Links of Great Interest: Everybody wanna have a good time

Signal Boost: Stop the unemployment penalty for student loans!

BEST post on parenting I’ve seen in a while

You need a hottie to be president.

The pictures behind Loving v. Virginia.

Half of all abortions are unsafe

I found this a deeply profound post on the politics of emotion

Towards decolonization

Some advice from Jim Butcher on writing

Alternative families in SF/F

Abortion doulas

This 101 year old woman STILL can’t go home

The State of Black SF

Another open letter to Newt

RED TAILS PARIAH RED TAILS PARIAH — what’s at stake in black cinema today

The state of incarceration in America

This quote:

I think the problem is that most modern college students experience sex as liberating, and they don’t want to think about the constraints on sexuality or even the sexual abuse that was a much more widespread experience of most people transhistorically, even in the present.

made me think of the response to this post.

Cat killed by murderous Rethuglicans. <– TRIGGER WARNING FOR IMAGES

A recasting of Once Upon a Time

This just in! Pretentious nostalgia –> WIN!

Check out this new FOX series — thoughts?

Interesting article on Western sexual revolutions

The Feminist Bride film review archive even has a review for Timer which I thought only I’d seen.

Oh, Sara.


  1. says

    I absolutely loved Glennon Melton’s article. Sums up parenting better than anything. And while I don’t have anyone saying to me the things they said to her (probably because I’m a man), every time I hear Trace Adkin’s song “You’re Gonna Miss This”, I want to punch someone in the throat.

    That piece on alternative families in sci-fi was very interesting. I particularly like how some of them take the (IMO) obvious solution to the whole “love triangle dilemma”, namely…have both! :)
    Also, I can’t believe they mentioned the incredibly creepy Lazarus Long as an example of Heinlein’s alternate families, but NOT the much more acceptable (to me) and sociologically interesting line marriage of the Davis family from “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”.
    I’d also like to put in a word for F.M. Busby’s Rissa Kerguelen novels…the Hulzein family is a dynasty run by parthenogenically reproducing women, who bring occasional males in to provide some variety to the gene pool.

    • Maria says

      I don’t think they mentioned Suzy Charnas’ Holdfast Chronicles either, which has tribes of parthogenetic women warriors who co-parent and share-mother, contrasted to a society where babies are raised in either pits (girls) or in boarding school-like settings (boys) and neither group is allowed to know their parents.

  2. Casey says

    The emotional justice article was AMAZING. I can’t really articulate anything beyond that it really spoke to the things I’ve been dealing with for a long, long time.

    I liked Glennon Melton’s article, but the way she described her kid’s “smooth brownish skin and asian-ish eyes” made me give the side-eye a little.

    Historiann’s article was interesting and I don’t think I’ll ever NOT be annoyed by students complaining that “a decent amount of women-authored textbooks = BIASED!” and “acknowledging that women were treated like shit for most of history = TOO FEMINIST!!”

    BTW, the “Half of all Abortions are Unsafe” article isn’t there. :(

  3. Maria says


    Casey, please remember to use the contact link, instead of clogging the thread with admin stuff.

    Anyways, the link’s been taken down by the site.

  4. says

    Loving that alternate families link! And yeah, the family in Splice is a little…weird. Even before the revelation at the end. I actually really liked that movie as a story of family dysfunction. The fact that their bio-engineered daughter had no vocal cords and could only communicate through writing seemed definitely meaningful.

    Love triangles/polyamory certainly seem to be among the most popular alternate family structure, don’t they? Wen Spencer’s written a few as the stars and they’re supporting characters in Tanya Huff’s, Lois McMaster Bujold’s, and Mercedes Lackey’s works.

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