Links of Great Interest: Well, someone has to make the coffee.

Oh, nerds. Your misogyny is showing.

Rape survivor faces charges for naming attackers.

A history of Nancy Drew.

The connection between college, sports funding, and rape.

The Republican attack on women and its impact on teachers.




  1. Casey says

    God that “MAINSTREAM POP CULTURE STINKS!” meme sucks, and there are so many idiots clogging up Leah’s comment section…although I have to agree with Unit J, I would NOT want a girl to have Mayim Bialik as a role model due to that science-denying anti-vaxx bullshit of hers. Yeesh.

  2. I.A. Scott says

    Title IX never came up in the Freeh report (just searched the document to make sure), which seems a little strange after reading that. On p112, it talks about a thing called “The Clery Act” which is about publishing crime statistics. (Since a report appears to have been filed in that case, the university should have disclosed it).

    Leah’s reaction there seems like the usual ‘my role model IS NOT A HORRIBLE PERSON’.

  3. Elee says

    Casey: If the pop-culture-sample is biased in favor of (pseudo)reality-TV-starlets, of course does geek culture will look more positive. A lot of reality TV, of the sort that becomes popular, seems to know no other recipes to hold attention than couple everyone up with everyone. (not so different from really crappy soaps, too). And the tendency in sci-fi to creating a well-rounded female character is often reduced to shortcuts like “give her a military background and a big gun”, which is problematic in itself. (Carter is a brilliant scientist, Ivanova was a way better administrator for the spacestation than Sheridan, but guns apparently are the only worthy characteristic for a kickass character)

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