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Uhhhhhhhh, a woman refused to get an abortion, so her partner raped her. In front of their kids.

OMFG, really, Craigslist? It sucks you got raped, but it’s not our fault?

From Scarlett: Feminism in B grade horror!

Oh, the Springfield Diocese. How awesome that you would let go one of your best educators for the sin of getting married. But hey, I guess that’s better than penalizing someone for trying to protect children from a child molester.

Peanuts! THEY ROCK! And now they’re a weapon in the war against malnutrition. 😀

Escapist has an issue up on “the industry of inclusion.” Of particular interest is “The Pasty White Person Is King” which highlights that games/fantasy novels based on medieval Europe that DON’T include POC are historically inaccurate.

FANTASIA I LOVE YOU. I think it took guts to talk about her attempted suicide and depression. But this blogpost is real too — black women often have far too many people depending on them to take the time to care for their mental and emotional well-being. That myth of super-woman? It’s some toxic shit — Fantasia isn’t the only young black woman to try to hurt herself to get away from it.

A blast from the past from HijabMan! One of his classic posts on veiling. You should really check out the whole site — HM is one of my FAVORITE feminists and one of the sweetest, nicest, gentlest people I know. Add him on Facebook and Twitter, and you’ll get a cute as shit blow by blow of what it means to be a male feminist in love.

GUESS WHAT! Women’s colleges are still relevant. SEVEN SISTER PRIDE!

The FWord breaks down the problematics of the media frenzy over the Jewish Israeli “rape by deception” case from a few weeks ago.

Conversations about gender violence need to happen as early as middle school.

Violence against Asian American students reached a crescendo last year. Students want to know: has the school district taken any steps to guarantee their safety? Bullying is something school districts often ignore when it’s LGBT kids or kids of color. LGBT kids especially have needs that school systems are unwilling to address. The Trevor Project can only do so much.

How can something be a mature theme when it’s something applicable to many children across the country? Spouse-buzz reviews a review and talks about the difference between pity and empathy, and I think, highlights how designating something as a “mature” theme renders that experience outside the norm, even when the norm isn’t normal or guaranateed.

Homelessness is on the rise — particularly amongst single parent families.

How casting a black actor changed Night of the Living Dead.

Huh. Tea partiers + Black Family Reunion… Huh. And it sounds like the tea partiers were entitled jerks last year, too.

Oh, Kanye West. Still a jackass. Why won’t you leave Taylor Swift alone?

Have you seen Morgan? She’s a teen runaway headed towards the Rainbow Gathering. ETA: She’s called home and her mom’s going to get her soon.

This has been a busy week for Australia. Scarlett was nice enough to compile a TON of links on Australia’s first female PM!

Australia officially elected its first female Prime Minister. (That is to say, the voters of Lalor, Victoria elected Julia Gillard as a Labor representatives and the Labor party cobbled together enough alliances to form a government).  And only eleven years behind New Zealand!

General article on Julia Gillard

Specifically about Gillard regarding the lead-up to the election, the ousting of the former PM and the election itself.

Bit more of an explaination about the election – took over two weeks to work it out, when it’s usually decided on the night of the election.

Helen Clarke’s (first NZ PM) wiki page. The following is a BBC piece about the unlikihood of a strong government under the conditions it was elected in. (In all fairness, that’s more to do with not having the outright majority they need and having to negotiate with other parties than anything)

I know yahoo links tend not to work but this one’s worth trying to access – it goes more into WHY the government is so shaky.


  1. says

    Tiny correction: Helen Clark is NZ’s first elected, woman PM (not our first PM! Or even first woman PM, as Jenny Shipley got there first by staging a Gillard-esque coup against her boss).

    And she is of course AMAZING.

    • scarlett says

      My bad. And that means you beat us by even more! Ah, well then that makes Gillard both first PM AND first elected PM. I always feel funny talking about ‘elected PM’s’ in a Westminster-style system. The only people who ‘elected’ Julia Gillard were the Labor votes of Lalor. (Why hasn’t someone made a joke out of that yet?) I realise it’s semantics, but it’s one of those things that bugs me everytime I hear it.

      Having said that – I do like that Labor having won the election with Gillard at the helm gives her a degree of credibility that she didn’t have having gotten in mid-election. Can you imagine the backlash had they not won? *woman has to sneak in to become PM, and propmtly screws it up*

  2. The Other Patrick says

    The details about the rape by deception case made me quite angry. I had been annoyed before because it seemed like the typical report sounded a lot like, “see: women have sex with you and then claim rape”, and now it seems the situation is even worse. Wow.

    As to the Craigslist case: while I agree that “not our fault” is a spectacularly bad response (it should have been more like: “obviously, it seems there are still flaws in our system, we’ll try and tighten it even more”), the implication of the linked article, I can’t agree with. The author shares two specific examples of how to combat trafficking, and both examples consist of no more sex classifieds. And even without the result of sex ads going elsewhere (maybe even somewhere less secure), I don’t think this can be the answer. In order to combat traffic accidents, you don’t stop traffic.

    • scarlett says

      I tend to agree there. I don’t think Craiglist can be held responsible for people abusing the system to traffic sex, although they need to take some responsibility for the fact their site WAS used for trafficking. I think EVERYONE needs to own their contribution to society’s ills, intended or not.X – see below

      I think it goes back to that rape campaign we were talking about a few days ago; we need to start, as a culture, actively saying ‘no, that’s not ok’ and maybe these predators would have less places to hide and more people who knew to call on their bullshit.

      x=My shift key isn’t working atm, so I can’t do brackets, or asterisk to emphasise. Hence the x. But if I hear one more person say ‘but I didn’t knoooooooow’, I will brain them. Ignorance is not an excuse. Didn’t they teach that at Neuromberg, what, seventy years ago now-question mark.

        • The Other Patrick says

          I think there are only two choices for you
          to ensure the message you’re sending gets through
          make a telegraph rhyme
          have it sung to a chime
          would be the whimsical choice whilst still being true.

          Choice number two has a little more cheese
          just write down the usually pressed-upon keys
          shift-two for a start
          is a question mark
          the advantage would be to forgo any rhyme


  3. scarlett says

    heh looks like my keyboard is stuffed. shift doesn’t work and neither up key works. got an external keyboard for the time being but its not connected atm. and shift-2 is my ‘at’ key and is on all the computers i’ve used in perth. question mark is shift-/

  4. Lika says

    Those links are awesome, thank-you! The two that were of special interest to me was the one about the increase of violence towards Asians, and the residential school one. I wish I didn’t read the comments though. A lot of them made me want to punch a hole through something. The residential school one, especially. The whole “you need to get over it”, “you’re greedy for wanting compensation” “I resent being blamed” nightmare. The abuse is awful enough; people’s dismissal of finding any sort of justice for it is just as bad.

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