1. sbg says

    OMG, I laughed so hard at the farting link. Beautiful. I mean, I know logically no one gives a damn about what I look like as I’m working out (beet red almost instantly, so by the end I look like I’m gonna die on the spot even if I’m only exercising moderately and feel awesome), but I cannot overcome my self-consciousness.

  2. says

    As a parrot enthusiast, I have to laugh (kindly) at the Watson team because, yeah, that’s why you don’t let a parrot learn dirty words. Parrots are said to perform linguistically at the level of 5-6 year old humans, and young kids also struggle to grasp why certain things are okay in one context but not another, or okay for you to say but not for them. And who can blame them? A lot of our “contexts” are based on rather abstract social concepts that may or may not have ever had any validity. So we can either look at it as Watson being on the level of a parrot/child on abstract concepts like context… or we could look at it as the researchers being on the same level as parents in trying to explain to kids why context means something. 😉

    The tolerance link is awesome. It really feels like the world is starting a shift in which the rights of haters are less valued than the rights of the hated to just exist peacefully and go about their business. I’ve been saying for years: all we need is for the general populace to start singling out haters and narcissists as “people who need to be shunned” because they don’t want to function in society, instead of singling out people who are just different, but *want* to function in society.

    On an interesting note, this would never happen in L.A., sadly. People often ignore haters, but no one will say anything, because hey, they are just as valuable as anyone else, right? Except not. Angelinos grasp that tolerance is about everyone getting along, but they don’t grasp that people with an inherently anti-social agenda simply cannot be included… and in fact, that shunning them might motivate them to change their ways. It’s one of the many things that makes this a shitty place to live.

  3. sbg says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    I start when the word purity is used. Like not having sex is the bastion of cleanliness, which of course means if you choose to have it or do succumb to the pressures put upon you – you are dirty. You are impure. You are wrong and bad and all sorts of terrible things.

    I’d probably get behind the teenage girl’s business venture if it involved some kind of cock-punching device to use on the boys pressuring girls into sex, but I’m violent like that. Every time he says, “come on, baby, I love you, don’t you love me?”, BAM, right where it hurts. Maybe someday the stimulus/response will become part of the male genetic memory. (I jest.)

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