Links of Great Interest 9/4/09

Bored at work? Check out these links of great interest! 😉

The Asian Women’s Blog Carnival is looking for submissions.

A husband and wife ran a human trafficking ring for a hair salon.

Smart Bitches has a snarktastic review up of Dark Lover. Go read for vampire fail. ABCNotJustForKids also has a fun post on Bananas in Pajamas.

Speaking of vampires, LJ Smith is blogging again! What what.

Here’s more on the DC stabbing of a transwoman.

Iraq’s new pop diva is shocking conservatives.

I bet you’re curious about the history of the bikini.

Lynn Jenkins has a pretty fail apology up for her “great white hope” comment.

I bet you’ve been wondering about the Satanic messages of I Am… Sasha Fierce.

The Physicians for Human Rights have released a report describing the ethics violations committed by medical practitioners helping in torture cases.

District 9 hits hard for many South Africans.

GASP! Disney is buying Marvel!

Mar writes about street harassment.

I always love Celie’s Revenge’s Facebook updates.

In light of Ted Kennedy’s passing, Zelda reflects on the meaning of “patriarch.”

Got audio? Check out this Youtube clip on the feminist implications of Ms. Pac-Man! Also, Rachel Maddow reports on how one of the survivors of the gym massacre a few weeks ago needs help with medical expenses,


  1. Sarah O'M says

    Oh my goodness, yay! LJ Smith! \o/ GLEE!
    >_> Pardon me. I read her Nightworld books when I was about 12-13-14. Thereabouts. And well, I adored them. I’m now a big Vampire lover. So yeah. It’s a big squee to know she’s still alive and that I may still get to read the final book.


  2. Charles RB says

    “The lawyer, Olubukola O. Adetula, said the case stems in part from prosecutors misunderstanding West African culture”

    He can’t seriously be arguing “it’s part of Togo’s culture to use women as enslaved labour!”, can he? (He can. :( )

  3. Charles RB says

    I don’t know anything about Togo, but I’m betting if I researched it I wouldn’t find slavery is a “cultural thing” there.

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