Links of Great Interest: Redefining Latin@ in 2010!

Please donate to Men Can Stop Rape. The below is from their campaign page:

Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) is an international organization whose mission is to mobilize men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women.

In contrast to traditional efforts that address men as “the problem,” MCSR’s pioneering Strength Campaign embraces men as vital allies with the will and character to make healthy choices and foster safe, equitable relationships.

Our youth development programming, public education messaging, and leadership training together constitute a unified and comprehensive campaign that has been launched around the world.

MS Magazine is holding a bell hooks week!

It’s not about sex and other lies” takes on the PR of queerness and kink. <3

PLOT TWIST 22 : A DRAMATIC COVER UP. A US soldier refuses to participate in torture. Then, she, uh, kills herself.

DARIA! Still fantastic, ten years later. Good point re: Gossip Girls though — very little teen TV featuring angry smart chicks as the main character now a days.

OMG does anyone have a followup on this subcommittee regarding the US’ failure to address rape and its obligations to rape survivors?

Your daily dose of misogyny in the academy: women are to blame for the poor salaries facing graduating PhDs.

All I’m saying… my black rage keeps my skin so fresh and so clean (clean). Ethnic beauty FTW!

This is a great post on the intersection of race and religion in the rhetoric framing who’s a terrorist and who’s a member of a fringe group. MS Magazine actually has a FANTASTIC take-down of the “lone-wolf” rhetoric surrounding the assassination of abortion doctors. Seriously, though? It’s an effective Othering tactic against peeps like Obama, who came in being brown and talking about change.

Seniors are having an STD boom in the US!

Hee. Professor Chaos shares what she learned about pregnancy while teaching in the academy. is redefining latinidad and Latina identity.  There’s a pretty awesome series on blogging. There doesn’t yet seem to be a lot of content about AfroLatinas, but maybe that’s coming. <3 ALSO: remember, labor history is Latin@ history! Support the United Farm Workers.

Oh, Elizabeth Moon. Why are you so smart, and yet so fucking bigoted? (ETA to remove “crazy” because of its ablist associations — thank you for the catch!)

From Scarlett:

Lingerie chain Loveable backs an organisation aimed at improving women’s body issues while featuring skinny-blond-Jen-Hawkings.

An Australian court blocks a 14 year old from getting sent abroad for an arranged marriage.

From Anne: Here’s a slideshow on sexual harassment in sports reporting. 😀 Thanks, Anne!

Hey, guess what? That acid attack in Vancouver was self-inflicted. Guess she knew her history and wanted to participate in a proud North American tradition.

LJ comms and transparency:  fight the power!

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Let me get this straight. This dude was prosecuting this woman’s ex-boyfriend for strangling her… and then said hey, what the hell, I get free texting on this plan. WHY NOT SEXUALLY HARASS A CLIENT?


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      Susan, thanks for the catch. In future, please use the email contact form (as it states above the comment box) to let us know about stuff like this. We’re starting to get swamped with comments, and those from previously approved readers like you go straight through without being moderated – so there’s always a slim chance we’ll miss it.

      And Maria, thanks for responding so quickly!

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    Only have time for a quick reply, but that Loveable Lingerie thing…WTF? I went to their actual website, and Jen Hawkins is the model for almost all of their products…including the “full figure DD” line. Exactly what are full figured women (like my wife) supposed to feel when they click that and see Jen Hawkins?

    • Casey says

      That Loveable Lingerie thing made me go “UGH!” It reminded me of a Victoria’s Secret campaign that’s fairly recent where all the models are saying “I love my body!” Well no DUH! YOU’RE VICTORIA’S SECRET MODELS! *le sigh*

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    Hey Maria, thanks for the love link! Awesome!

    And, yes, we are actually planning on having videos (stories) of Latinas who do not speak Spanish, but identify themselves as Latinas (rightfuly so); and, we are having inspirational stories by AfroLatinas. The goal is to dispell the myth that Latinas look one way or another, or behaver or think, in a predetermined way. I would LOVE for you to submit a post, video or allow me to interview you for a post. Let me know if you are interested!! Great website here!

    • Maria says

      EEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’d love to be interviewed. I can be contacted through the LOGI email link on the right hand side of the page.

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    Personally, I find that the 2nd e-moon link is much better when you listen to “The Fear” as you read it. At least until you hit the public school argument. O RLY. My great grandpa went to a state school, too! WHERE THEY PROCEEDED TO TRY AND BREAK HIM OF HIS INDIANNESS. Nothin’ like a good old English-only curtailing of tribalism! And it’s all in the interest of good citizenship!!

    Oh, look! Irony! There you are again. Also: logic fail at “Italians got called dirty violencemongers! See how assimilation made them okay? Those quirky Italians! …but fuck them Urrubs.”

    Still, LJ FTW!

  4. amymccabe says

    “In a combative interview in his office, Kratz did not deny sending the messages and expressed concern their publication would unfairly embarrass him personally and professionally.”

    UNFAIRLY? Really?

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