Links of Great Interest: Some of these links made me sad.

Signal Boost: Brutal gang rape filmed — petition to prosecute the rapists

Signal Boost: FBI on the look-out for dangerous Muslims. Watch out, y’all. Some of THEM are standing on the side of love.

Facebook and rape culture

An anti-abortion win.

An open letter to SlutWalk organizers.

The bullying didn’t stop

Navy officer weds partner after repeal of DADT

Vandana Shiva talks about food and peace — and “suicide economies”

The story of the only black woman electrocuted in GA

This poor boy.

Anyone heard anything about this Tuskegee Airman film?

DC needs to read this. (Submitted by many Hathor Readers. :))

From anonymous:

A guy named Bob who does videos for a web site called The Escapist
recently said his piece on how feminism relates to the video game
industry. He only gets 5 minutes for these things, so he doesn’t get
the chance to cover a lot of ground.

From Linsey:

Adventure Time is a quirky little cartoon on Nicktoons. Apparently
they are doing a gender-swapped episode with Fionna and Cake

Also, Saints Row 2 allowed users to create a huge variety of
protagonists, including overweight leads. 3 will do the same, but
portions of the marketing still fail at inclusion.


  1. SunlessNick says

    A rape was *filmed*, and it still takes a petition to (maybe) get an investigation and prosecution? Sure there’s no such thing as rape culture. Sure.

  2. Dina Bow says

    I agree with Bob sooo much!! Male characters get to wear cool clothes that show off their personality and make them look awesome. I’m more likely to go “wow, who’s that!?” when I see them. Female characters mostly get improbable clothes that only show off their boobs (or that they’re a school girl or something lame like that- who wants to be a school girl??). I’m more likely to ignore them on the character select or wiki or whatever I’m looking at.

  3. Casey says

    The Ms. article about the anti-abortion thing just made me go “EUCHH”, especially since just this morning a friend of mine on dA copypasta’d a piece of anti-abortion propaganda into her journal because it “moved” her and made her cry about all the poor li’l potential babbyz being wasted or some shit. *sigh*

    Those Jim Crow “justice” stories are nightmarish…DCGirl’s got a great Flickr account full of wonderful and informative historical photos, I’m totally faving her.

    The 7-year-old girl’s response to emotionless sex-puppet Starfire reminds me of myself at that age. I didn’t care if the characters I liked were overtly sexy in appearance so long as THEY DID THINGS like kick arse and take names and have personalities.

    I think Lindsey’s links are broken/non-existent. Also a small nitpick, Adventure Time is on Cartoon Network, not Nickelodeon/Nicktoons.

  4. says

    An anti-abortion win.

    This may be the stupidest law passed this year, though it faces stiff competition from Alabama’s “Let’s jail churches for giving food to people who might be illegal immigrants!” law. If life begins at conception:

    –No more infertility treatments that involve fertilizing eggs and keeping them in the freezer until the right time for the couple to be implanted. I don’t think any insurance will cover the possibility of an involuntary manslaughter charge if a freezer breaks and the backup fails, too.
    –If you shift the definition of life to include people who can’t breathe, then a lawsuit alleging that taking someone who can’t breathe for themselves off life support is murder is just around the corner. Not being facetious – death is a legally defined state. And it’s my understanding many religious people believe it their duty NOT to keep someone on life support under those conditions, so this law could interfere with their right to practice as they see fit.

    Re: the bullying link. Kids are cruel because they learn it at home (or, at the very least, they don’t learn anything at home that would dissuade them from finding some peer’s bullying policy appealing). Stories like this just make me want to untangle how the kids got that way, and maybe get at the adults who absolutely without question should know better than to think and behave this way, but do it anyway.

  5. Casey says

    Dina Bow: (or that they’re a school girl or something lame like that- who wants to be a school girl??)

    …I wanna be a schoolgirl. Well not a real one, not anymore, just the sexy fantasy facsimile thereof (ye gods that’s pathetic when I write it out). Then again I’ve always had a soft spot since my youth for characters like Sakura and Karin from Street Fighter along with Hinata and most of the other female characters from Rival Schools (plus I’ve always loved Sailor Moon, her whole gimmick is being a magical schoolgirl).

    Mod hat — Casey, nitpicking posts isn’t allowed. Email me or Jenn using the contact form.

    Sorry about that, I forgot. >_>V

  6. says

    Oh, re: the Tuskeegee Airmen film: Lucas has been talking about doing it since at least the early 90s. Sounds like he’s been shopping the project around, getting rejected, making some SW prequels, making an IJ movie, shopping it around some more and finally having to pony up himself.

    I have mixed feelings. Lucas seems to really want to be egalitarian. He’s apparently done good things for women in film, and his desire to do this project seems to come from a good place. But he’s notorious for race fails and let’s not even talk about gender (even in this article, he’s quoted as saying “I didn’t make this movie for black people; I made this movie for teenage boys” – reminding me once again that all those years I spent watching the SW movies, reading the books, collecting the merchandise were merely a figment of my imagination). If he stayed away from the script, it could be great. If not, well, there’s still hope.

    From what he says, I’m guessing this film goes for that run on the Death Star rush, but with social commentary in the meta. (Why can’t I shake this nagging feeling the Cantina scene will put in an awkward appearance? Oh, me of little faith.)

    Fingers crossed. I hope it lives up to its subject matter.

  7. says

    Also, from a comment on the DC link, I LOLed:

    “But isn’t it funny how Dave McKean and Frank Miller never felt compelled to draw Batman like he was stuffing his tights with Doomsday’s mumified dick?”

  8. Quib says

    Adventure Time already had it’s gender bended show a couple weeks ago. I think they might have just put it on their webservice, app or something (the website is too distracting).
    Unfortunately, it was a little bit skeezy*, (although, Neil Patrick Harris sings a song earlier) but normal Adventure Time is pretty good on it’s own. Even though it’s ostensibly a boy’s cartoon about a blond boy and his magical dog, there’s a wide range of female characters, many of them princesses, who are interesting, well rounded characters and who get to be smart and weird, and violent: in part because there are nerdy, awesome women working on it.
    I’ve been following it since before it was made, so I don’t how it looks from the outside to someone unfamiliar. Except that it’s darker and scarier than it tends to look in the ads.

    *there’s a “not what it sounds/looks like” situation that involves the main character’s dress getting ripped that I wish they hadn’t done. It was one of those times where it was a lot more fun to see everything come together than to see the final product.

  9. Casey says

    Quib: *there’s a “not what it sounds/looks like” situation that involves the main character’s dress getting ripped that I wish they hadn’t done. It was one of those times where it was a lot more fun to see everything come together than to see the final product.

    I missed it but a friend of mine who saw the episode told me about it and said that at the end it was revealed as being a Rule 63 fan fiction/piece of fan art the Ice King wrote…kinda disappointing. >_>

  10. Clay Mechanic says

    Jennifer Kesler:
    Oh, re: the Tuskeegee Airmen film:

    From what he says, I’m guessing this film goes for that run on the Death Star rush, but with social commentary in the meta.

    Two trailers are online, and so far your predictions are accurate:

    A lot of stuff blows up as expected, but who are these people? We don’t even learn anyone’s name. They acknowledge that the (white) bomber pilots have wives at home, but what about the (black) fighter pilots? The emphasis on protecting the bombers is supposed to make the Red Tails look good, but it also turns them into the ‘Magical Negro’ stereotype – the quirky ethnic sidekick who helps out the white people but never gets help with their own problems. That photo is also the only woman appearing in either trailer.

    The movie itself may do the job right, but the marketing people have already failed to make a compelling trailer – and, as was discussed on this blog for ‘Made in Dagenham’, clueless marketing makes for a very bad start. I’m also reminded of the trailers for ‘Sucker Punch’, which didn’t bother to differentiate between the leading women – or the actresses playing them. Apparently ‘being black’ or ‘being female’ is all the character depth you can have in an action movie trailer, even if you’re the lead.

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