Links of Great Interest: Kids /= Bait!

OMG a staph infection from the gym?

Cat marinated for dinner while still alive.

Activists and a Palestinian woman attacked in Hebron

Heh. This jerkface is all about the fat-shaming.

Clutch Magazine asks: Who’s Got Our Back?

The worst products for men.

What NOT to give a person on their wedding day

GayProf reflects on blood donations.

OMFG HOW IS THE BP OIL SPILL FASHION? I don’t know why I’m surprised. We’re talking about an industry that has people drawing inspiration from MAQUILADORAS for god’s sake. Of course crabs with black gunk are inspiring.

EEEEEEEEEEEE Old Spice Man and FEMINIST HULK have cake with Judith Butler!

Some info on pthalete-free sex toys.

Karen Healey really does keep it classy. She reveals the thought processes she put into her earlier post, and talks a bit about being a good ally.

I SHIT YOU NOT: Raped student used as bait to catch rapists BY SCHOOL OFFICIALS. What the fucking fuck. Thanks, Jay, for the heads up.

Long running Australian soap to get first gay character.

I’m not homophobic — I just compare legalizing gay marriage to legalizing child abuse.

Huh. Experimental drug to prevent lesbianism.

iPhone apps that can replace your girlfriend.


  1. Brand Robins says

    The girl as bait story blows my mind.

    I worked in a school for a couple years, and I cannot imagine how insanely stupid you would have to be to pull this kind of shit.

    I mean, issues of sexism, violence, and utter disregard for student welfare aside… this is asking to lose your job.

    And yet, they’re still defiant about it.

    I just can’t imagine how this was okay in anyone’s head.

    • Scarlett says

      Um… ugh. When I clicked on it I had this idea that the girl had made an informed choice to do it to have her attacker charged which, while still problematic, was still kind of being in control. But that? Boggles my mind why anyone thinks that’s a good idea.

      • Shaun says

        Yeah I think I was thinking maybe that happened. It was the LEAST insane scenario my brain could put together from that headline.

  2. Julie says

    The principal, vice-vp, and dean at my daughter’s middle school decided to have a sting operation all on their own using a student who came to them about a possible drug dealer in the school (another student). The school’s own security department didn’t know about it.

    They were taken off of the roster during the investigation, and quietly fired. I didn’t hear about that until another parent mentioned it. It wasn’t in the news, unlike the actual incident.

  3. says

    Iā€™m not homophobic ā€” I just compare legalizing gay marriage to legalizing child abuse.

    Ms. Francis’ remarks really pissed me off. You have to be devoid of conscience and empathy to twist a real problem that’s poorly understood already just to suit your pathetic agenda. Asshole.

    Th fat-phobic guy is also an asshole. Seriously, remember Swift’s essay about feeding the poor to the rich? What if we fed all the assholes to starving wild dogs? It would be the best possible use of resources.

    The guy who was marinating the cat? Another obvious psychopath. Seriously: wild dogs.

    The rape-bait people: I dunno whether that’s one person’s seriously batshit mind or the effect of crowd psychology, in which people bolster each other’s egos until terrible ideas start sounding good. But am I the only one who gets the feeling the principal never for one moment considered the possibility there was actually any rape going on? It just feels like the principal assumed all these kids were having disgusting consensual sex, and here’s a good way to catch the – ahem – little fuckers in the act. Oh, Britain, why did you have to foist your religious nutjobs on us? We’ll never escape the legacy of their sick, sick ways.

    Wow, this was one of the most triggery LoGI’s ever for me. šŸ˜€

    • Scarlett says

      JK, she doesn’t even appear to understand the Stolen Generation that she’s comparing it to; that part-Aboriginal children were taken forcefully from their parents and dumped in group homes – basically understaffed orphanages – where at best, they suffered from neglect and loss of family and history, and worse, every kind of abuse you can think of. As opposed to the quality of one’s parents *as* parents apparantly being founded on their sexuality.

      Mind you, with the so-called opinions I’ve heard about the upcoming election, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ms. Francis was hoping no-one would be informed enough to know she was talking crap… or possibly she herself isn’t informed enough to know she’s talking crap.

      • says

        Thanks for explaining that reference. God, that’s just sick. She might as well say “Letting gays have kids is like giving kids cancer” for how classy she’s being. And WTF? By her reasoning, poor people having kids is subjecting kids to emotional abuse. Having smart kids in a school for the ordinary is emotional abuse. Childhood accidents are emotional abuse.

        Ms. Francis’ existence is an aggressive, remorseless assault of emotional abuse upon the entire world. There!

        • scarlett says

          Yeah, it’s pretty tragic reading. The idea was that it was awful to be Aboriginal so they would take all the kids that weren’t full-blooded and breed them with whites so within a few generations they would all be white *enough*. But of course no-one wanted the Aboriginal kids, so they were put into group homes. The occasional exception was actually adopted out and were raised in happy, loving homes by white (straight, married) couples but the vast majority were neglected and abused. And of course when a girl had a child after she was raped by the white superintendant or something, that child was taken from her because she was unfit to raise it as an Aboriginal and so the cycle continued.

          What bugs me about comments like that is the implication that all child abusers are gay. There’s this great scene in the movie Milk where they want to take all the gay teachers out of the education system to ‘protect the children’ and the guy (COngressman?) who’s come up with the idea has it pointed out that the rate of child abusers is proportional to being gay or straight – so it’s a 10/90 split, or whatever the percentage of the population homosexuals make up. Ergo, ALL the teachers should be taken out of the system to ‘protect the children’. Legislative guy has been argued into a corner but he still attempts to put forward his logic that all child abusers are gay. And they’re not. Ultra-conservative studies aside, there’s no evidence to suggest a link between sexuality and abusiveness.

          • says

            Actually, this is the profile of a typical child molester:

            First of all, he’s married, just like 77 percent of the more than 4000 child sexual abusers in the Child Molestation Prevention Study. George is religious, like 93 percent of the abusers. He’s educated. More than 46 percent had some college education and another 30 percent were high school graduates. Like 65 percent of the admitted abusers, George was working. Numerous studies of adult victims have sought to link child molestation victims to lower social class and lower family income. All have failed. Child victims and their abusers exist equally in families of all income levels and classes. And, now from the study, we know that child molesters are as equally married, educated, employed, and religious as any other Americans.

            Clearly, to protect children, we should stop allowing men to marry women, or at least religious men, or at least white religious men, since whites account for 79% of child molesters.

            The linked article points out how we could prevent child molestation if we all collectively understood it better, and that means silencing people like this Francis person and getting the word out that yes, that nice, decent, church-going working father/husband might be molesting kids all over the place. Oh, and if anyone’s interested? 1 in 20 US men are believed to be child abusers. What about women? 1 in 3,300. Hmm, maybe we should just lock up all men in a big zoo to protect the kids!

            Or, you know, we could educate ourselves as a society on ACTUAL ways to recognize child molesters when we come across them. That’s why I wrote the How Not to Raise a Rapist article, and damn I was appalled at the ignorance some readers demonstrated off-site and in some really nasty deleted comments. This is not a topic one knows diddly about unless one has deliberately studied it – you do NOT pick up all you need to know from a few eps of SVU.

          • Shaun says

            Are you talking about exclusively sexual abuse Jennifer? There’s no way the proportion of female abusers is 1 in 3,300. Not including physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect.

          • says

            Shaun, that was strictly about child molesters, as the comment made pretty clear. I find the stats perfectly plausible. Women abusers are more likely to use emotional/psychological abuse than any sort of physical abuse.

        • Robin says

          Bigotry aside, what makes Francis so sure that the children of gay parents won’t know who their opposite gender parent is and spend time with them? Non-nuclear households seem to be on the increase in America, and I’d be surprised if Australia was all that different. The excessively-PC label may be gone, but there are a lot of it-takes-a-village arrangements, be they gay, straight, or some combination thereof.

          And in that vein, what about the children of apparently hetero couples in which one of the parents later realizes that they’re gay? Does the gay parent lose custody / visitation rights?

    • Maria says

      You know, I get that a lot? Nijireiki says reading LoGI is frequently her angriest moment of the week!

      That’s why I like doing ATI — it’s more light-hearted!

  4. Firebird says

    The fat thing reminds me of something I heard on NPR about “obesity”. They defined “overweight” as needing to lose 10 lb and being obese as needing to lose 30 lb or more. I was seriously surprised and was like oh so that’s why they say we have an obesity crisis in the country and such and such an insane percentage of the country is obese. We pick an abitrarily low estimate of ideal weight based solely on height and gender, and if you miss it by a freaking 10 lb you are overweight and if you are a comfortably padded 30 lb overweight you are that dreaded “obese”.

    FWIW I could stand to lose prob 30 (at least) and still be healthy but who cares? I am comfortable, healthy, mobile, attractive – all this time they were talking about “obese” I thought they were talking about people I occasionally see in Wal-Mart who have mobility problems due to truly excessive weight.

    And @Jenn, yeah very triggery indeed.

    • says

      Yes, and recent studies have found that being up to 30 pounds “overweight” actually makes you healthier than people who are underweight and *maybe* also people at “normal” chart weights. But change our definition of healthy weight to include up to 30 extra pounds? Never!

    • sbg says

      I about fell off my chair when my father told me at his last doctor’s appointment they told him he was obese. He’s got a little belly – mostly as a result of medication – but is by no means grossly overweight.

      I think I must be classified as morbidly obese by comparison!

    • Patrick McGraw says

      By this reasoning, my “recovering from kidney transplant” potbelly made me obese. I must have been so much healthier when I was on dialysis!

  5. Shaun says

    Wow. I don’t know WHAT I was expecting re: rape bait story, but reading it was so, so much worse than I was prepared to expect. Seriously, a teacher comes to you and says a student says she’s been raped and your plan is TO CONFINE HER AT SCHOOL AGAINST HER WILL so she can possibly get raped again?

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