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Signal Boost: Teach students about modern day slavery!!

Signal Boost: Join the bone marrow registry!

I’m sure some of you have seen the NPR list of the top 100 SF/F books. Here’s a link to our book reviews in case you’re interested in poking around.

“What are you reading?”

More on MS.

More on Occupy Wall Street and who’s there

The FAFSA is not queer friendly

OMG This is super cute!

Have you ever heard of Leyla Yunus?

Breast cancer screening shows hurt women.

Can NSA sex hurt women?

Slutwalk highlights ALL KINDS of privilege.

The truth about Steve Jobs.

Faith communities respond to BofA’s loan practices

From Erin:

Some of these links are old(er), so apologies if they’ve shown up on
Hathor before and I missed them.

Several female genre authors recently called out reviewers’ practice
of calling characters “Mary Sues,” where the term actually denotes
“female character I don’t like.” Some of the commentary on the posts
is interesting as well.

From The Other Anne:

“It’s Not for Women”–the tagline.

And, apparently, that will not be considered offensive to any women.

Well, to quote Melissa McEwen, “I’m not offended, I’m contemptuous.”

Fandom and women of color

Details of slave life under Cherokee owners

Amazing webcomic on eating disorders

Sistah Vegan has an update

“And Their Lips Rang With the Sun”

Women’s shelter director accused of prostituting clients.

From SunlessNick:

Literata talks about fear of pregnancy:


  1. Red says

    That Syracuse couple=ADORABLE!!!!

    After all these years, they can finally marry!

    I DARE any of those who oppose gay marriage to tell these guys they shouldn’t marry!

  2. Red says

    On the Mary-Sue issue; it’s a good post and it does touch upon issues that I’ve personally witnessed in many different fandoms. I’ve seen the term Mary-Sue inaccurately applied to characters that I personally didn’t see as such. Many times they were applied to characters that people just didn’t like. And it’s fine if you don’t like a character. But really…

    Zoe accurately laid out what exactly a a Mary-Sue IS and ISN’T. I dislike that people throw the term around so casually.

  3. says

    Fuck the FAFSA.

    My bio dad was one of those assholes who believed money that went to his kids was really going to his ex-wife. After the divorce, our income dropped to literally zero, even though he was required to pay child support and alimony and didn’t. I, as a minor child, had to go to school part time and work full time to pay our rent (Mom couldn’t work because of medical issues). Yet his income still counted against my financial aid. Then the fucker dropped dead and child support was garnished from his estate, yet even though we had more money in reality we had less money on paper because his income was no longer counted against me.

    It’s basically a fucked up system that assumes the Cleavers are the only family in the USA.


    What pissed me off about Dr. Pepper Ten wasn’t “You can’t drink our diet soda”. No. It was the “you can’t watch this totally wicked-looking movie about running through the jungle and shooting bad guys and also motorcycles”. Because I was enjoying this, that is my movie and you know what? Fuck you.


    I won the internet on that “fandom and women of color” link even though I only recognized one of the names. (I recognized the other three after the article mentioned their home universes, but not right away.) That…is kind of sad, that I can recognize Martha Jones as the hated-because-of-race-and-gender character even without the other three to back the phenomenon up. Because there is way, way more to her character than that; but I worry if you spend any time in the fandom at all, her badassitude is overwhelmed by all the hate.

  4. says

    The Steve Jobs article is really good. He sounds exactly like James Cameron, as he was described to me by people who worked with him in the 90s – brilliant, but so inconsistent and volatile that it was scary to work with him. In anticipation of the argument that both men (and many famous innovators) may have been untreated bipolars: (1) a lot of untreated bipolars manage not to be abusive and (2) what was stopping them from getting treatment? Sure wasn’t the ability to afford good healthcare, right? (I’m also not holding the use of Chinese labor against Jobs so much because nobody can compete against OTHERS using abused labor if they have to charge enough to pay for a decently treated labor force. And do NOT read the comments on that article if you agree with me – dozens of ignoramuses arguing that it’s the fault of lazy entitled Americans who don’t have the work ethic of Asians and refuse to work for pennies/hour. The workers we’re talking about simply don’t have a choice of working under better conditions. Are these commenters 12? Who doesn’t know this already?)

    The NSA sex link is great. If you really listen to people talking about their sex lives – and this goes for men, too – you quickly realize a lot of people are having sex they don’t want and trying to convince themselves later that it was great. I’m not just talking about hook-ups, either – I’m talking married people, too, who are utterly dissatisfied or even emotionally wounded by some aspect of their sex lives but don’t know how to fix it (or that it’s unfixable, in the case of partners who are irredeemably selfish). That’s why the advice we get about when it’s appropriate to have sex – from religious folks, from PUAs, and everyone in between – is useless. It’s “appropriate” when it’s at all likely to make you happy and you’re prepared and empowered to cope with any consequences.

  5. Shaun says

    FAFSA is pretty awful. My parents are fairly affluent IMO and I was fortunate to be cleared as financially independent at the age of 19, and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had an aunt (and a teacher, and a neighbor) who wrote a deposition my parents weren’t supporting me. It’s ridiculous to expect a student to produce a letter from their parents as to why they’re not supporting their kid and then hold it against the student if s/he can’t produce that. Not everyone has a family member willing to air dirty laundry and it that college had only accepted such a letter FROM MY PARENTS of course it would never have happened.

    Obviously I agree aid needs to take income into account but the system makes it very, very difficult for anyone with non-normative families (and at this point, aren’t we the majority?) to by pass the social stratification barriers in the first place.

  6. Dina Bow says

    Those soda ads look like they’re trying to appeal to the sub catagory of men who still think women have cooties.

  7. Lindsey says

    I will never stop being annoyed by “well we didn’t make this for women so it’s okay if it’s offensive” line of argument, whether it’s for soda or skimpy lady costumes.

    Apparently it’s okay to be narrow and stereotypical if you say so up front, and are excluding in favor of white males. Imagine an ad that says ‘no, no, this music is not for white people’, would we then be expected to just ‘get the joke’?

  8. Juliana says

    De-lurking because I was all seeing red the first time I saw a Dr. Pepper Ten commercial, too.

    “What pissed me off about Dr. Pepper Ten wasn’t “You can’t drink our diet soda”. No. It was the “you can’t watch this totally wicked-looking movie about running through the jungle and shooting bad guys and also motorcycles”. Because I was enjoying this, that is my movie and you know what? Fuck you.”

    My thoughts exactly. When they stared with “Do you enjoy watching movies like this?” (or something like that) I was thinking… Um, yes…

    I think my dad summed it up nicely with “Because those ten more calories clearly make it much manlier than diet Dr. Pepper/sarcasm”

    Hope it’s okay to revive old threads. :/

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