about how the new body-image site for BlogHer is all White and all Able-Bodied. I guess only certain bodies are allowed to develop self-esteem?)

    And, now I know why I’m getting comments on that post about women’s bodies! :) Thank you!

    And one last thing: Unusual Music: Awesome Woman.

  5. the OTHER Maria says

    oh, DANG, I forgot they FLock their posts! Oh wells. :(

    Haha, I love your journal. You want me to be better about letting you know when I link to you? I just assume that if it’s a public post, it’s fair game.

  6. Pocket Nerd says

    Fucking Hell. As if women at cons (and boothbabes in particular) didn’t have to deal with enough bullshit already.

  7. sbg says

    I have to say it again – I really appreciate the links posts. I don’t get out much myself to read, so it’s helpful to be pointed places. :)

  8. the OTHER Maria says

    Yay! I’m glad you like them. :) Let me know if there are any other blogs I should be looking at.

  9. SunlessNick says

    You might be interested in this for the next Links post:


    It’s worse than the url implies: the ad says “us or any booth babe.” Which means it’s not just going to be the EA ones who will at least be ready for it – and I would assume have been given a choice and pay for it – but others who have no idea what’s been added to the amount of harassment they already get.

    Oh, and the second part of the ad asuggests proving it by putting the photos on twitter or facebook. Please let there be a class-action suit in EA’s future.

  10. SunlessNick says

    Ugh, not well phrased. Sorry.

    No way do I think it’d be ok if it was just those working for EA – just that I figured they would have had a choice whether to be there for this – though if that’s not the case, then I hope there are criminal proceedings in EA’s future.

    No check that, I hope it anyway.

  11. Charles RB says

    Fuck me, I just started looking at the comments on the blog I linked to.

    Such as:

    “If you’re looking for sympathy for the booth babes, don’t look here. Any woman who would willingly “whore” themselves out for a buck isn’t much better than the prostitutes on the street. It doesn’t matter if it’s the glamorous convention environment, it doesn’t matter if they are “models”. They have all volunteered to be a piece of meat in a bikini, and they deserve what they get.”

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