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“You should know that you are hated.”

Reflections of a black queer suicide survivor

IHOP sued over discrimination

Dating while fat and feminist

Look! It’s an Unspoken playlist

Jill Biden has a higher-than-normal salary, but it seems like this article is misleading… she doesn’t sound like she was an adjunct at the time.

Forget the war on women. It’s a war on black children.

A review of Legend of Korra

Here’s a great post on supporting DV/intimate violence survivors.

ad some feminist-y old time-y fiction? Try The Blue Castle, featuring hilarious Valancy as the main narrator, and the tragic story of Cecily, who didn’t know what sex was, or that that was how you got pregnant.

Presenting the nose-tube diet.

From Cloudtigress:

Comedian Sarah Silverman apparently does a tasteless ‘before’ and
‘after’ image of her “abortion” (done after eating a bloating


An article from the Atlantic Wire
discusses this Newsweek article on whether women having submissive sexual fantasies is somehow
anti-feminist. Yes, it’s about the book 50 Shades of Grey. Again.

Some articles on Arab Spring and new media 

Woman illustrates the difference make up makes.

Stop taking this picture!

AfroLez talks race and gender.

I don’t know how I feel about Painful Cake. 

From Casey:

From Care2Causes, a puppy in Bulgaria was tossed out of a moving car
into oncoming traffic and this woman rescued him

Tuna Scrape” is the sushi equivalent of Pink Slime

From Feministing and The Soapbox: Katie Roiphe is an idiot

Can Christianity reconcile itself to contraception?

From Casey:

From Fannie’s Room, an article on women being socially discouraged
from being big and strong; the comment section is also good.


  1. Patrick McGraw says

    Great Korra review. I’m not as worried about the messages being sent regarding the Equalists, though. The episode pretty clearly does not present the Equalists as “calling out an inequality that doesn’t really exist” (with the Unfortunate Implications that follow) because the very next scene after Korra’s naive “you’re oppressing yourself!” argument is Benders oppressing non-Benders. It’s pretty clear that the Equalists have a just claim. Where Amon fits into this is yet to be seen.

  2. says

    I loved “Stop taking this picture”! I find it ironic, though, that the much-maligned Twilight series doesn’t go there.

    The makeup video is a bit scary. I don’t wear makeup so I’m astonished at the difference it can make. And thrilled that people have this option. And sorry for all the times I looked down at makeup when I was an insecure teen.

  3. says

    Time for a meme based on the first link. These are all based on my personal experience/achievements – if you want to play, create statements based on your own.

    I believe in myself and persevere like a girl – endlessly, with a confidence that comes from within rather than from the affirmation of others, which often hasn’t been forthcoming, anyway.

    I fight like a girl – that is, I use my intelligence to beat narcissists at their own games, and empower others to beat them, too.

    I work my ass off like a girl.

    I overcome difficulties like a girl, by doing the emotional work that’s required as well as taking action (as opposed to acting out in anger, screwing up my life with crime or drinking and then whining about the mean ol” world when I end up in jail or whatever).

    I persevere like a girl, and that’s why you will never be able to keep me down – or quit looking over your shoulder, if you’ve landed yourself on my shit list.

    I get revenge like a girl – cold, merciless and not for my pleasure but because I know you will just do it to someone weaker if I don’t teach you a lesson now.

    I get over things like a girl – quick and clean.

  4. says

    Re: black children. Christ, the number of white kids I see throwing the kind of public tantrum that gives their parents plenty of time to demonstrate that they are the problem. Where are the cops then?

    Re: dating while fat and feminist. It’s really interesting that once she was skinny, she got let in on the TRUE reason fat is hated: nothing to do with health, just pure aesthetics. The health bullshit is just window dressing for the same o’ “no fat chicks” attitude.

    Interestingly, I thought it was going to tackle the problem of dating while manifesting both fat and feminism at the pool of available men. I’m not sure which turns them off faster, and I don’t mean talking feminism at them, I mean just expecting something of them. I do occasionally get approached in bars by That Guy Who Already Got Turned Down By All The Hot Chicks, and the first thing I litmus test a guy for is signs that he is actually attracted to me. When I don’t get them, and turn the guy down, the reaction ranges from amusing to actually alarming, because clearly I have no right to turn them down. How dare I apply standards to men when I’m not traditionally hot? I’m supposed to be desperate enough to take their shit – they were assured this by some social contract I haven’t been let in on. Which is absurd in any case, because there’s no more lackluster lover than someone who’s really not into you, so why would I pick that awkward experience over masturbation?

  5. Anonymous says

    One thing about the phrase “fight like a girl”–when I see a men’s boxing match go into the twelfth round, both guys are wiped. It takes them all their remaining strength just to hug each other. When I see a women’s boxing match go into the twelfth round, they’re still wailing on each other like the match just started.

  6. The Other Anne says

    Re: Korra, I have only seen the first two episodes (the premiere is free on iTunes, BTW), and my issue with the Equalist angle right now is that so far there has not been a main character who is not a bender (in this new series) EXCEPT presumably the equalists. None of the probenders (obviously), and none of Katara’s grandchildren, and we know nothing about Sokka or any progeny. I guess we could count Katara’s daughter in law, but she has had like two lines in either episode. SO, maybe this will be handled well, but so far their marginalized population in the series is underrepresented on the show.

  7. Casey says


    I guess men just over-exert themselves? A male (I assume) commenter on that post said that his best martial arts trainers were women because they had more skill and finesse.

  8. Casey says

    Double post:

    Unless the unfortunate truth is that women’s boxing rounds are arbitrarily much shorter than men’s, which leads to less exhaustion. I don’t really know ‘cuz I’m not into boxing. :S

  9. Paul A. says

    Imagine my relief, on clicking through, that “Reflections of a black queer suicide survivor IHOP sued over discrimination” wasn’t actually a single caption. They’re worrying enough separately.

  10. Quib says

    I want to be offended at Sarah Silverman, because that ‘joke’ is completely tasteless and insensitive, but it just fits too perfectly with the portrayal of women’s health care as selfish, impulsive, or frivolous by the right-wing and pro-life.
    And when abortion is treated as taboo a topic as it is, these are the dominant portrayals. I don’t want to defend or approve of Sarah Silverman, but I’m, personally, having a hard time being unhappy about anything that confronts the image of abortion as casually and thoughtlessly tossing out the contents of a basketball sized uterus.

    There’s also horrifying extent to which “in case R v W gets overturned” is something to actually be concerned about.

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