Links of Great Interest: BOOM, baby.

On thigh gaps and thinspo.unbelievable facts

One of the best follow ups to a TED talk.


Diocese says: No girls allowed!!

I pretty much agree with all of this, and share the Sansa love.

Sports Illustrated is all about boobies and low self esteem.

Y’all, the LoGI email is BACK in BUSINESS. For this week, we have submissions from:

Alex, who writes:

I already saw an analysis of the misogyny of this video somewhere
else, but it seems like something this site would be eager to talk

Spartakos, who wants to highlight a PM who takes no shit, and also sends in this message:

Just discovered Macklemore, don’t know if you’ve featured any of his
stuff on Thursday Interruption…but “Same Love” made me cry.

and “Remember High School” also has an interesting comment on gender
roles in society.


LuvianBlue who writes:

An interesting article about one woman’s journey of losing faith in
the Pro-Life movement and becoming Pro-Choice.
Amy, who writes:

Boys bake too!

Amy also sent in a link about a woman who has survived an attempted honor killing.

From Claudia:

I wanted to draw your attention to the ‘Everyday Sexism‘ website
. I don’t know if you’ve previously come across this website but I thought it might usefully illustrate what itis like being female in today’s society.



  1. sbg says

    I had no idea the thigh gap thing was even a thing. It’s … wow. I remember thinking when I was younger that I wanted to have space there for the sole reason my shorts not riding up when I walked. Because that ain’t cute. It had nothing to do with a burning need to look the “right” way. Hmmm.

  2. Maria says


    Really? I’ve always heard about it in terms of chub rub (only fatties have thighs that touch!!) and the fetishization of Asian women as delicate/skinny/childlike.

  3. sbg says


    It might be a generational thing? I will say I really don’t remember any of my friends in high school or college being really caught up in body image all that much, except for me, so it might also just be luck of the draw for me. It wasn’t until well into my adulthood that I started having acquaintances with whom conversation ultimately ends up being about how much weight has to come off before happiness is achieved.

    I’ll probably go to my grave baffled by the “ideal female form”, just who it is who decides this nonsense, and why anyone bothers to take any of it to heart.

  4. says

    sbg: I had no idea the thigh gap thing was even a thing.

    Nor did I. And let’s none of us give our exact ages in dated comments, since this was until recently a great way for hackers to find your logins from companies like Amazon and Apple (ahem), but I’ll say I was a kid in the 80s. I think I was pretty aware of various body obsessions. I did wish my thighs wouldn’t rub so vigorously together because of things like loud corduroy and shorts that rode up, but I wasn’t even aware you could actually have thighs that didn’t touch at all when walking. Whenever I’ve seen that, I assumed it was a special runway walk or something.

    Some notes on the pro-life to pro-choice journey:

    I was raised in the sort of evangelical family where abortion is the number one political issue.

    See? Why is abortion #1? I point this out because the Bible is entirely mute on the subject. You would expect something like gay rights to be the #1 political issue because at least it does get mentioned. But no. Abortion is tops, and that says a lot: that many Christians understand their religion to be fundamentally misogynistic.

    But the really important thing about the article is that she realized exactly what we’ve been talking about: the goal of the pro-life movement is NOT to save fetal life, because abortions continue at the same rate after being legally banned. The way to save fetal life is to empower women financially, domestically and in terms of health. Banning abortion merely ensures that a number of women will die along with their fetuses. It’s a punishment, not a life-saver.

    And then she discovers something I didn’t even know: not only does the pill NOT cause fertilized eggs to get flushed out, but it actually PREVENTS the natural bodily tendency to flush out something like 16-18% of all fertilized eggs just in the course of typical biological functioning. So, using the pill while having sex with men causes you to abort FEWER fertilized eggs than if you weren’t on the pill. It actually creates an embarrassing problem for the pro-life movement: by their own reckoning, God is either an abortionist or He just make a big mistake. (A Christian not bound by the pro-life movement’s lies and obfuscation of all good sense could of course reach a variety of more charitable explanations for God’s role in this.)

    This is an article for bookmarking. Even if you continue to believe that a zygote is a human, it will help you find a more consistent outlook in your approach to saving them. The pro-life movement is emphatically NOT about saving “babies” and not about science and not about saving life. It is absolutely about punishing women. If you want to save fetuses, pro-life is not the right team to side with.

  5. sbg says


    I’m a hundred and forty two. 😉

    I meant generational as in … things like this seem to happen at the speed of light these days. More hyperbole! Just: someone only 5-10 years younger or older than you (general you) are can have had vastly different touchstones, primarily because the speed at which we can communicate this kind of thing is really off the charts compared to the age when it would have impacted me the most.

  6. Amy McCabe says

    I don’t get the hate for teen and young women in media. I mean girls don’t get that hate. Women do, but not to the same level (unless they break the girl code in certain ways) but the vitriol for teens and young women is breath-taking. I’m a fan of Castle and she too gets some intense fandom hate. It seems like all females of that “girls turning into women” age group get really harsh treatment.

  7. sbg says

    Amy McCabe,

    *sputters some more* I’m not a hardcore fan of the show or anything, but I always got the impression Alexis was a fantastic role model for girls of her age. Perhaps occasionally too perfect, but they’ve shown her make stupid teenage decisions and her fallibility.

    People suck.

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