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Lot of deadlines hit all at once.


Guess who won’t get excommunicated? The rapist!

Why Greg Rucka writes strong female characters.

Anyone in DC able to help this black lesbian teen out?

A Taste of You sounds like a wacky ride on the urban fantasy wild side.

Check out these gorgeous ladies.

What do children know about gender?

Correcting the international view of Africa.

An analysis of the media’s war on women.

The UN will be investigating one of America’s genocides.

This great project combines dollhouses and electricity.

This is an RPG featuring Native characters.

Check out the ways Europe has changed.

Celebrate and support young moms.

Celebrate birth control!

I freaking love this image.















Things you should do by 30.

On black mathmeticians.

A Black Feminist book list.

The Tea Party and its tax info.

The most hypocritical members of Congress.

Diane Tran is a great student!

South Indian steampunk!

A reimagining of Katniss Everdeen.

Teenager penalized for…. what, exactly?

Gena the AWESOME was on a WisCon panel.


  1. says

    The teenager being punished for inappropriate dress is just random. What principal seriously scans the lunch room to find female students with their hemlines half an inch too high? Creepy. Although I don’t understand why the article is titled “Burqa”.

    Gena’s panel sounds like it was really interesting. One of my goals is to make it to WisCon at some point. :)

    I heard about that excommunicated 9yo rape victim a while back. What really hurts me is that this is not the version of Catholicism that I grew up with, to blame a 9yo for the medical decision of her parents in the wake of a rape. The Catholics I knew would have seen the child as a victim. Of course, there’s a huge schism between what Catholic leaders preach and what actual Catholics do: 98% of sexually experienced Catholic women have used contraception and the Vatican is reprimanding nuns for focusing on poverty and women’s rights instead of abortion and same-sex marriage.

  2. says

    Yay, Gena!!!! 😀

    The article on celebrating birth control is pretty brilliant: “Such policies will allow insurers to profit directly from the considerable savings associated with these women’s use of birth control. Employers, states, and the general population will become “free riders,” enjoying the broader social and economic benefits while individual women shoulder the costs.”

    I think sometimes showing people where financial burdens are shifting from and to makes the points clearer than a lot of other arguments. From women to big business. Anybody still confused about why this matters?

    I love the Africa article. One of the things I most love about The #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is that it shows a very different image of Africa than any of the ones we’re most often fed.

    The church takes the view that an abortion to save a nine year old child is worse than raping a child? How does that even work? These men should be tossed into a prison where they are well-outnumbered by the most virulent rapists, and left there to rot. And regardless of how they prioritize sins (a vocation I would’ve though would be better filled by God), if raping children isn’t sufficient to get you ex-communicated, there’s no way to read that except that they value even a child molesting man over a child. No wonder children in nations where Catholicism proliferates are so badly treated.

  3. Patrick McGraw says

    Loved the Greg Rucka article. I’m a huge fan of Rucka’s work, and hope I can do as well when it comes to having respect for your characters and your audience.

  4. Casey says

    The “30 things to do by the time you’re 30” was a great take-down.

    Aw, the Uktena funding failed…is there any way to send them money regardless? :(

  5. says

    I’m sorry, I just have one more thing to say about the Catholics: in case anyone still wonders, this case is proof that the Catholic church thinks child raping is okay, and was not just engaging in ass-covering when they protected all those priests who did it. The Catholic church has done more harm than good in this world, and they are openly at war against women and children. We’re going after Muslim terrorists instead, why?

  6. Patrick McGraw says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    proof that the Catholic church thinks child raping is okay, and was not just engaging in ass-covering when they protected all those priests who did it

    Or, as Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s efforts against extending the statute of limitations on sexual abuse of children prove, protecting priests who do it in the future as well.

    Yes, this is the same guy who has been so aggrieved at President Obama’s “attack” on the Church by requiring health insurance to actually cover health care for women. Class act, that Cardinal Dolan.

  7. Anonymous says

    Doesn’t the whole practice of excommunication kind of miss the point that Jesus was trying to make?

  8. Maartje says


    You’d be surprised by how many people have been excommunicated and for what reasons, sometimes hundreds of years after their death because the church changed their minds and those thoughts didn’t fit anymore. I think they’d totally excommunicate Jesus if they could just seperate him from the Christ they worship.

    Also: Maria! I’m so happy you’re back!

    Also also: The Europe vid is fun, just not entirely accurate. France wasn’t France for the longest time etc. NL had a sea before draining it… Though I suppose they needed to simplify a little.

  9. Azzy says


    It IS inaccurate. I take umbrage at the fact that they show Transylvania as part of Hungary for pretty much the entire video, when I distinctly remember Transylvania having a few stretches of independence, just like the other two Romanian provinces. The point of the matter is, Hungarians were always a minority in Transylvania, even when they were the politically dominant power. Sure, they claim that it was always Hungarian soil, but the fact of the matter is that Romanians were not only there long before the Hungarians, but have also outnumbered Hungarians by the millions. The Hungarians are douchebags.

    Granted, I might be especially annoyed with them right now because they tried to sneak the ashes of a Nazi in a Romanian cemetery recently and still haven’t apologized for it. But this just supports my “Hungarians are douchebags” thesis.

  10. says

    I think the point of excommunication is to transfer the power of Jesus/the religion into the hands of the church. Large church organizations are about power, not faith. The Catholics have ex-communication to make you feel like being ejected from the church would be the end of the world, and Protestants do their thing of welcoming anyone… so long as they conform. It’s two methods with the same goal, and those are just two examples of the worldwide phenomenon: to make you so dependent on a church that you will betray your religion in order to keep up your relationship with the church.

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