Links of Great Interest 7/3/09

Bored at work? Check out these links of great interest! 😉

Want to know more about the ongoing conversation about triggers in fanfic? Here is a summary of some of the prior conversations about this issue. Metafandom remains a great resource for further conversations of this ilk. This is a follow-up to last week’s posting, where SBQR pointed out the ablist stance Zvi was taking.

The Transformers race-fail continues. One of the actors comments here that the directors directed him problematically.

In the mood for gamer hilarity? UrsulaLV posts the dialogue of her RPG group’s enactment of The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men.

Laura Miller at Salon praises the heroines of urban fantasy, and describes the pitfalls facing heroines of this genre. I <3 her discussion of Anita Blake. Also, I haven’t seen much talk about class and the way this genre engages with it. :ponders:

ThePrettyYear has a great post up about bra sizes. YES.

There’s been a lot of ongoing discussion of rape, culture, and race. Ithiliana has some very good links, as does Amilyn.

Kali921 discusses the mixed reception of Grant Morrison’s Young Heroes.

SomeSoldiersMom talks about sexual assault in the military.

Darkmatter has a fascinating article up on Wessie Ling’s recent fashion shows.

Persepolis 2.0 offers a graphic summation of the recent electoral controversy in Iran.

Maira Kalman talks about her visit to Monticello. I am displeased with her poo-pooing of Jefferson’s racism.

Dan Savage reports on a recent raid at a gay bar in Fort Worth.

Below are some links that are NOT safe for work! They’re just of great interest. ;)

BlackSexxxology reflects on the retirement age of black women in the porn industry. He also discusses the silmultaneous fetishization and devaluing of black women’s sexuality.


  1. says

    I complained about the perceived racism with Skids and Mudflap but someone explained it to me best.

    “What if these transformers were monitoring what was perceived as Black Culture … and turned into posers because if it.”

    It doesn’t excuse the movie for being suctastical as it is … but explains why the scenes were in the movie.

    Black folk have to do better in creating their own images …. and Micheal Bay needs to get out more!

    Thanks for the talkback link … I will be following your blog in the future.

  2. says

    Okay, that link to the article about Urban Fantasy just told me that some wonderful woman out there has written the perfect book for me, and NO ONE TOLD ME.

    I may be firing my entire friend group, as soon as I find it. Anyone read these Rachel Morgan books?

  3. says

    Yeah, I’ve read the Rachel Morgan books. They were (IMHO) fun for the first three or four books, and then the author threw a psychological curve ball that made me want to throw the series against a wall.

    If you can ignore the fact that the books are set in a post-plague world that is *never* used in the plots at all…sure.

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