Links of Great Interest 7/31/09

Bored at work? Check out these links of great interest! 😉

Karnythia has a great post calling out Harlan Ellison for being a sexist racist jerk. She also talks about the weirdness associated with this petition to make K/S Trek canon. Sparkymonster linked to a cool analysis of cultural appropriation in fandom here .

In other publishing industry news of fail, Ellen Datlow offers some links related to the Liar cover issue. In news of the good, Alexis Pauline Gumbs has posted a GREAT video on black queer women’s publishing.

Friendly Hostility has ended. Now would be a great time to spend three or four days up with your computer, reading the archives.

Some judges in Australia think it might be hard to, say, NOT RAPE PEOPLE WHEN THEY’RE DRUNK. Also, Aboriginal children don’t deserve hospital treatment. And you can’t ride the bus while wearing a veil.

TroubleInChina talks about the issues facing disabled women in Canada, particularly homeless women. I imagine putting that in conversation with this article on a dude who just gave up money would be an interesting exercise in discussing sexism, ablism, and age-ism. Anyways, for IBARW, TiC also talked about Jordan’s Principle. I should have more IBARW posts up next week.

EverySaturdayMorning talks about being a clinic escort at an abortion clinic. I used to do that, and it’s… surprisingly intense, even in places you’d think of as really liberal. I keep wanting my guy friends to come use their male privilege for some good, but I think they (and a lot of my other female friends, to be fair) think that because abortion is legal and accessible in our area, it’s also safe/easy to get to.

The Coil Review looks like a fun resource if you’re into natural ethnic hair styling.

Have you ever wondered about the time paradoxes in the Terminator universe? Or in Harry Potter?

Tim Wise has written a post-racial white privilege play  — it’s a good follow-up to this read on Cambridge’s recent race issues.

Oh jeez — think about how much fun it must be at work a con while female. Flashbacks to OSBP? Anyways, Gail Simone promises vengeance, which I think might make her the best ever. also includes the email they wrote to EA on their site.

The Guardian published some excerpts from Exit Wounds, a collection of poetry on the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cameras are rolling on the first ever indigenous language sci-fi movie!

Laurell K. Hamilton did an interview for Cat Adams.

The_Zedster in BF posted a useful set of links describing a really awful case in Louisiana where a woman was tazed after her child was brutally murdered.

It never occurred to me to think about DADT and money!

This is a great post on “conscious” hip hop.

OYATE NEEDS YOUR HELP! They have a grant to update their website, but it’s one of those matching grants! Every little bit helps. They are SUPER close to meeting their goal.


  1. says

    hi maria,

    i would posit that the link to “a great post on ‘conscious’ hip hop” is actually a problematic piece on common, kanye & the appropriate frameworks for straight men to use music to discuss their potentially sexist sexual practices. i’ve said a couple more words at the link below, but i’m not sold on the argument …

    thanks for the links!

  2. Maria says

    Hi [dave]!

    I read over your link, and thought some of the points you were making were interesting from a kink perspective, but also think that one of the points the OP is making is that the song posits that kind of violent/abusive sexuality as being the natural desires/natural state of all women. To me, talking about her argument in terms of BDSM is a deflection, since that’s a negotiated space where (IME, YMMV, etc) everyone’s agreed they’re playacting.

    She’s actually making a similar point to some of the comments that came out of OSBP — the willingness of SOME women to engage in SOME acts in SOME contexts becomes used to police the desires and concerns of ALL women in ALL contexts.

  3. Maria says

    also, I can’t really comment on the awesomeness of conscious hip hop… once I heard that Common is anti-mixed race relationships, and that being conscious /= a lack of homophobia, I was done w. him, and stopped being into the genre as a whole.

  4. says

    hi maria,

    thanks for your thoughts. i don’t know all of the acronym’s you used though, so i feel a bit lost in replying. i think i felt the discussion of kink was relevant because her brush seemed very broad, thus looking at an example might show how other perspectives could come out from there.

    and i can hear the second point, that common may not be worthy of praise. but i would argue that his words/actions should devalue himself, rather than other folks who create work in the medium. i understand that a squeaky wheel gets the attention but …

    best, dave.

  5. Maria says

    Hi [dave]

    I actually linked to OSBP above, if you’d like to read up on it.

    OP = original poster

    IME, YMMV = in my experience, your mileage may vary (I included those to be tongue in check, since talking about kink is very particular to the person)

    I hear what you’re saying about her brush being broad. I just don’t agree that in this case it’s the most useful point. I could see if the song was by someone known to be affiliated with kinkdom, or was by a feminist artist, but not in this one.

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