Links of Great Interest: This should be the last late week.

SIGNAL BOOST: This comic talks about albinism in Tanzania.

The Longest War (gah, IDK about that name, I think black people, LGBTQ identified people, and Native people might disagree. Just a bit!) hasn’t yet ended.

On consent and kink. Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

On ablism and sexism and mental/emotional wellbeing and online harassment. But men are ENTITLED to like what they like, am I right?

On resisting sexual assualt in the military.

Can’t invite this guy to a dinner party, am I right?

Bye-bye, Palin.

Raising a son to understand consent in light of Steubenville..

Arizona, what the hell? What EXACTLY is in the drinking water?

Photoshopping bodies… is it ever okay?

Does Taylor Swift hate other women? …..Yes.


White men and presumed innocence.

A letter to a street harasser.

An open letter to the martial arts community about cults of personality.

“Imaginary Hitler” is a real danger!!!!111!

Realtalk on the comics industry.

Anti-Semitism in Downton Abbey…. would actually make the show make more sense.

On racism, game design, and player’s choice.


Red carpet, redux — this time with kids!



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