Links of Great Interest 9/11/09

Bored at work? Check out these links of great interest! 😉

The Split This Rock poetry festival commemorates Sen. Kennedy’s passing.

This is a great reading of How Not To Talk About Africa.

Karnythia points out this race/gender fail. Also, black women aren’t good enough to be depicted clothed.

Diana argues that women shouldn’t be held to a limited number of archetypes.

Breeze talks about race and veganism.

A Sudanese journalist challenges Sudan’s conservative dress code.

GayProf breaks down the problematics of Burn Notice and “The White Man Saves It All.”

This brave woman confronted the prejudices facing Romani people and talks about her educational history.

Sometimes rejecting street harassment can be deadly.

This punkass blog discusses the multiple possible locations of anti-sexist work.

The UC faculty walk out raises some interesting questions about capitalism, education, and the purpose of the university system.

Kim Newman’s website links to some neato short stories.

These links aren’t safe for work but are still of great interest! 😉

Does erotica HAVE to be monochromatic?


  1. Charles RB says

    And everyone should go read Newman’s Alternate Majors – meaning Prime Minister John Major – stories, which features both one of the grimmest Germany-won-WW2 stories ever and a rather nice one where Major became a bus conductor instead.

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