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Signal Boost: Hyatt fires woman workers for objecting to sexual harassment.

Signal Boost:  Woman faces prison or forced marriage to rapist.

Amazon forgot about girl gamers for a second there.


Ginmar posts about everyday battles.

On the Lolita Myth

On food deserts

The Tea Party is destroying America… by endorsing food products.

From Red:


You heard about that Pixar film that starring a female lead as the

Well, they released a trailer!

Formally called ‘The Bow and the bear’. it’s now called ‘Brave’ and
is centered on Merida, a Scottish princess who breaks with tradition
to find her own way.

I’m really looking forward to this; not just cause it’s a girl hero
as the center figure,… but she’s a RED-HEAD! A red-headed princess!

Yes, I’m a red-head. We don’t have enough animated characters who are
red-heads and I’m thrilled to see a girl who’s a red-head get center

Looks up to Pixar standards, so I’m looking forward to it’s release
in June of next year!

Just thought you should know! :)


Here are some more red-heads.


More on slut-shaming and little girls.

On traveling while black/brown


  1. Casey says

    The GMP article was good but why is it that the comment section is always HORRIFIC and filled with MRAs and sick fucks who try to justify statutory rape? The article about sexual remarks in the workplace was no better, with people talking about how “I DON’T WANT TO CATER TO THE IDIOSYNCRASIES OF OTHER PEOPLE” and “I HAVE SEEN THE DAMAGE FEMINISTS HAVE WROUGHT IN THE WORKPLACE” and victim blame-y bullshit.

  2. says

    Hyatt: BOOOO.

    Dear Amazon: even Hollywood knows not to be THAT blatant about it.

    I wonder how many women throughout history, throughout the world, have ended up marrying their rapists either through force or social pressures that made them feel it was the right thing to do?

    Re: UC Davis. When is it ever the right tactic to pepper spray people who are sitting around? And were these even real cops, or campus “security”?

    The Lolita Myth: I… actually didn’t realize people needed it explained to them that, yes, young kids can flirt and initiate sexual encounters, but when they do this toward adults, the adults have an absolute responsibility not to engage in sexual activity with minors. I just kind of assumed, what with the enormous pressure on girls to be sexy, people could figure this out. Once again, my abyssmal “we’re all doomed” estimation of humanity proves too generous. I need chocolate. Or gin. Yes, gin.

    Yay Fort Sill, indeed! I hope they’re able to build their casino.

    Jeez. I love Florence’s Welch’s singing and musical style, and I’d never seen either vid before (just don’t watch them). I would like to say “I can’t imagine what she was thinking”, but given that a couple of songs on the debut album were about abusive relationships but didn’t feel born of the understanding that comes from actually having been in one, I can’t say this surprises me. It sounds like she has a bad case of unconscious privilege, like so many people. What’s sort of more worrying is how many people had to be involved in making this video, and apparently concluded this wouldn’t be problematic. I keep comparing this to the almost 30 yo vid for “Hungry Like the Wolf” – have we really not made any progress?

  3. Casey says

    Ginmar’s post was amazing..too bad it got de-railed by some asshole comparing having to raise an autisitc child with being in a warzone (said asshole was also ableist as shit, lamenting about how she so badly wanted her child to do NORMAL things instead of being “an Aspie who hand-flaps” or some such bile).

  4. SarahSyna says

    The Florence & The Machine video wouldn’t be so bad if even just some of the kids that catch her were black, or at least something other than white. ._.

    I think it might also have helped if it looked like the man himself had painted himself black (visible finger lines, thinned in some places, that kind of thing), making him a guy covered in black paint rather than a guy in blackface. If that makes any sense. I mean, I can see a guy into rituals and stabbing poppets coating himself in paint as part of the rituals. Granted, you’d still have the whole ‘Christianity is Saviour from Teh Evul Voodoo yay!’ thing, but at least one issue might be lessened.

    I do think they were going a ‘true black’ though, the kind of black that isn’t possible for human skin colour, but if that was the case, they really should have added some kind of highlight to it, like red or blue, to signify non-human.

    Godammit, Florence.

  5. Dina Bow says

    I do wish Pixar kept the female director. I would have liked to see what she would have done with the story. I have a feeling that the story was changed after she was fired because there is an emphasis on the fact that a female is being heroic, but hopefully thats just the trailers and not the actual movie.
    And the Lolita link sounds like a excuse for molesters to molest kids who weren’t acually being suductive.

  6. says

    SarahSyna: The Florence & The Machine video wouldn’t be so bad if even just some of the kids that catch her were black, or at least something other than white. ._.

    Yes! I think it was the contrast of the devlish black guy and the choir of little white saviors that really put it over the top. I hear what you’re saying about if he’d obviously somehow painted himself black, but that STILL would feed into the idea that white=good/light, dark=bad/no light, particular with “no light” as the name of the song. (Your highlight idea MIGHT have mitigated that, but it also might have muddied the message that “dark=bad”, which seems essential to the video, and seems to be to be the crux of the problem.)

    I think they were trying to make him look inhuman so as to avoid race comparisons, but like some commenters at the link pointed out, Britain was still doing blackface entertainment as recently as the late 80s or early 90s. And we still have preachers in this country insisting that African-American skin tones are the “mark of Cain” or some other explicit symbol of evil while they hustle their lily white darlings off to religious private schools so they won’t be tainted by the mixed race atmosphere of that godless desegregation thing. If privilege insulates one from being aware of all that stuff, then it seems reasonable that one could make a video in which a truly “black” (not black in the racial sense) character could represent evil and a bunch of pale skinned kids could represent good without pissing people right the fuck off. And one would be mistaken.

  7. SarahSyna says

    That’s not what I’m saying. I just think that if he’d been very clearly coded as non-human and the kids hadn’t all been white, the video wouldn’t have been quite so…. Icky. As it is, I’m really uncomfortable about liking the song because of the video.

    Well, I don’t know if it’s exactly privilege. Private schools aren’t really the done thing here in Ireland (unless convent schools count?), and we also have very few Mormons. I’m aware of such stuff existing and I find it repulsive, but I don’t see it much here.

  8. says


    Sorry, what exactly is not what you were saying? Because if you thought the “yous” in the second paragraph meant you personally, they were intended as the general “you”, and I’m sorry I was unclear. Will rephrase with “one”, because I was totally talking about Florence and the many people involved in making the video, because apparently none of them noticed this might be a problem, or they thought they had worked around it because they didn’t know better, or if any of them DID think it problematic, they got shouted down.

  9. Finbarr Ryan says

    re: the assassin’s creed link

    ‘“Can’t redeem your code because the item only fits a male avatar. Your avatar is female. You may want to share this code with a friend who has a male avatar.”’

    sooo… at some point someone was told, ‘hey, we’d better program in this message in case a woman tries to download this item,’ and NOBODY reacted with a, ‘heeey, wait a minute…’ jesus christ.

  10. says

    Finbarr Ryan,

    This was my favorite part:

    The biggest kicker may be that the item in question, Ezio’s cloak, is actually available as a female avatar costume option to buy and wear from the avatar marketplace. So why the male-only download Amazon?

    So not only did Amazon sit down and program in a No Girls Allowed message, it was avoidable!

  11. Raeka says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    As a programmer, I just want to say that the error message was probably already in the code.
    The real mistake in the gifting program was forgetting to put in some sort of check on the user’s gender to award the correctly gendered item. Still a stupid mistake, but it was a mistake of omission, rather than something people put effort into.

  12. says


    If I’m understanding correctly, there WAS no correctly gendered item for female avatars. Only players with male avatars got something; everybody else could go jump in a lake. So, that’s a pretty big error of omission, and if it didn’t even occur to people that it was unfair, then they might as well have put effort into excluding people, because the results are certainly worthy of it.

  13. says


    Hunh. The way it was phrased made me think this error message only popped up for this particular giveaway code.

    Still, I wouldn’t characterize Amazon’s actions as only of omission. They had to sit down and select an item to be the giveaway. I’d say that the act of selection is active, not passive, no matter what (or how brief) the thought processes that went into the decision were. And in this selection, it just so happens that they 1) picked an item that only fit half the characters with no corresponding item for the other half*, which is bad business and 2) picked an item that fits male characters instead of female, which is sexist.

    * I’m assuming Assassin’s Creed, like most video games, only has two genders.

  14. Raeka says

    Jennifer Kesler,
    Sylvia Sybil quoted this in an earlier post:

    The biggest kicker may be that the item in question, Ezio’s cloak, is actually available as a female avatar costume option to buy and wear from the avatar marketplace. So why the male-only download Amazon?

    Sylvia Sybil,
    It’s certainly possible they added this separate error message just for this promotion, but that would be such a terrible way of writing code that I think it’s just a generic one.

    And I believe you’re right in ‘the act of selection is active, not passive’, but the idea hasn’t quite clicked yet in my head somehow. I’m going to go percolate on it : P

  15. S.L. says

    Actually, Pixar uses red hair on their characters a great deal. Pixar seems to default to red or reddish hair on most of their characters and 5 of their last female characters have had red hair. Ellie (Up), Darla (Finding Nemo), Jessie (Toy Story 1-3), Elastigirl (Incredibles), Mary (Wall-E) and finally Merida (Brave). And these are only the females, numerous lead male characters (Linguini) and Villains (Syndrome) and an overwhelming number of extras in Pixar films (most of the city inhabitants of ‘UP’) have red hair.

    And that’s only Pixar. Penny (bolt), Sam (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and Ashley (Lorax, out next year) are three more red-headed females just off the top of my head.

  16. Clay Mechanic says

    I paid a visit to the XBox Avatar Marketplace for Assassin’s Creed Revelations:

    What’s wrong here?
    (1) XBox Avatars have to have a gender.
    (2) Avatars can only wear clothing appropriate to their gender.
    (3) Availability is illustrated with little symbols based on hair. Males have no hair (implying that being male is a default) and face right (associated with going forward in countries where we read left to right.) The symbols are also a usability disaster – very similar, and they can be mixed up across rows.
    (4) When an item is available for both genders, it’s often split into two for no apparent reason. Yes, I can see it’s a different shape, but that shouldn’t stop them serving up the appropriate model for your avatar.
    (4) While Assassin’s Creed Revelations has 16 items for each gender, in total avatar items are biased towards males. As I write this, female avatars can choose from 3,575 items, while males have 4,286. So this problem goes way beyond Ubisoft or Amazon.

    No question, Hoodwinked! doesn’t get enough credit.
    (1) The most important relationship is between two women (Red and her grandmother).
    (2) It explicitly rejects the common notion is children’s media that talking creatures are good/evil due to their species.
    (3) It explores issues of ageism in all the depth a children’s comedy can afford to.

    Unfortunately the people who wrote the sequel didn’t understand what was so brilliant about the original. Cory Edwards, the writer for the original Hoodwinked!, has also commented on efforts to make another project he was writing for – the Fraggle Rock Movie – “edgy”.

    This need to be “edgy” is yet another symptom of the boys’ club in charge of producing movies in the US (and often in other English-speaking countries.) Their influence extends to Brave – did there have to be a kilt joke in the trailer? It looks good apart from that.

  17. Patrick McGraw says

    The redhead list was conspicuously missing a lot of comic book and cartoon superheroes. The DC Animated Universe alone gives us the Flash, Hawkgirl, Batgirl, the Question, Lex Luthor (okay, only technically a redhead), Giganta, Lana Lang, the list goes on…

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