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Mitt Romney is a crazy mofo.

31 states allow rapists CUSTODY.

The Royal Shakespeare Company is failing at life.

Why are super heroines more likely to star in porns?

A petition about Reddit.

US soldiers raped an Okinawan woman.

Keep it classy, GOP.

“If I am, indeed, a feminist, I am a rather bad one.”

Way to lie to Spanish speaking voters!

My personal experiences with having strangers take my pic without my consent is deeply tied to my experiences of street harassment.

An awesome guy talks about breast feeding.


  1. facebook_patrick.mcgraw.7 says

    I’m not at all surprised that the superhero porn parodies feature more female superheroes than the official live-action adaptations. It’s right in line with how mainstream porn features a much broader range of women’s body types than Hollywood does. And, as noted in the article, is far more likely to pass the Bechdel Test. And has a higher percentage of female directors.

    Hollywood makes the porn industry look progressive and egalitarian.

  2. says

    OH YES!!! Update on the GOP election tampering link – there’s been an arrest, and he’s officially GOP. Love it. I want to see this party in tatters.

    Love the link on rapists seeking custody. This is such a huge problem, but the mainstream press isn’t bothering with it.

    Romney’s arrogance and lack of compassion, I can chalk up to his enormous unchecked privilege that he’s had since birth. But the way he flip flops, as if he thinks none of us are smart enough to notice, is just plain weird. It really does feel like some kind of delusional thinking there. And yes, before anyone asks, that’s classic NPD. I’m not remotely saying he has it because I’m in no way qualified or positioned to do so. But it’s the flip-flopping that makes me think there’s something going on in his head that privilege doesn’t explain.

    Good grief, the last three links are so disturbing. I never thought I’d be saying this, but… go Daily Mail.

  3. says

    I hope more and more people see the article about rapists and custody, and that it gets more attention. I think the problem is that a lot of people are simply ignorant of how custody laws are really screwed up. My wife was astonished and appalled to find out that rapists even HAVE parental rights.

    GOP voter fraud thing is, sadly, not surprising. For extra irony, the GOP are usually the ones hollering about voter fraud.

    I absolutely loved the feminist article by Roxane Gay. Not trying to make it about me (as I understand how what she says largely speaks to the weird position so many women find themselves in), but a lot of it is very applicable to allies as well. I often think of myself as a pretty bad ally, even though (I like to think) I have good intentions.

    Breast feeding article was awesome. I was expecting something about the uproar over women breastfeeding in public (which I think is an important issue as well), but this was great.

    Mitt Romney…I have no words. They guy is mentally disturbed. I have taken it for granted that all politicians lie to some extent, but the casual and outrageous way that Romney lies (often about things that aren’t even important!) is just mind-boggling.

  4. says

    I also think most Americans just don’t know rapists can have parental rights. But you know what? Lawmakers must. One of the loudest cries about custody is that fathers are always getting screwed. Now, every group is going to get occasionally screwed in court because our system is far from perfect. But from reading these guys in forums, by far the majority are way more concerned about what the mother is doing to them than about the things a loving father would ache over: missing the precious moments with the kids, not knowing the little details of their kids’ lives anymore, etc. No, it’s all about Bitch Done Me Wrong, Court Let Her, Getting Gun Soon. And that suggests to me that most of this wronging of fathers that lawmakers are so sympathetic to is not actually wronging at all – most of these guys sound like they really shouldn’t be around anyone’s kids ever, and they’re not doing favors to the fathers who really have gotten unfair outcomes in court.

    But they get legal support. Rape victims get treated like criminals. Yes, mothers, even if your husband is likely to rape your child, the very worst thing you could do as a human being would be to deny him visitation, you selfish vindictive bitch (because the only reason she could possibly be doing it is out of spite).

    And the way you describe Romney’s lies? That’s just it. Even some really not-so-savvy liars realize that if they contradict *themselves*, people are going to notice and doubt them. Trial lawyers love the phrase “Were you lying then, or are you lying now?” Romney seems to have no idea, and this suggests the donut I just ate has more ability to process social cues than he has. But it’s worse than that – for example, people with autism struggle with social cues, but they understand the concept that they can’t contradict themselves without losing credibility. When a reasonably intelligent person like Romney just can’t grasp something like that, it’s because a delusion is blocking him from understanding it.

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