Links of Great Interest: NO ME DIGAS!

Dash is pretty amazing.

Why Hillary Clinton is kind of awesome.

Ikea regrets editing women out of its catalog.

A review of 50 Shades of Gray.

Black people are everywhen.

Oh, Princess Leia, the one princess I love.

Bush’s secret speech is super sketchy.

The War on Women never ended.

The Diamond Age…┬áhad some useful bits actually.

Getting an abortion in a Red State.

A guide to the queer teen stars of YouTube.

BAMF. A community rallies around a brave girl.

There’s a special place in hell for these people who refused to help her.

Con planning FAIL.

A cultural history of mansplaining.

Dear Scott Brown…

Street harassment: Still a problem.

Not a sex scandal teen.

DV on the rise in LGBT communities.

Dress up as a body bag next Halloween.


P!nk calls herself an honorary lesbian.

Mittens’ attacks on PBS have been “stunning

I love using this pic as a teaching moment for rape culture.



  1. says

    Love the ivory bangle lady – and since she predates King Arthur, anyone who wants to whine about Black people or people of color in European history can educate themselves on facts, not whitewashed opinions.

    I saw a follow up to that Ory Con / autism thing that said Ory Con “cancelled” the panel, then held it anyway. So there’s that bullshit, too.

    That costume looks nothing like a body bag. I mean, the description is offensive but it doesn’t look like the costume being described at all. It’s like reading an ad for a “battered housewife” costume and the image shows Sexy June Cleaver. I just don’t get how the connection is apparent to anyone but the creator.

    I’ve heard that story about the two little Black boys dying a couple of times before, but every time it gains more horrifying details. The whole thing is reprehensible. Is there anyway her neighbors can be prosecuted – isn’t “willful negligence” one of the ways to commit murder? It won’t bring the babies back but maybe closure to the family and/or a signal to the rest of the country.

    I was ready to get pissed off at Pink but reading the article it’s not as bad as it sounds – she has dated women and was outted as bisexual, despite not identifying as such. This is actually getting into the politics of biphobia in LGBT+ communities and the politics of identity policing. If a woman whose behavior indicates bisexuality would prefer to identify as an “honorary lesbian”, I don’t see the problem with her.

    Great article on the kissing sailor photo.

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