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Uhhh. WTF. These links may be especially triggering because they involve mutilation and sexual assault.  I don’t even KNOW. [ETA: I’m moving the ones in question further down so they don’t appear as excerpts on the front page.]

More on steampunk with POC. <3

Deborah Flanagan sounds like an AMAZING teacher!!

From Unas:

Prime example of male-centred thinking in the games industry. Call of Duty: Black Ops special outfits only works/worked for male avatars on Xbox Live / PS Home.

Chinese-Canadians and First Nations peoples: 150 yrs of shared history  😀 😀  ULTIMATE ARCHIVAL JOY 😀 😀

A woman went in to get some minor surgery. She left without her genitalia. The doctor in question has… a history of misogyny. I guess that’s the delicate way to put it. :( :( :(

To “punish” her for the car accident that killed her mother, a man began raping his teenaged daughter.

From the Other Patrick:

Women and LOTR

Elastigirl 4eva!!!

Twitter as a site of political activism? Neat! The only thing I’d add to this article about #ihadanabortion would be that this is especially powerful given that tweets are part of our national history, and that normally  a history of elites wouldn’t include stories of women’s bodily sovereignty. <3 ARCHIVES HAVE POWER. <3

An 11-year old girl gives birth in Australia.

Girl told that she can either bring a boy to her school dance or come alone.

The tunnels beneath Las Vegas house an unseen world.

Black LGBT people are creating their own places of worship.

More on DADT. From Scarlett!

Also from Scarlett: More women are getting genital surgery to look “trimmer.”

A human rights tribunal will be judging the Canadian district that allowed a girl to be bullied

ALSO from Scarlett: Casting couch horror stories from two established actresses. The comments will bum you out.

SERIOUSLY? A rape survivor is jailed for not wanting to testify. From Tanya!

…and getting raped is a youthful indiscretion. Thanks, Etiquette Hell! From Garden Goblin.

Whistles translated! 😀 I gotta confess: my dad tried to teach me to whistle but it never stuck. :(

Cupcakes and gentrification: THE UN-ICED STORY.

WoodTurtle shares a birth story.

This list features 20 of the most influential female veterans in the US.

From the Other Patrick:

I was hesitant when I heard about Uwe Boll making a film about a heavyset superheroine, but also somewhat intrigued – but the trailer shows I should not have been:

OMG this is an amazing vampire story!!! “50 Fatwas for the Virtuous Vampire”

Hollaback! There’s an app for that.

It’s been a year since AmazonFAIL. ARE YOU READY FOR: AmazonFAIL2: This time, with pedophilia!?

Here’s more on TSA, bodily sovereignty, and security theater. is looking for an editorial assistant. ALL HAIL ONE OF OUR FAVORITE AND MOST ACCESSIBLE PUBLISHERS!

Bint el Nas is a resource for queer Muslim and Arab women.

Here’s a GREAT response to the No Marriage, No Womb crap.

Okay! That’s enough commentating on the haps. Tomorrow you’re gonna see a wicked long post from me on the indigenous blogosphere and the role of indigenous feminism within it. I’m really nervous about this, particularly because it’s my NWSA presentation! Soooooo send me all your smart thoughts and wish me luck. :)


  1. Sypherlev says

    Just want to point out that the COD: Black Ops fail has been rectified – codes for the female versions of the gear have been released for free, and I got mine yesterday 😛

  2. The Other Patrick says

    So many horrible links!

    The TSA thing is awful and totally in line with what you hear. These people are goons, and the security measures are nothing but intended to *look* good. Honestly, I would not travel to the US right now because of this shit.

    The doctor, the father… what the fuck? Also the lesbian couple: I love the part where the school says, “that’s got nothing to do with homophobia at all, uh-uh!”

    At least there were some links to mellow it out. Phew.

    Good luck!

    • Scarlett says

      Regarding the lesbian couple: it’s plausible that they had an age limit on dates. My school balls were year 11/12 combined affairs so they had a rule that you weren’t allowed a date younger than 16 (year 11 age). But if that was the case, surely the school had refused hetero couples for that reason and could come back with ‘see? hetero couple that we turned down’ – the fact they didn’t tells me they were scrambling for a justification having been caught out discriminating.

      • says

        Yeah, this.

        And also, the whole “we want to make sure she’s not just taking a friend”–because, um, if people go to a dance with a platonic partner, the WORLD FUCKING ENDS, apparently.

        • Scarlett says

          Yeah, my school had a rule that it had to be a *date* and you couldn’t just take a friend. (Though I believe they were OK with that *date* being same-sex.) The logic being, I dunno exactly, maybe that a proper date, even of the scrambled-around-for-the-best-available variety (there were a LOT of people who went with friend-of-friend randoms just so they could say they had a date to their ball) is better than going with a good friend.

          Hmmm, the attitude of shit dates with strangers beats out a night out with a longtime friend. Sadly it doesn’t surprise me if that was actually the ingrained attitude.

          • says

            Yeah, that’s one of those common societal attitudes that I don’t get. Like, God forfuckingbid I prefer to hang out with people I actually know and like rather than fulfill some idea of “romance” at, um, fifteen. Whatever.

        • The Fleas' Knees says

          Forced dates reeks of sexualizing kids before they’re ready. Not cool. Let them bring a friend they know and trust – dating can wait.

    • Robin says

      The TSA audio story is horrible. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid experiencing or witnessing anything like that, but just hearing it had me shaking. And the Atlantic articles make it that much more insulting, because even if McLain hadn’t tried to ask questions (which seemed reasonable to me) about the pat-down procedure, said pat-down wouldn’t have found anything a terrorist really wanted to keep hidden. Now I feel exceptionally lucky that I didn’t know about these stories before I went on a recent plane trip, but wary of what I’ll decided to do if (when) I’m directed toward a back-scatter scan in the future. I honestly don’t know if my principles are worth more to me than public invasion of my personal space.

  3. salla says

    Um, would it be possible to put some space between the sentence “These links may be triggering” and the start of the links or possibly change the order of the links. They weren’t my triggers but before I even clicked on the article I could see the sentences about the surgery and the rape.

  4. sbg says

    “Her husband’s dead so it doesn’t matter anyway.”

    WHAT IN THE EVERLOVING FUCK?! I don’t have a husband, but I really like my clitoris, thanks.

    • Anne says

      Don’t you know? You only have girl-parts because men benefit from them. You only matter in relation to men. DUH. D:< I think this guy needs to be in jail for the rest of his life.

      FGM is NOT something I take lightly. It's also very important to note that it happens everywhere–including the US. This IS female genital mutilation. This man assaulted her with a deadly weapon. It's becoming more and more evident to me that doctors are to be second guessed and not trusted–and that terrifies me. This woman put her LIFE in the hands of this doctor and he MUTILATED her, ASSAULTED her. GAAAAAAAAH! I am not a violent person and don't advocate vengeance, but all the rhetoric bundled up in me is screaming to write that HIS genitals should be mutilated. If he doesn't have a wife, that's totally okay, amiright?

      • says

        It STILL makes no damn sense in the context of “female genitalia only matters to men” assholery, because she COULD, you know, some day, find another partner. So, what, I guess this monster was also making the judgement that no one else would ever want her, on top of all his other evils?

        Yeah, I want jail time, and a permanent lifelong ban on him even looking at anything that even LOOKS like a scalpel. He’s busted down to plastic cutlery. Which somebody else should preferably cut his food with, to be on the safe side. Maybe just keep him on pre-sliced processed foods and soup.

        • Scarlett says

          It STILL makes no damn sense in the context of “female genitalia only matters to men” assholery, because she COULD, you know, some day, find another partner.
          Well, duh, CLEARLY she would want to retire to a nunnery and mourn her husband for the rest of her life and ultimately die of a broken heart, like a good wife.

    • Anne says

      P.S. I realize I went on a rant, but I don’t want to make it seem like the rant was directed at you, sbg! :) Because I agree wholeheartedly with you.

        • SunlessNick says

          Another scary part of that story is how many people actually did see the red flags, put specific warnings in his record that he should’t be allowed to do ob/gyn work, and were ignored.

          It’s not like no one knew what he was – it’s not even like no one cared, witness those midwives who risked their own jobs in their refusal to work with him – and he was sanctioned multiple times. It’s the way he was afforded a seemingly endless series of second chances, no matter how many women he harmed.

  5. says

    The E-Hell maven has backtracked, deleting all her original comments where she dug herself further and further into the hole in an effort to simply pretend she never said any of that. My blog has some of her original quotes and a screen shot of the original post with some of the comments.

    She went from calling the rape an indiscretion to denying she ever said anything of the sort and claiming all she said was that choosing to play a drinking game was an indiscretion and the victim should have known better than to play a harmless game among friends if she didn’t want her past rape shouted to the world. She finishes up now with a ‘everyone should just take personal responsibility’, continuing the victim blaming.

  6. Anne says

    The TSA has proven to me just how much “The Terrorists” have won. We’re passively (for the most part–I’m hoping the dissenting movement takes hold) accepting giving up not just our liberties but we’re allowing potentially harmful radiation to be used on use to take nude photographs that have been lied about time and again as well as used in bullying within the TSA, OR we can submit to being groped and molested in public, yelled at, or stripping in private? WTH?!

    This is another VERY troubling article on that:

    I am NOT looking forward to the US travel part of my trip to Africa in January–it’s actually causing me stress to think about it. I traveled from Chicago to DIA two weeks ago, and at O’Hare went SPECIFICALLY to the line for the metal detectors. There were two lines: one for the backscatter pornomatron, and another for the normal metal detector. I got all the way to the metal detector, was the next person in line for it, when the dude at the backscatter intervened and coerced me into the backscatter. I was kind of taken by surprise–they basically put me through it ahead of all the people in that line, against my wishes, and I was too shocked to opt-out–which I would have if I had my brain together. My social anxiety doesn’t help–I often just can’t get my thoughts together until after something like this happens, and IRL avoid interaction and confrontation.

    I’m also worried about these things because, well, my family is rather susceptible to skin cancers. So being exposed to that much more unnecessary radiation does not make me a happy camper!

    Blah. Time to escape into worlds of fiction! :)

    • sbg says

      A friend of mine said, immediately on some of the “safety” measures taken to fend off terrorists: I’d strip naked if they told me it would keep people safe.

      I … had a very hard time not slapping her, NGL.

      • Anne says

        I would politely remind her it’s the willingness to give up freedom that indicates the terrorists have already won.

        I hate it when people say that. It implies the security theater actually keeps them safe.

        Spoiler alert!….It doesn’t.

        • says

          I told dozens of people exactly that after 9/11, when they said similar things in response to the “security” measures taken then, which affected our civil liberties more than our safety.

          Response? Audible blinking. It just didn’t penetrate. They just do not get it. And I don’t even know HOW one avoids getting it, it’s so obvious to me, so I don’t know of a productive way to talk to them.

          • Anne says

            True. Even more frustrating, in a way, are the peeps like my brother and dad, who just don’t mind. They cared more about having to take off their shoes and belts, and just don’t get it when I tell them it’s not the inconvenience that pisses me off–it’s the invasion of my privacy as though I am a criminal. It makes all air passengers guilty until faulty procedures prove them to most likely be innocent–because it’s not like these work.

            If there were non-invasive security measures that were proven to work, but were inconvenient? Sure. But these are invasive, humiliating, and do not work! Blah. I’m just preaching to the choir, though. :)

          • says

            It’s also more than the privacy for me – hello, radiation? There’s a reason doctors don’t X-ray you every time they see you just to make sure things are fine: there’s a cost to your body. Frequent travelers must be shitting themselves.

            I’d definitely take the pat down because I’m pretty damn sure I can sexually harass the man performing it to the point where he hates it a lot worse than I do. And I would be 100% Grade-A entitled to do so, quid pro quo.

            This is bigger bullshit than anything that happened under Bush, too, I would like to point out, and MY GOD THAT IS SAYING A LOT.

            I encourage everyone to just stop flying to the US.

            Let’s face reality, shall we? Sometimes the terrorists are going to hurt somebody. There is no 100% avoidance. But if you turn your nation into the sort of place where people have to be sexually humiliated in order to do a very ordinary thing, what are you fighting terrorists for?

            I mean, remember how appalled we all were at the sexually humiliating photos US personnel were taking of Iraqis in US installations 10 years ago? In light of this, I have to say – why? This isn’t a helluva lot better.

          • Anne says

            YES. Very true.

            I’m peeved because I booked tickets to Africa mere days before I learned about all this. Definitely going to opt-out. Want to raise hell, but also can’t miss any flights. I’ll be returning the 5th of February: history has shown me that if anyone in my family is traveling or doing anything at all on February 6th something bad will happen (i.e. death. And I wish that were a joke. But it isn’t).

            So I can’t raise enough hell to miss flights, but I am not gonna bend over for the gov’ts stupid security theater and their rapescan. (I’m kind of hoping they’re gone by then, but i’m a dreamer.)

            Also, I’m TRIGGER WARNING this because I watched it and died quite a lot inside, but that is a heartwrenching video of a girl who did NOT want to be “frisked” by agents–and yet her mother is holding her down, her father tapes it and then does an insipid newscast about it, people are just watching, and it LOOKS AWFUL and TERRIFYING. I would not doubt if it scarred her.

          • says

            My conservative aunt and one of my liberal friends just got into a snipe-fest about this on FaceBook. To paraphrase:

            CA: The terrorists just love seeing this kind of dissent, you know! Would you rather be scanned or blown up? Get over yourselves!

            LF: Seriously?! What about privacy, health, not being fined for refusing etc…

            And so on, back and forth. I side with my friend, but I just don’t want to add to it at this rate. Sigh. :

            • says

              CA is making a false dichotomy. Without the scans, it does not follow we will automatically be blown up. With the scans, it does not follow that we will foil all terrorist plots forever.

              Look, the problem is that people who have to fly often to earn their living will be exposed to quite a bit of radiation. It’s not a scan a couple of times a year: it could be weekly for these people. That’s not good for health. Offering them an alternative that would qualify as sexual assault in any other context is a very typical bullying/abuser tactic. It’s a way of making you feel like you’d better do what the bully wants, or the consequences will be something even worse.

              We’ve gone from Daddy Government to Abusive Daddy Government. And people like CA are reacting just like abused children, rationalizing that the abuse is somehow good for them, and Daddy’s intentions are all good.

          • Patrick McGraw says

            “We’ve gone from Daddy Government to Abusive Daddy Government. And people like CA are reacting just like abused children, rationalizing that the abuse is somehow good for them, and Daddy’s intentions are all good.”

            I find it very telling that many of the conservatives who think this way are also Fundamentalist Protestants who view God the exact same way.

            This is perhaps best seen in the abominable Left Behind series, which Fred Clark has been nobly dissecting over at Slacktivist:

  7. says

    Doctor: “Her husband’s dead so it doesn’t matter anyway.”

    So, I’m sure this doctor agrees it’s okay to cut off a widower’s penis if he’s had, say, a prostate tumor. I mean, that cancer might spread to his penis! He doesn’t need it anymore! His wife’s dead!

    The Cook’s Source thing is just unfuckingbelieveable, and very worrying to me as someone who’s struggling to make a few honest bucks by providing reading material people don’t have to directly pay for, a la the broadcast TV model. I’ve read they also c&p’d articles from FoodNetwork and WebMD. They’ve taken down their website and replaced it with an apology-ish thing that includes this line: “Last month an article, “American as Apple Pie — Isn’t,” was placed in error in Cooks Source, without the approval of the writer, Monica Gaudio. We sincerely wish to apologize to her for this error, it was an oversight of a small, overworked staff.”

    Most blogs have a small, overworked UNPAID “staff” (of one). So CS’s small, overworked PAID staff is stealing from small, overworked UNPAID people. And one of the editor’s responses was that she should be grateful about it. I hope they realize THAT is where the big problem happened. If they’d just faced the music gracefully… honestly, Gaudio didn’t ask for nearly what she could have. She was letting them off very easy, and they didn’t appreciate that at all.

    • Scarlett says

      I had no idea people were so mean. Though I think the internet has alowed mean people to get meaner. Makes me feel bad for using that VL image a few months ago…

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