Links of Great Interest: My triumphant return!

This is a fantastic discussion of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Here’s a set of resources designed to amp up your activist life online.

The BP disaster is still effecting the environment.

Your breastspublic space. Particularly when walking while brown.

“Forcible rape?” Whut. And this article, my god, deals grief, rape, and children. The ending is a killer.

Why “just fire your doctor!” is a classist statement.

Why did this woman get arrested?

An easy way to talk about the “distress” of the privileged.

Woman intervenes in a beating.

An exploration of the problem of Susan.

It’s more dangerous to be an abortion provider now that before Roe w. Wade.

I’m still really thinking about this post on the ugly side of recycling.

Woman shots and decapitates rapist.

A breakdown of the problematic politics of Easy A.

Looking for an alternative to the Boy Scouts?




  1. Red says

    The woman who decapitates her rapist… damn.

    You KNOW that there will be women all over the Middle East who will see this and feel, dare I say… EMPOWERED to strike back at their attackers. Leading to copy-cat acts of women who ‘reclaim their honor’ by killing the man responsible for ripping it from them. Wrong as it was, the law would not have protected her; in fact it would have worked against her.

    So if those countries don’t want to see piles of heads from rapists in their city squares, they BETTER start shaping up. Starting with laws that actively PROTECT victims of rape and completely punish the rapist and encourage women to come forward with their attacks.

    Also, the headlines this is getting puts rapists on notice; they could end up like THAT guy.

  2. says

    The Maria Meacham story (“Why did this woman get arrested?”) is terrifying. If we can’t say something in a building we paid for to the representatives whose salaries we pay, then we don’t have a democracy anymore. And OMG I’m as burned up as she was about it being a $180/month raise for soldiers. Jesus Christ, what kind of a person can PROUDLY deny them that? It’s disgusting enough to argue against raising combat pay, period. It’s another thing to act like it’s all a big game and haha you won.

    While two wrongs don’t make a right, sometimes they do make a fucking good point, and the woman who decapitated her rapist – yep, that. If you set the rules so violence can destroy honor, then it’s sensible and just for her to assume violence can restore honor.

    Red: So if those countries don’t want to see piles of heads from rapists in their city squares, they BETTER start shaping up.

    I’m with you on this in general, but I’m going to nitpick “those countries.” Rape culture punishes American women and girls in some pretty ferocious ways, so pointing fingers at “those countries” is ike saying our rape culture is a bit more civilized than their rape culture. Even if you could objectively argue that – and I don’t think you can – NO country deserves to think of itself as civilized until it actively starts eradicating its rape culture.

    I’ve wondered about that with recycling – it’s hard enough for a conscientious person to always get it right (this bin, that bin, trash only…). It’s partly ignorance, but it’s also that some people just can’t be bothered. I don’t think you can change that. But I do think this is an industry in its infancy, and we’ll eventually figure out how to work around lazy sods.

  3. Deborah Bell says

    You know, that “fire your doctor” has never sat right with me. I couldn’t put into words why, but that article made it clearer (even though my most recent insurance company allowed self referring to specialists and didn’t have, so far as I knew, any limits on changing PCP).

  4. says

    There’s several great alternatives to the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts. There’s also the Spiral Scouts, which was originally created for the neo-pagan community, but is now intended to provide an inclusive co-ed scouting experience that is safe for scouts of all religions, all sexual and gender orientations, etc. I’m sure there’s other good scouting alternatives that I have not heard of, too.

  5. says

    I just read the story about the woman who intervened in a beating and… holy fuck. We are all so scared to do that, and understandably so in some cases, but it creates an atmosphere where people feel less inhibited about violence. Sometimes all it takes is even an attempt to intervene, and assailants suddenly realize they’re being witnessed and this might not go so well for them. Of course, that doesn’t stop everyone, which is why I’m not advocating we all individually do what this woman did – she could have been killed.

    No – I’m advocating that we all COLLECTIVELY do what this woman did. When there’s a crowd watching something like this go down, the assailants can’t beat off the whole crowd even if they’re amped up enough to try.

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