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From SunlessNick:

A fox news pundit talks about rape in the military.  It’s bad in about every way you’d expect:

From Casey:

From Manboobz: ShitRedditSays shutting down Reddit’s child
pornography subreddits is apparently just a big hassle. Also, calling
out misogyny is akin to Nazism. Or something.

On eugenics, abortion, and Down syndrome

The story behind an award winning photo.

From SunlessNick:

Rick Santorum’s now attacking pre-natal screening.

From Casey:

Casey writes: From AlterNet, apparently Julian Assange was a special guest star on
the 500th episode of the Simpsons. It’s annoying that there’s
seemingly no mention of the fact that HE ALLEGEDLY RAPED TWO WOMEN.

From Casey:

From SF_Drama, musician/songwriter Jenny Hyun goes on a racist**
Twitter tirade against Floyd Mayweather and insists she’s totally not
racist** afterwards.(since it’s two POC, should it be prejudiced or bigoted instead of racist?)

From Casey:

From, they point out the sheer ridiculousness of new
Resident Evil: Revelations character Jessica wearing a skin-tight
wetsuit (replete with stiletto heel boots) and a…”sexy leg”.

More on working as an adjunct.

From Amy:

The internet hates one Bioware writers. She happens to be a lady
writer. They behave pretty much as expected of male gamers towards any
matter of lady with opinions. This is why we can’t have nice things.

The REAL problem with honoring Whitney


Holy Random Racism, Batman!

The long war on contraceptives.


The exploitation of restaurant workers.

From Spartokos:

I guess I really shouldn’t expect any better from someone who backs
Santorum, but seriously…

From MC:

I present you the best tumblr meme ever: Feminazis for Misandry

On the gifts of being an ally.

Teacher merit pay doesn’t work. PREACH.

From SunlessNick:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been arrested again in France, this time in relation to prostitution and pimping.  He said he has a horror of those things, but I seem to recall that being one of the accusations levelled at Nafissato Diallo.

From Casey:

From the FAN Forum, an infuriating thread discussing a segment on
Monday Night RAW where John Cena (the poster child of WWE’s B.A. Star
anti-bullying campaign) calls Eve Torres every foul name in the book
(within limits of a PG rating) because in their storyline she was
manipulating his best friend Zack Ryder (and made out with Cena) to
further her career. There’s a lot of misogyny apologists and MRAs
saying he’s just “calling a spade a spade” because she “did whorish
things so that makes her a whore”.
(sidenote: for all I know, this thread may wind up getting deleted)

On birth control and divine authority

On abortion and new legislature requiring forcible penetration. Avoid the comments, they’re gross.

From Casey:

From Race-Talk and the Indian Country Today Media Network, a Native
woman in Fresno was brutally attacked and seemingly left for dead by a
white woman with ties to the KKK and the DA “just doesn’t see it as a
hate crime”.



  1. Fairfield says

    The sheer deluge of anti-abortion, anti-women legislation being written into state laws/constitutions is dizzying. The one in Utah, banning birth-control education in schools, is beyond stupid, do they just ignore the statistics coming out of Texas? It’s as if nothing matters: not the health of women, or their children, just as long as they’re having children, that’s all that matters. They need to be educated that the bodies of women are NOT public property!

    Oh and some creep in Alaska has filed a lawsuit claiming that Obama can’t be president because he’s not white. I want off this planet.

  2. depizan says

    You know what I’d love? Some equivalent to the “Fair Trade” sticker for restaurants. Or at least a website where one could find out how people are treated by a particular restaurant/chain. I realize that it may be that there are no restaurants that aren’t terrible, but just having that outed might help.

    But I know, if given the opportunity, I’d sure rather spend my going out to eat money somewhere that wasn’t existing on exploitation.

  3. says


    So down with this! Also, I’d like to have some idea where the food is coming from and how it was farmed. Of course, we really don’t have this at grocery stores yet, either. I’ve recently seen beef that was “a product of the US, Argentina and Australia.” WTF?

    So, basically the Fox pundit is saying, “What do these stupid bitches expect? If they want to go into a male-dominated domain, OF COURSE men are going to rape them!” Yawn. That’s what they told us about girls going to college, girls working in offices… every damn time we leave the house, we hear this.

    Santorum’s pretense of anti-ableism is puke-inducing. Of course people abort fetuses that have Down’s and similar problems. Because (a) we don’t provide them any kind of governmental support, really, so if they aren’t well off enough to pay for the accommodations society won’t provide their kids, they’re just supposed to all starve to death, as far as I can tell and (b) because we are an ableist society, and Santorum’s bullshit is not helpful. What would be helpful is if he’d like to campaign to get some governmental support to help people raise kids with needs society can’t be bothered to accommodate. Or, hell, let’s go all the way and campaign for laws that would force better accommodation so the burden isn’t entirely on disabled kids and their families.

    The whole idea that people shouldn’t be forced to provide insurance/medical care in ways they find morally questionable… what if they think saving the lives of white people is a waste? Or rich people? Or men? Isn’t it interesting how, as long as your “morals” support the status quo, we have sympathy for poor you, but as soon as you’re that whistle blowing jerk who didn’t like it that the only job you could get was working for some ass who avoided taxes, treated his employees illegally, and also refused to pay child support on his ex-kids because he doesn’t love them, fuck you – do your job and shut up. Well, that’s my response to people who don’t want to give out particular drugs or whatever: shut up and either do your job, or go get a different one. And fuck you.

    This article – I’ll just put the link here again ( – is required reading. At least scanning! Takes two minutes to scan, promise. It’s just what I’ve been saying for years about why the Repubs went anti-abortion in the first place, and why they won’t back down even though public support is so against them it’s sure to lose them the presidential (and thank goodness).

    So, OK is officially the most stupid state in the union now? I think that’s a sound conclusion. Just wait until the jails fill up with wives taking the pill, and they and their hubbies are all like, “But I didn’t get that this would happen to me. I just voted based on a commercial. I thought that was the extent of my responsibilities as a citizen?”

    When a social movement is able to convert certain people into objects LEGALLY, when it has that much authority, there comes a tipping point where it will not be reversed by anything short of violence. I hope we’re not already over the tipping point. I do think some supreme court cases might reverse some of this crap… but then again, Scalia and Thomas are still there.

  4. says


    It’s not just you. I’ve been hearing a lot of comparisons to Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale recently. (Dystopia about the role of women when their only value is their fertility, for the non-geeks.)

  5. says

    1.) As an Alaskan, I’d like to personally apologize for Gordon Warren Epperly (the aforementioned lawsuit filer). We apparently have some shockingly ignorant (not to mention racist) people up here. If anyone’s interested:

    2.) To make up for this, Elise Patkotak, a local columnist up here, had a good piece in the Anchorage Daily News about the women in combat thing. Here:

  6. Casey says

    All this anti-abortion legislation and “fetuses are people” shit is just…I just can’t. I can’t even talk about it with anyone I know, honestly. I know for damn sure I can’t talk about this with my mom ‘cuz every time we pass by anti-abortion protestors and I try to bring it up she just tut-tuts me and blows me off saying “Well, all that stuff might be happening ~OVER THERE~ on the East Coast and the Midwest but we’re in Oregon and the West coast is far too ~broad-minded~ to do anything like that!” and also “People have been trying to de-fund and close down Planned Parenthood forever, it’s no big deal.” EASY FOR YOU TO SAY WHEN YOU’RE POST-MENOPAUSAL AND YOUR TUBES ARE TIED!

    (she’s even said the awful “Hey, it’s happening to them and not us, so who cares? I’m in it for me and mine!” *ragesob*)

  7. Copper says

    Re the second war on contraception link: I do find it annoying that an award for services to womens’ health is named after a man (no doubt there were hundreds and thousands of women saying the exact same things first, and nobody listened until a man said it), but I suppose that is the least of our troubles…

  8. says


    Does Epperly know he slept through more than a century?


    Does your mom not get that sometimes it’s nice to travel to another state? I for one will never feel comfortable going to OK now because I rely on low dosage bc pills to straighten out my imbalanced hormones. Would I be able to get those pills replaced if I was traveling in OK and lost my pack? Doubtful. I just hope all the people who were hoping for in vitro fertilization are really happy that no clinic will be allowed to store human beings in a freezer until such time as they can be implanted in a woman’s womb so she can experience the joys of parenthood. Nice to see that loving people who really want kids will be denied them, while people who don’t want kids will be forced to have kids they don’t want. What a shithole.

  9. Casey says

    Jennifer Kesler: Does your mom not get that sometimes it’s nice to travel to another state?

    We can’t afford to travel much outside the state and when we do, it’s mostly confined to either Washington or California so it ~DOUBLY DOESN’T APPLY TO US~~ and also fuck everybody else*. OTL

    (*my mom’s logic, natch)

  10. Daydreamer says

    Re: Jenny Hyun

    It’s racist. Doesn’t matter what skin colors are involved; when someone of one ethnicity says things like that about a different ethnicity, it’s racist.

  11. says


    Imo I would call it bigotry, because racism as a cultural phenom goes beyond personal bigotry and prejudice as a historical, systemic set of bigoted/pejudiced power structures acted out by someone with the presence in that implied hierarchy onto someone “below” them– however, there is a lot of internalized racist rhetoric clearly at play here being regurgitated as fact.

    Either way, major suck.

  12. says


    I was telling this to someone the other day. You say it much better, though. I just said that all the “isms” are terms reserved for hating on oppressed people. When oppressed people hate on each other or hate on their oppressors (and I do mean “hate” as opposed to “express a healthy level of dissatisfaction with their oppressors”), that’s just hate. And the reason for the distinction is that plain old hate doesn’t generally have the backing of society, but “isms” do, and hate backed by society is far more powerful/dangerous than plain old hate.

  13. Quib says

    I.A. Scott,

    Conspiracy also implies secrecy. It does call for some kind of tactics board, and visual organizers. Lots of fun stuff to put on there.

    Like how it’s super important to “inform” pregnant women with sonogram images, but informing women whether they are going to be able to provide adequate care fro the child they are creating or if the future infant is going to have medical needs they need to prepare for or can’t meet is the worst thing.

    Oh my goodness, Feminazis! Part of me really wants to see social progressives with the vitriol, teeth gnashing, outrageous demands, and fiery hate the political right already accuses them of. Part of me realizes this would not be helpful, both because two wrongs don’t make a right, and because the fringe right sustains themselves on antagonism which is why they fabricate it in the first place.
    I think I might prefer a Gynocratic movement to feminazis, but maybe that ought to be the “reasonable alternative” we can allow the opposition to choose as a “compromise”.

  14. says

    Reading all this anti-women forced birth type legislation, all I can think is what would happen if we proposed, mock-seriously, a REAL solution to unwanted pregnancy:

    Give all boys vasectomies around age 11. Later, when they’re ready to marry, they can apply for the right to have it surgically reversed. Which doesn’t always work, but hey, no political plan is perfect, and only mean nasty haters point that out.

    Considering that we’re not allowed to look down on boys and men who father unwanted babies, or make them look at ultrasounds of their unwanted babies, or pay for the abortions or ANYTHING, or even convict them of rape when that’s how the conception took place, it just seems practical. Sterilize them, and there will be no more unwanted babies.

    If I had the funds, I WOULD put this forward in a mock serious way, and get some major PR behind it. It is actually less hateful and invasive than forcing someone to have a baby conceived in rape.

  15. Sabrina says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    You bring up a good point. All this anti-choice rhetoric assumes that the fathers of those embryos are totally awesome guys who’d be more than willing to raise the children when they’re born and everything would be sunshine and lollipops if it wasn’t for those evil baby-murdering wimmenz!

  16. Red says

    That legislation won’t last; it’s in direct conflict with Roe vs. Wade. It will be challenged and tossed out as the state interfering in what is a PERSONAL matter.

    This won’t help anyone or ‘save’ any children. Just the opposite; MORE children will suffer as a result.

  17. Casey says

    Red: This won’t help anyone or ‘save’ any children. Just the opposite; MORE children will suffer as a result.

    You think that’s not what they want? Countless children suffering is a feature, not a bug.

  18. Red says


    Then they don’t really care about anyone else’s wishes but their own. Wanting children to suffer for the sake of one’s personal selfishness is both defeating the purpose of their supposed intent and selfishness to the extreme.

  19. says


    I think it’s worse than that. I think people sincerely hold women 100% accountable for every sexual activity (and in this case, I am including rape) that involves humans. It’s up to us not to “let” men rape us, not to get pregnant, not to lose our reputations through engaging in “inappropriate” kinds of sex, and indeed to read the patriarchy’s mind and know what constitutes “appropriate” sex for women these days, since it keeps changing.

    While this is a vile woman-hating position to take, it also assumes that men are hormonally controlled robots without intelligence of their own who just react to women instead of ever acting upon women. Which totally conflicts with the idea that men are active and women passive, but you just need to work on your doublethink some more.

    Orwell wasn’t predicting anything when he wrote 1984 – he was just observing what was already in progress.

  20. says


    I’m not so sure it does. Roe V Wade holds that the state has a right to protect pre-natal life, hence the ban on late-term abortions, roughly defined as the point when a fetus can survive outside the womb. While the egg-as-person legislation definitely conflicts with the timing the court chose to define the beginning of life, the question of when life begins has always been a legal one, and the court could attempt to justify changing its views on that. I can’t think of a logical argument, but then I never dreamed I’d see a Supreme Court ruling that essentially said, “Look, we’re giving the White House to Bush on the basis of, um, something, and OH YEAH THIS CAN NEVER BE A PRECEDENT FOR OTHER DECISIONS.” So I kind of expect anything from them.

  21. Sabrina says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    There is indeed quite a lot of doublethink at work. What I was getting at was that there are really quite a few layers of vilifying women for wanting/having abortions.

    It’s not just the usual “men can’t help themselves so women need to make sure they won’t get pregnant” bullshit but also that women are selfish because of all those poor menz who want to have those babies. I think that one is brought up rather often from those MRA type of guys who want to have a legal say -up to the point that it should overrule the woman’s decision!- “cause it’s their baby, too!” and all that.
    Which brings me to the point that very often it isn’t really talked about what the woman’s family thinks. It’s assumed that they’d be totally fine with a child and that it’s the evil woman who’s robbing them from having their happy family. The reality is of course that plenty of women are pressured into having abortions – be it directly from family member who think a having a baby would be a horrible idea or indirectly from social and economic pressures. After all many women who already have children are having abortions because they can’t afford another child. Naturally, this isn’t taken into consideration by anti-choice people at all. And of course the same anti-choice people don’t have a problem with cutting down health care, welfare and any other founding that might help women with unplanned pregnancies and its outcome.

    But I’m rambling again… In any case, I’m not really sure what anti-choice argument is worse cause it’s all just a huge mess.

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