Links of Great Interest: <3 DUMBLEDORE’S ARMY <3

Chicago youth in crisis!

Fandom with a heart! The Harry Potter Alliance — Dumbledore’s Army for the real world.

Is Glee bad television?

My response to your body entitles me to your body.

IT’S ART! isn’t a good defense for being a pissant.

Why Shylaman’s defense of TLA is inadequate.

Women’s success = marriage

More on The Last Airbender

Lisa Nakamura on why True Blood’s a memento mori.

From Savannah:

This is a video of the feminist commencement speech Meryl Streep gave this year to the 2010 graduating class at Barnad. I thought there were some really powerful and interesting things here, especially about performing gender.

Some reactions to Blizzard’s RealID policy. Really great write up at Metafilter (of all places!). Here’s a demonstration of how easy it is to stalk someone online.

Business columnist yells at small children.

Teabaggers AREN’T racist, which is why they wear t-shirts saying they are? With ludicrous points on them?


  1. I. Scott says

    That RealID-related link on seewhatyoudidthere makes me a little worried about using my real name even here (there aren’t many I names…). People using it to harass other people directly was pretty much the first thing on my mind when I first heard about it (probably thanks to reading this very website).

  2. Ray says

    There are a lot of reasons I oppose the idea of requiring real names online. But the chief one? If the most socially conservative members of my family could easily track me down online, I couldn’t be here. It would make it much easier for them to curtail my speech.

  3. says

    Hello there –

    First and foremost – thank you for linking my page; I appreciate the pingback.

    @I. Scott – Honestly, I’m not personally too worried about my real name being out there – but I’m also a guy, and that (sadly) changes things a lot, especially when it comes to the gaming world. When I called that guy, I made sure to let him know I wasn’t creeping on him, only doing what he asked; fortunately he took it pretty well. I’m just glad that my cautionary tale might have played some small part in bringing Blizzard to their senses to the real dangers of their initial plan had they gone through with it.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Pipenta says

    Jeepers, it’s like Montgomery Burns is patrolling the neighborhood and terrorizing the children (or attempting to).

    Terry Savage, it seems, has no soul. And to twiddle his own words just the tiniest bit, you can pretty much express the truth of the matter: in focusing on profit and only profit, Economist Terry Savage shows his obliviousness to everything that is of true worth — and is a glaring example of what’s wrong with U.S.

  5. Robin says

    While I do acknowledge that there are more than a few problematic things about Glee, I tend to give it a little more leeway than that blogger did. Probably because the biggest attraction in the show for me is the singing and dancing rather than the plot. Plus, it’s only had one season. Series have to find their feet a lot faster these days, but even the ones that last five or six years will have growing pains in their early days.

    What the “Yup, I’m a racist” people don’t seem to understand is that they’re not being called racists because they’re speaking out for their Constitutionally guaranteed rights (which are not, by the way, actively under threat), or because they’re being vocal in their dislike of Obama’s policies. They’re being called racists when they say racist things. Like the loon complaining about Pakistanis sneaking across the Mexican border.

    And thank sweet Tinkerbell Jeebus that ActiBlizz was convinced to change their minds about requiring real names. That s&*t ain’t cool for many reasons that many bloggers have expressed much more eloquently than I could. I don’t even use BNet or play WoW (just Diablo 2 over a household LAN) and the whole discussion creeped me out.

    • Maria says

      Heh, minstrel shows had songs and dances, and they were still racist. I don’t think something being fluffy is an excuse not to think about it critically. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy Glee — I just think it’s really under critiqued and that its defenders sometimes shut down conversation by saying oh I like the music or oh it’s satire.

  6. 12Sided says

    Am I a horrible person of giggling with glee the first time I heard that Last Airbender was absolutely terrible on all fronts? Kind of like “Haha! Take That you White-washing-*(^#((&)#@@”

  7. Casey says

    About Glee…

    “These Serious Learning Experiences feel totally out of place because they are bracketed by ‘parody’ that would be more accurately described ‘exploiting people in marginalized bodies to make people laugh.'”

    That sounds a lot like how Family Guy is.

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