Links of Great Interest 9/25/09

The lovely Elizabeth discusses stories and survival, and links to a cool discussion of YA fiction, girlhood, and sports. The Mongoose considers women, sports, and behavioral standards in light of Serena Williams’ response to a referee.

ThePrettyYear discusses bodies and street harassment, and Jezebel has a thing up on “real women” and The Fashion Show.The Mongoose also has a blog post up about street harassment.

This list describes some signs of disordered health habits.

Soc. Images has an interesting analysis of ethnicity in Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Jennifer’s Body sounds pretty cool.

On the plus side, Diablo Cody might be doing some stuff with Sweet Valley High, but on the minus, Renee Zellwegger is going to wear a fat suit in Bridget Jones 3. FitSugar’s readers weigh in on this.

Anemone has some interesting thoughts on consent.

I really like TheHappyNappyBookseller‘s blog.

Some sexists are baying for the blood of the Hofstra student who made a false rape accusation.

NSFW links:

Mr. BlackSex contemplates whether he’d let his daughter work in porn.


  1. The other Patrick says

    While I think he answered the question well enough, I think “Would you let your daughter work in porn?” contains in the question itself the idea that fathers can, maybe also should regulate what their daughters do for a living. I think parents should do their best to raise their kids, but after the kids are 18 years of age, the parents have no business forbidding or allowing anything. That doesn’t mean you can’t approve or diapprove, but allow? No, thanks.

  2. says

    @Maria V
    I understand that the question sounded a bit sexist and I wouldn’t want to state that I would not use the same reflection if my son would want to become an Adult Entertainer.

    I would give him the exact same speech but as a Male in the Adult Industry he would face a whole new set of challenges.

    Sadly the world of Porn gives men a better opportunity to succeed since in essence it is a business run and sustained by men more that women.

    @The other Patrick
    I’m not going to be one of those fathers who are going to be a complete overloard to my daughter’s (or son’s) life once they reach 18. I just hope I raise them well enough to be responsible citizens and be confident (and happy) whatever life they choose to lead.

  3. Charles RB says

    Read the Jezebel link – wait, THOSE women caused the designers to freak out? That caused tears and Satan comparisons? Really?

    Someone who watched the ep has told me “they’re exaggerating slightly ” – thank Christ if so.

  4. SunlessNick says

    Some sexists are baying for the blood of the Hofstra student who made a false rape accusation.

    Allegedly made a false accusation.

  5. SunlessNick says

    Hit post too soon.

    Since they insist on rapists being “alleged” until a court conviction (and sometimes even past that), it seems only fair to have the same standard applied to this woman.

  6. Patrick J McGraw says

    I hate, hate, hate the term “real women.” Real women have physical bodies that exist. Supermodels genetically predisposed to slender figures are exactly as real as any other women. Women with eating disorders are just as real as any other women.

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