Links of Great Interest: Week late and a dollar short.

Signal Boost: Why I’m not jazzed about The Help.

Some honest reflections about trying to conceive that’s mired in intense class and male privilege.

Hat tip to Black Looks: Stealing others’ stories is wrong.


Some advice for women in graphic novels.



From Azzy: These women are heroes.

From Nuri:

Reasons to hate Mattel/Barbie: They’re helping to kill cute tigers and orangutans.

This just in: puppies are amazing.

New bingo square: I can’t be sexist because my mother died.

Introducing… MILES MORALES!

Another blast from the past: R2D2 as the real hero of Star Wars. 

Dangit, Khloe was the Kardashian I liked!

The White Mouse died at 98.



  1. Gabriella says

    I read Nancy Wakes’s autobiography a few years ago – she was an awesome woman. I loved this bit from the end of the article:

    Ms. Wake was the subject of two biographies in addition to her 1985 memoir. A TV miniseries aired in the late 1980s; she was typically scornful of its factual liberties.

    “For goodness sake, did the allies parachute me into France to fry eggs and bacon for the men?” she asked. “There wasn’t an egg to be had for love nor money, and even if there had been, why would I be frying it when I had men to do that sort of thing?”

  2. says

    In the fertility article, I can see the class privilege easily. They didn’t want to be the sort of desperate losers who spent $15k on fertility treatments – meanwhile I’m doing the math, and $15k covers our rent, car payment, and car insurance for five people. For a YEAR. It’s especially hard for me to grasp because I have PCOS and there have been times in my life when I couldn’t afford the BC pills that prevent my ovaries from self-destructing; that neglect increases my chances of infertility. So even if I land a six figure dream job and I marry someone with a six figure dream job, I still might not be able to get pregnant due to my past poverty.

    But I’d find it helpful if someone else could unpack the male privilege. I can’t put my finger on it, I just have a nagging sense that his wife isn’t suffering WITH him, oh no, nobody else’s pain is as great as his.

  3. Maria says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    He does a lot of naming of women’s feelings — for example, the wives in the waiting room are surly from hormones (which is dismissive BTW that shit is TOUGH on your body); the cat craves a baby. The wife and other women are objects to be fertilized (like when he wonders about “insinuating” himself into the lives of lesbians trying to conceive). Stuff like that

  4. says

    New bingo square: I can’t be sexist because my mother died.

    Oh, Christ. Tons of misogynists adore their mothers. No other woman can ever measure up to Mommy, and they will punish you for not measuring up to her. I’m not saying that’s the case with Kanye West, just addressing how it works.

    OMG, the female graphic novel character link is HILARIOUS. Perhaps my favorite line was

    This is called “emotional back story.”

    Coming after a litany of ways in which you’d been a victim. I get that emotional backstory has to be all tragic in most genres, but why don’t we ever have men in the fridge (and related, gender-flipped tropes) for that?

  5. sbg says

    Saw an advert for the upcoming movie version of The Help and my instant reaction was, “Wait, the only way “the help”‘s stories can be told is via a skinny white girl(tm)?” Really, now.

  6. Patrick McGraw says

    Joe Quesada is ALL OVER that bingo square.

    Reading the hilarious female graphic novel character, I was pleased to see that it doesn’t apply to the non-powered women in my (artist-less) comic. Well, some of them are lesbians and most know lesbians, but that’s just because my comic has QUILTBAG people in it.

  7. Raeka says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    I know one thing I found troublesome was the way he seemed to infer that not being ‘able to produce’ was somehow the worst thing to happen –what about being shot full of hormones that make your ovaries about ready to painfully explode?

  8. says

    Patrick McGraw,

    psst, Patrick McGraw! do it do it do it

    Haha, Your GN sounds awesome. I know you said you “can’t draw”, but are you sure you’re not being too hard on yourself? I mean dog knows I’m not the best artist out there (especially compared with certain other webcomic artists).
    Look at Kate Beaton’s work (which is awesome, BTW). She’s not a flashy artist either, but manages to be very popular (because she is awesome!). Like this parody of Strong Female Characters:
    Ahem, just some encouragement. I admit to having solely selfish reasons for doing so: one more great *non-stereotypical* comic for me to read! yippee!

    Anyhoo, I love that Female Characters article. I am proud to say that NONE of my female characters are like that.

  9. Patrick McGraw says


    Kate Beaton is indeed awesome. :)

    I’ve spent many years trying to learn to draw, using a number of different teaching methods and theories. Ultimately, I’ve had to conclude that there’s just something about my wiring that prevents my hands from creating the lines I want. Which is somewhat odd because I have excellent hand-eye coordination, and I am quite skilled at painting miniatures.

    It’s also a case of wanting my comic to look a certain way, trying to develop a “realistic” style rather than a “cartoon” style. It’s an important aspect of the particular story I want to tell. (Just to give one example, it’s a superhero comic where costumes should look like actual, physical things that could be constructed, worn, and moved in.)

    After determining that I lack the potential to draw, I’ve had to put the comic on the back-burner and work on other projects while hoping to find an artist to collaborate with.

  10. Red says

    The White Mouse has my respect. I demand we get a film of ‘The King’s Speech’ caliber about this brave, fearless woman.

    May she rest in peace.

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