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Signal Boost: Petition to get an asylum seeker released from prison.

Signal Boost: Discard Dreams sounds like an AMAZING book!

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Signal Boost: From Skemono:

A while back you shared a YouTube video of “Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves” by Seanan McGuire, which a lot of people seemed to like. I just thought I’d point out that it’s currently nominated in the “Best Filk Song” category for the Pegasus Awards. People can vote here.

Don’t remember the vid? Here’s a quick YT reminder, and a link to the lyrics.

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We need your help!

Nourishing NYC is in the running for $10,000.00 from the Pepsi Refresh Project and the only way to win is to get votes. You can vote for Nourishing NYC and our Thanksgiving Junior Chefs (Click to see the mini-doc created from last year’s event) every day from now until September 30th. You can vote twice a day, every day by:

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Microfinancing helps Latina business women succeed.

A brief history of London’s girl gangs.

Afternow has released its first two seasons as audiofiles on its website.

Poverty: Just Say It

The greatest liberals in American history, and the crassest members of the GOP.

Trolls face eviction too!

Happy International Literacy Day, West Virginia! Link from Jenn Kesler, who writes:

West Virginia has always been a depressed state with illiteracy problems. Instead of focusing on raising standardized test scores, their statewide program follows in the footsteps of Finland, the top rated country internationally for public schools, and focus on a better curriculum and teacher support. One of the most important elements? According teachers massive respect, and that means listening to what they have to say.

 From Gabbie:

I’m sure you’re going to get plenty of this by the end of the week, but the following links are regarting child beauty contentant Maddy Jackson, who wore a padded bra and bottom to look more like Dolly Parton. Is it just me, or does it seem that every year or so, the child beauty pageant industry collectively sinks a little lower and pimps its childdren out that little bit more?

From Yahoo/The West Australian

From Sydney Morning Herald

From Daily Mail UK

From Nicky P: If only poor people understood proper nutrition

Why I won’t be seeing The Help.

From Cala:


I don’t know if you’d be interested in this, but today, I found on my Livejournal flist a great announcement.

From 09.09 to 16.09 there’s going to be a huge celebration week for female characters that usually get hated on by fandom. It’s called “We love women the fandom hates” and it’s all about spreading love for characters who deserve all the love they can get.

Here’s the organizational post in English:

you can claim your characters there. And the event isn’t limited to Livejournal. It can be celebrated on any blogging platform or a social networking site.

It would be awesome if you’d spread the news :)

Best wishes,

Feminist Whore Power Activate?


  1. M.C. says

    “We love women the fandom hates”

    Just read the post.
    There are people who hate Claudia Donovan on Warehouse 13? Really?! I thought she was the character that viewers are meant to identify with. You know, her being the geek girl who’s into Star Trek and computers and crazy hair colours like green and pink.

    Oh well, I guess that’s the reason I stay away from the fandom of my favourite shows…

  2. Azzy says

    Is it weird that I was hoping for the troll to be a real life creature of myth, smelling bad and still demanding goats from travelers? *sigh*

    Also, put me down as another person who doesn’t understand the Claudia Donovan hate. Yeah, she was a bit irritating at first, but she grew on me. She’s one of my favorite characters now.

  3. Cloudtigress says

    Of the characters I recognized on the ‘women hated by fandom’ list, I noticed that one characteristic shared by them is that they can all, depending on the situation, kick the a$$ of their (male) opponents themselves instead of fearfully hiding in a corner until the male hero comes to rescue them. And I’m not talking about physically kicking said a$$ in a fight either; I doubt Irene Adler (Sherlock Holmes) could whop Darth Vader in a fight if forced to defend herself physically without access to her brains. Just that the characters that I knew something about weren’t usually shown as always needing the men characters to do their thinking/fighting/fixing for them when confronted with dangerous problems and difficult puzzles to be solved. They may be shown as making mistakes while solving said problems, but they’re still doing for themselves for the most part. And they have personalities that go past the ‘submissive quite’ setting on the temperament meter.

    As an aside, I’m curious about the gender/race/ect. of the haters vs. the general make-up of the fans in each fandom. Be interesting to see if the ‘hate noise’ is really just a small group of loudmouths making themselves known instead of a general ‘hate’ in fandom in general.

  4. Shaun says

    Whoa whoa. Some of the “liberals” on that list… John Adams? Of the Alien and Sedition Acts? WOODROW WILSON? The guy who resegregated the White House, who invaded Latin America more times than any other Administration in US history, who opposed self-determination for the Vietnamese, who openly encouraged the reformation of the KKK and jailed people for speaking out against the war? Some of that person’s points are interesting, but just because something happened during a President’s administration doesn’t mean it was their doing, or that they supported it.

  5. Casey says

    That “Feminist Whore” article was quite good, even though so far the comments (as always) STINK ON ICE, for instance…

    Dane Johnson – This whole article comes off as incredibly abrasive.


  6. Casey says

    Wow, I really gotta stop reading the comments section, I just found a post that was MIND-BLOWINGLY douchey.

    Richard Vaught – If sexism is rife throughout the game industry, then I propose that the industry does not have a problem with sexism, you do. Might I ask why, as a woman, you are opposed to being treated differently than a man. I am not referring to urbane things like equal pay and such, which I fully support. A person that performs should be paid for that performance regardless. However, I would not want to be treated like a woman, or a herm, or a gay, or a lesbian, or an emasculated male for the pure and simple reason that i am none of those things. And to be quite frank, I do not now, previously, nor at any time in the foreseeable future treat a woman the same as I treat a man. I will not go out of my way to hold the door open for a man, or compliment a man on his new hair cut, nor any other list of things that are labeled ‘to do with women only’ in my brain. Ironically, what you, and quite honest the vast majority of annoyingly vocal feminist, go on about is not equality, but being identical. Which god only knows why you would want to be identical to anyone, much less another gender entirely. But I digress.

    I don’t even know where to BEGIN with this.

  7. Shaun says


    It amazes me how even something as straightforwardly sexist as “feminist whore” gets argued about and defended. Oh, and the writer needs to get a life and stop talking about these issues.

  8. Casey says


    Yup, it’s a shame she got dogpiled on in her own comments section by a bunch of DOODZ for being ‘WRONG AND ZOMG IT’S A PRIVATE JOKE AND NOT EVEN REAL GET OVER IT I’M NOT CONVINCED BY YOUR FEMINIST AGENDA!~!11one”

    That Richard Vaught guy also went on to write some more wall-of-text comments about how gender binaries are totes awesome and it’s vile, twisted and sick that some folks in Sweden are raising kids to be “neither boys nor girls”.

  9. I.A. Scott says

    Re Feminist Whore: Ugh the comments. Everywhere I’ve seen it, the same comments.

    Apparently men don’t hold doors open for each other or compliment haircuts? I’VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG ALL MY LIFE AAAAAAAAAAH

    Re Girl Gangs: Sounds like it’d make a great gangster movie…

  10. Casey says

    I.A. Scott,

    I can’t help but think that dude would consider holding a door open for another man/complimenting a male friend’s haircut as being FUKKEN’ GAAAAAY HURF DURF
    (also, how the hell DO you treat a “hermaphrodite” anyway? Jeezus these people…)

    The Fat Nutritionist article was great and it led me to that piece by The Atlantic about OH NOEZ THE KIDS HAVE TO WORK IN A GARDEN IT’S LIKE MENIAL LABOR which in turn led me to a link about Sailor Moon being re-printed on the 13th of this month! I cried tears of joy but then some troll in the comments section ruined it by whinging “HURFF DURRF Y’ALL R A BUNCH OF WHINY LEFTIST PUSSIES WHO WANT FEMINAZIS TO BE CATERED TO, THEY SHOULD JUST MAKE THEIR OWN DAMN SUPERHEROES”…also, is it me or is the prose style of the Atlantic kind of smarmy overall?

  11. Casey says

    M.C.: There are people who hate Claudia Donovan on Warehouse 13? Really?! I thought she was the character that viewers are meant to identify with. You know, her being the geek girl who’s into Star Trek and computers and crazy hair colours like green and pink.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if fans hated her since (from this description, as I’ve never watched the show) she sounds like one of the “GAMER GURRL ATTENTION WHOREZ ™” that so many impotent misogynist basement dwellers love shitting on, along with women fans who’ve internalized said misogyny and pride themselves on being Exceptional Women ™.
    I’m just spit-balling here.

  12. says


    Wait…someone in the comments section of an article about Sailor Moon said that feminists should make their own superheroes? I admit, I’ve never seen Sailor Moon, but…I thought it was all about female superheroes? So, exactly what he said should happen? What?

    Either I’m missing some context or that person is so ignorant it hurts.

  13. Casey says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    Yeah, I think he just gleaned the first few paragraphs of the article lamenting the lack of female superheroes/no catering towards female superhero comic book fans in mainstream media and COMPLETELY IGNORED the rest of it which elaborated on why re-releasing Sailor Moon could be the shot in the arm the industry needs, just so he could cling desperately to a strawman argument. Granted, the other commenters and the author himself rightly dogpiled the troll and set him straight, but he should have been banned from commenting and had his remarks deleted…just to save passer-by from the stupid (that’s just my opinion, though).

  14. Quib says

    “Feminist-Whore Powers Activate!” sounds like it has potential as a response to trolls. Like maybe an intro to a routine that will continue to get across a message while denying direct attention to individuals whose only goals are getting attention and taking up space. (this is not a well thought out idea. not yet anyway) :Sailor Moon arm movements!:

    As for the actual topic, I don’t find myself to feel particularly offended at that one instance, however, it is very telling of attitudes in the gaming industry, and that does trouble me.

  15. says

    I.A. Scott: Apparently men don’t hold doors open for each other or compliment haircuts? I’VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG ALL MY LIFE AAAAAAAAAAH

    I’ve had men get DEEPLY offended when I held the door for them because they were carrying stuff and I had a hand free. This is unusual – most guys are practical enough to realize anything else would be terribly rude of me as a human being. But I’d say it’s 1 in 10.

    I really loved the “If only poor people understood proper nutrition” link. I just watched the DVD footage of Live Aid and extras over the past few days, then developed a staggering case of food poisoning, and all this REALLY got me thinking. What the Band Aid Trust was sending to Ethiopians was mainly sugar, flour, lentils and butter oil (to make “high energy biscuits”, one of which kept a child alive for a day – if you bought the Band Aid single, you bought 29 of these biscuits, BTW). Sounds horrible, right? But it was based on (a) what could be transported that distance without spoiling and (b) what starving bodies can actually work with. There was a bit where Geldof was trying to explain to Thatcher that Britain was destroying huge amounts of food such as butter to keep the market price up, and the destruction was not cheap, and Band Aid was happy to take it off their hands and give it to Ethiopians. She shook her head: butter wasn’t nutritious! He explained that butter oil was nutritious for them, particularly under the circumstances. No, no, she insisted, they were already sending a lot of food. I got the distinct impression she was in that mode where a person is offering ANY denial that pops into their heads, and if pressed long enough, will eventually insist the aliens wouldn’t allow it.

    It was so extremely depressing… and then here I was, violently ill, because I have the choice of eating really well, but the spoiled country I live in, which has the capacity to make sure all food is both nutritious and clean, can’t be bothered because there’s not enough profit in it.

    I heartily agree with the author. Make sure everyone has *access* to good food choices that are recognizable as food, and THEN take a look at the choices we all make. Except, I would add in, “Wait a few generations.” Because you form your eating habits and preferences when you’re too young to have much choice what you eat – you eat what you’re served. It takes at least one kid growing up and thinking, “Hmm, that all hot-dog diet I grew up with really isn’t quite the thing. I’m going to retrain myself to do better, and I’m going to do better for my kids” before you will see much change. This is a big part of privilege people ignore: when your formative years are spent in a way society considers “wrong”, you have extra obstacles to overcome from inside your own head.

  16. Sarah says


    They are probably the same people who hate Kaylee on Firefly and Lisa from a webcomic called Penny and Aggie. People think they represent the Manic Pixie Girl trope (not linking to TV Tropes but you can find it there) and find them horribly unrealistic and annoying what with their knowledge and cheerfulness (and yes, I know none of these characters are always cheerful but it’s an insult I’ve seen thrown).

  17. M.C. says


    Well, at least I can understand that someone might mistake Kaylee as a Manic Pixie Girl.
    But Claudia Donovan? Her intro episode was about her wanting to save her brother or getting revenge for his death if she can’t. That’s the complete opposite of the cheerful MPG who has no agenda of her own.

    And it’s not like Claudia’s getting in the way of someone’s OTP either, which is the most common reason for female characters to be hated in fandom – like Smallville, where there were fans of Lana, Chloe and Lois who all wanted their girl to get into Clark’s pants and bashed the other two.

  18. Azzy says


    Part of the reason might have been because she came across as a Mary-Sue. She’s got an angsty past! She’s got multi-colored hair! She’s smarter than Artie! She’s snarky and disrespectful to authority! She makes obnoxious, heavy-handed references to Internet memes! I can certainly see why she would annoy someone, because that’s why she annoyed me at first. But she grew as a character. She grew the most as a character out of anyone else in the cast, I think all the more for the fact that she came later in the season. She displayed flaws and vulnerabilities, which made her tolerable, and the willingness to overcome her mistakes, which made her likeable.

    Then there’s also the fact that towards the end of the first season, the family-like dynamic of the cast finally crystalized, and Claudia settled in her “little sister” role (I picture the Warehouse staff as a family, basically, with Artie as the put-upon father, Lena as the nurturing mother, Pete as the goofy older brother, Myka as the cool older sister, and Mrs. Franklin as the aloof matriarchal grandmother who drops in for a visit once in awhile, just to make sure everybody has their shirts tucked in and their hair properly combed… and I guess Steve is kind of like the orphaned cousin come to live with the family, though it isn’t clear at this point if he’ll last until the end of the season).

    Anyway, I don’t think many people gave Claudia a chance after her first episode. And I suspect at least part of the reason is because, not only did she cause problems for the other characters, but she upstaged Artie, and has since displayed much more ingenuity with technology than him. I met one person who thought it was “completely unrealisitic” that she would be able to make all these innovations the minute she walked in, but what he was forgetting was that Artie is shown to be very set in his ways and disinclined to make any updates, even necessary ones, to Warehouse equipment (one character joked that if fire were invented after Artie was born, he’d be firmly against it). Claudia, however, was an inventive young woman, a child genius with an active imagination and boundless energy–it makes perfect sense for her to start building and modifying all this stuff, if only to make amends in her own way for the trouble she caused.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual reason people hate her is because she’s a technological wiz, and that’s just too much of a breach of gender roles for some people.

    Um, that turned out a bit long-winded.

  19. M.C. says


    Um, that turned out a bit long-winded.

    But eloquent. 😉

    Anyway, you made me realise that I forgot the Mary Sue Factor: whenever a female character somewhat resembles a typical male hero she’s automatically labelled a Mary Sue. I’m sure if the term had been around in the 40ies then Wonder Woman would have been called a Mary Sue too, while Superman is just – well, Superman.

  20. Casey says

    I just remembered something about that Dead Island thing…since the character Purna is a woman of color, they unwittingly(?) played into an Angry Black Woman ™ stereotype with her misandrist schtick. Add to the fact that her back-story makes her distrust of men COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE (seriously, busting child molesters all the time? most of whom just so happen to usually be white, strait, well-to-do cis men IRL?) just makes the “Feminist Whore” title all the more galling.

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