Links of Great Interest: Hooray for J&D!

Just got this message from J&D:

J&D Contributors,

We did it. You may not remember, but in a message I sent all of you back in November/December, I said that J&D was aiming to reach 300 students this year. With your help, we did just that–315, to be exact.

This is a thank you message, plain and simple. Thank you for contributing to J&D. Your donations helped the program reach each and every one of these students at a time when schools are cutting not only arts education, but even social studies at the elementary level. As such, J&D is filling a void in our public education system. It is promoting and preserving our American culture not just through an appreciation of jazz–our nation’s classical music–but also by having children view our system of government and their very lives through the lens of this most democratic art forms–a unique approach, to be certain.

J&D is special, and you are special to its existence and success. Thank you for supporting a program that seeks to not only broaden students’ minds academically, but also expand their ability to see and analyze the world in new and profound ways.

And now for a little lagniappe. A recent interview aired last night on KALW 91.7FM San Francisco that asks the question, “What does jazz have to do with democracy?” You can find some answers here:

Onward and upward.

How to confront people about being an asshole.

Yeeeeeeees. SF erotica!

A tragic love story. Here’s another.

Mitt Romney is a jerk, and was a bully.

I hate the stereotype of the “crazy” ex-wife.

The abortion that Mitt Romney wants you to forget.

Why I hate Mother’s Day. (At least for me, it’s not my favorite holiday because no one remembers its anti-war roots)

Watch for allergens in your make up, peeps! I recently had a bad allergic reaction to these, which were not clearly labelled at my drug store. :(

I can’t believe this Firefly scene was cut.

Public employees donate time to allow a colleague to mourn.

Marissa Alexander sentenced.

Help your friends get benefits!

This just in! Black people are sensitive about race!!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. 

Keeping a vegan vagina happy and healthy.

Submit to Futuredaze!

How to stop being a pinterest sexist

An artist documents her grief.


  1. Amy McCabe says

    Here’s another Firefly scene they cut from this episode. It works so well with the fight scene beforehand, particular given how Mal kisses his cross before going into battle against the last line in the cut scene (hope the embed code works here).

    We have a lot of assholes at my work right now. I’m not sure what to do because reporting their behavior hasn’t given use any results and the steps in the article…well things are generally beyond that.

  2. says

    Well, thank goodness I brought my rage with me this week. Lord have mercy.

    So, multiple people remember Mitt Romney restraining a boy and cutting off his hair in a terrifying and violent sort of way, and multiple people recall him playing “pranks” on a teacher with severely diminished eyesight – like, tricking him into walking into doors. Those are not the silly stupid things people do in high school. Those are acts of hate.

    Angela Corey is totally ignorant about psychology. Why are people allowed to practice law in any capacity when everything they know about human behavior came from soap operas? The picture she paints of Marissa Alexander is one of a victim, and anyone who’s even read a few pop psychology books on abuse would recognize that, but she thinks she’s describing a criminal. Everyone involved in putting Marissa Alexander in jail? I hope you have a really shitty 20 years. I hope the universe works like that.

    Re: black people being sensitive about race. Wow, she summed that up beautifully. We’re pretty much all sensitive about being made aware that people see us as lesser beings. Ever heard the ear-numbing whine of a young white hetero able-bodied guy of means who’s just been totally ignored by a woman he wants to bed, because she prefers a richer or better looking white hetero able-bodied guy of means? Yeah. How dare anyone question the sensitivity level of a group that’s got hate groups organized against it before questioning the sensitivity level of those young white guys who can’t attain every sexual encounter they would like to have.

    Re: Mother’s Day. Great reads, both of those! I didn’t know the anti-war roots, either – how sad it’s come to just a Hallmark holiday. It’s interesting – I’ve never felt excluded on Mother’s Day because I was always celebrating my mom, who has done so much for me. And maybe because I live in L.A. where there are so many single and childfree people, I’m oblivious to the stereotype that non-parents can’t love unconditionally. But what a bunch of horseshit. The ability to love unconditionally is based on empathy, which develops between the ages of eighteen months and four years… except when it doesn’t develop at all. So our capacity for love is decided long before puberty.

  3. Patrick McGraw says

    Mitt Romney is a jerk, and was a bully.

    I don’t see that he ever stopped being a bully. “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me,” after all. He still enjoys reminding his “lessers” of their place.

  4. says

    In the Firefly video, I was distracted by their e-reader. It looks like a Kindle, five years before the Kindle was released! But then he had to plug in the book and whoops, so close.

    I am so, so proud of the public employees who donated their time for Trayvon’s mom. Considering the media attention this case is getting, I should think she’d be overwhelmed on top of her grief, so it’s good she can take some time off work and put her focus elsewhere.

    Mitt Romney IS a bully (unless you want to use even stronger words for him), and my theories on why this isn’t more widely recognized vacillate between “the American public is so ignorant of abuse dynamics they can’t see it” and “some people do recognize it, but keep quiet because they want more Republican/Tea Party bullies in power”.

    LOVE the Pinterest article. Especially their point about “even though” versus “because of”. The internet, with its ease of collecting data and ease of getting exactly what you want, is challenging old conceptions about who should be advertised/pandered to, and some people can’t adapt to that. Too bad, so sad. I’d get you some smelling salts for your manly hysterics but I’m too busy getting work done.

    Also, in the “why women rule the internet article” the Pinterest article linked to, this quote jumped out at me: According to Yelp, while half of their traffic is male, the majority of contributors and ecommerce purchasers are female. Because I think that says something important about the internet’s power dynamics, too. I remember here on Hathor there was a discussion of blogging being unpaid feminine labor (around the time you put up the donate button, maybe?) and that discussion challenged me to re-evaluate some things. So I think this tidbit about women doing work that both men and women profit from is…interesting. Like housework. The woman washes the dishes because she needs clean dishes, and the man doesn’t because he knows the woman will.

  5. SunlessNick says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    Re: black people being sensitive about race. Wow, she summed that up beautifully.

    Maybe “sensitive about race” should be replaced with “sentient about race.”

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