Links of Great Interest: I MOVE THE STARS FOR NO ONE.

BAMF: Wonder Woman as a Chicana.

A tumblr teen needs help.

A critique of Occupy Wall Street.

A woman responds to Reddit’s mockery.

Queer mythology for the win!

The daughter in this story is utter class.

MAJOR SIGNAL BOOST: Help these researchers flesh out an under-researched portion of American history.

This is actually pretty radical: prosecutors in the Bronx refuse to acknowledge frisk and release.

Best brother ever.

“Can we please stop victim blaming?”

Pink talks breast feeding.

Romney hates teachers.

Body policing /= fat shaming.

Art in tribute of the women of Arab Spring.

Michelle Obama and the black women’s club movement.



  1. says

    Re: Occupy. It’s really saddening that they want to exclude homeless people and don’t even get the irony of that. On one hand, I want to say this is a common human psychological glitch. OTOH, I remember being taught as a kid that other people had it worse than I did in many ways, and Jesus would want me to treat them like human beings. So, given that I knew better not from psychology but from the dominant religion in our society, I don’t think I can cut these assholes any slack.

    The woman responding to Reddit mockery is awesome! She turned it into a chance to be a real ambassador for her faith by living her beliefs and showing how well-adjusted they make her.

    Not NEARLY enough is understood about the Chinese rail workers. I know I don’t understand enough about it.

    Good for the Bronx DAs! I’m actually pretty surprised at this, but very pleased!

    Don’t read the comments on the victim blaming article. Apparently, the REAL tragedy is that when a man gets beaten up while walking in the dark, we don’t give it as much media scrutiny.

    Romney is less than a douchebag. I’d rather have an actual douchebag for president.

  2. eldritchMortician says

    I don’t understand how the Tumblr teen and her siblings haven’t been removed from the home due to neglect.

  3. says


    I also wonder how one can ever begin to distinguish a real plea for help from someone faking it just to get money. It sounds genuine, and I’m sure it’s similar to many people’s stories, but I’m sure a lot of people could write something as persuasive.

    In any case, sending money isn’t enough. This is going to continue as long as both parents remain dysfunctional – they’ll just need more and more money to pay the bills that keep coming. Getting the abusive father out might help the mother begin to overcome her depression, but overcoming depression takes time. Even if the mother was ready to go to work immediately, who’s going to look after the kids? Either the other kids have to take on that responsibility, which isn’t really what they need with all their school responsibilities and so on, or…?

  4. says

    Re “stop and frisk”, how horrifying is it to call the related program “clean halls”? Because what the cops are removing isn’t drugs or weapons or actual garbage, but human beings. Are they saying these people are making the halls dirty just by their presence? Becausethat’s what it sounds like. And that’s horribly dehumanizing. Also, the noise about “sharing a doorman level sense of security”is just ridiculous, because one of the biggest senses of security enjoyed in a doorman building is not being arrested just for being there. I’m glad the DA’s will not being moving forward with that policy and I hope they continue to stand up for that.

  5. says

    Sylvia Sybil, you’re right, that is what it sounds like. And it goes along with “cleaning up the streets” which doesn’t mean just getting rid of criminal activity, but getting rid of homeless people and others who strike somebody as “undesirable”.

  6. eldritchMortician says

    On the tumblr teen…

    *nods* I hate that my first reaction tends to be suspicion, but there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there. And as you point out, sending money is putting a bandaid on a gut wound :/ I know things don’t always work like they’re supposed to, but no food/water/heat *is* grounds for removal of children from the home due to neglect in most states. That too is a sub-optimal solution, but I don’t see what else could be done…

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