Links of Great Interest: Who Needs Feminism?

Signal Boost: Let’s make this cookbook a reality.

On equality.

From Anonymous:

This is a Kickstarter project for fantasy art of women and people of
color. Its intended use will be for character sheets in roleplaying

Stephen Colbert’s take on the repeal of Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Law:

Let’s not forget the other POC killed by police since Trayvon Martin was murdered, and the ones who will be killed after.

LJ Smith fired from own novels? Readers, help me confirm or deny this.

Ashley Judd calls out patriarchy.

Boys and girls holding onto the V-card for the same reasons.

A review of Liz Williams’ Winterstrike

From Sylvia Sybil:

Here’s something for LOGI: gender/parenting roles in various animal

From Cassandra:

Don’t know if you’ve seen these, but author and blogger Catherynne M.
Valente has been writing
recently about the war against women, and also, women and opinion.

From Casey:

From, a giant roadsign in Michigan was hacked to call
Trayvon the n-word.

I call this list: Warnings for Whiteys.

A letter for Native college students.

Despite not loving the Hunger Games, I kinda want this Barbie.

From Amy:

Why don’t black Americans swim?

Women don’t care about money.

Who needs feminism?


  1. Wren says

    I was really skeptical about the LJ Smith thing, but according the FAQ page on her official website ( she’s been cut from both the Vampire Diaries and the Secret Circle series, and has been for some time. She signed a contract when she was “young and naive” and doesn’t actually have creative rights to those properties. Which, contractual or not, is sketchy as FRACK. It looks legit, but I am not familiar with Smith and could be falling for some massive hoax.

  2. Wren says


    That is, eeergh, alarming. Also, I’ve been browsing around the distributor Alloy’s website, and their copy is hilariously Borg-like.

  3. Maria says


    Yeah. It’s the same sort of contract that made it possible to keep publishing “VC Andrews” books long after she died (they’re ghost-written by a set of writers who at first followed her notes and now follows a “series bible” produced by the publisher), and that led to the YA series BSC and Sweet Valley having so many ghost writers.

  4. Red says

    Okay, on the article with the remark from the ‘good’ senator about his claim that ‘ women don’t care about money’?

    I know someone who is NOT getting re-elected.

    We ‘don’t care about money’? I’d like to see him back up that statement with hard evidence. His example is not typical of the world we actually LIVE IN.

    Honestly, if Clair Huxable were real, I’m sure she to have a word with him. I.e. chew him out.

  5. says


    It’s so depressing because the movie 9 to 5 has a character explain that he promoted a man rather than a more qualified woman because “he’s got a family to support.” She’s a widowed mother. That movie is from 1980, and the character who does this is portrayed as a horrific jackass who gets a major punishment in the end. Now we have a senator saying it.

    Basically, 32 years later, we have Senator Frank Hart, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone care to argue that we’re not moving backwards on this shit? Anyone? *tumbleweed rolls by*

  6. Ara says

    I heard about the L.J. Smith thing months ago, and it was old then– I think if it were false it wouldn’t have been around the internet this long without someone catching the leak. If nothing else, the publisher would be trying to defend itself against the fans who were threatening to boycott; I remember seeing some of that in comments and L.J. Smith saying “I appreciate the support but I’m trying to be a professional so I can’t encourage that.”

  7. Red says

    Jennifer Kesler,
    Oh, PLEASE KARMA! Deliver judgement on this fool!

    Apparently, this guy is unaware that a good part of American households are headed by WOMEN and many of THEM have families to support, too. A former co-worker’s husband lost his job last year and SHE was rhe sole provider.for.a time. They have three kids, with one in college. He got his job back, but is making about half of what he used to. I could go on about my family, but you get the gist.

    Bottomline; the man is clueless and needs a HEAVY DOES of reality.

    Only rhing that somewhat cheers me up right now is ‘Legend of Korra’ premiers at 11 am this Saturday. A heroic female lead who is a POC, who is NOT sexualized amd has serious muscles that show just how tough she is as,the Avatar, is bound to lift my spirits and get me cheering and hopeful.

    I hope you (and others reading this) will,watch it, too. Might even re-kindle your faith in,humanity a little.

  8. Lindsay Walker says

    The LJ smith thing is old news, but basically she wrote them under what is known as “Work for Hire” and in this the Employer is the legal author, not her.

    In the responses I’ve seen last year she was upset, and would have liked to have rounded out the series herself. She has he own stuff to be writing though.

  9. Patrick McGraw says


    What’s really pathetic about that fanart is that it isn’t even Korra-ish. It’s just slotting her into existing “hawtness” stereotypes.

    Awesome Kid!Korra meme generator based on her “I’m the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!” introduction.

  10. Patrick McGraw says


    Note that the fan artist even wrote: “Yeah, i did try to give it some muscle on the arms but i kinda don’t like drawing muscle on girls lol.”

    Then why the crap were you drawing Korra?

  11. Casey says


    I know, I just think it’s annoying/aggravating for such a feminist character to be reduced to an Escher girl.

    Patrick McGraw: Then why the crap were you drawing Korra?

    I think he was doing it as a gift for a friend. But still…any person who doesn’t like drawing anything but waifs with torpedo tits gives me major side-eye.

  12. Red says


    While I personally see Korra donning a bikini, I don’t see it being a ‘micro’ and while I see her strutting with confidence in it (she has an AMAZING figure!), I don’t see her oosing for ‘cheesecake’ pictures.

    And if anyone TRIED to take such shots of her…they’d be buried under six feet of sand.

  13. says

    I so meant to send in this link for this week, and it’s relevant to the Trayvon Martin murder*:

    Zimmerman’s father is a retired judge living in the same town. The lead investigator wanted to arrest Zimmerman the night of the shooting, but the DA refused. Did his father pull strings?

    Also, Zimmerman was once arrested and charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest, and resisting arrest with violence toward a police officer. Incredibly, the charges were “closed” after he completed some sort of program pre-trial. Maybe FL does that for everybody who smacks his bitch around – wouldn’t surprise me – but I’d like one example of a black man in FL who hit a policeman and was allowed to complete a program to “close” the charges.

    *Just FYI, you’re allowed to drop links in the LOGI comments, just not if you want them to run in the next week of LOGI (because we may not see your comment, and it could derail current discussion, so always use email).

  14. Patrick McGraw says


    I think Korra (actual Korra in the show) is a perfect example of how to present a female character who is sexy without sexualizing her.

    One of my favorite little moments in episode 2 was seeing Korra dressed up in Air Nomad gear for her training – and she has, of course, pulled the sleeves up to show off her biceps.

    One of the wonders of Internet idiocy is seeing people already referring to Korra as a “white savior” figure. The young woman who is darker than 90% of Republic City. Along with people claiming that Korra’s argument with the Equalist agitator means the show is presenting decrying inequality as bad guys, ignoring that a) Korra acts like an idiot (i.e. an inexperienced 17-year-old) in that argument, and b) the very next scene is benders oppressing non-benders.

  15. Casey says

    Jennifer Kesler: Also, Zimmerman was once arrested and charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest, and resisting arrest with violence toward a police officer.


    The other day I was listening to a semi-local radio show and the dude-bros on there were discussing the Trayvon Martin case and they said THE MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE POINTING TO TRAYVON BEING AN INNOCENT VICTIM AND ZIMMERMAN BEING A FUCKING RACIST DOUCHE DIDN’T EXIST

    They also insisted that this case ~totally wasn’t about race~ it was just about a guy disobeying police orders (well why do you THINK he disobeyed police orders!?!??! ANSWER: CUZ HE WANTED TO SHOOT A BLACK KID)

    *more noises of incoherent rage*

  16. says


    I think one subtle aspect of the problem with people hand-wringing about accusations of racism – aside from the obvious race privilege and so on – is that they think racism=people in white pointy hoods setting homes on fire or skinheads looting towns. I heard a commentator the other day explaining that one does not need to be running around using racial slurs and hating on PoC to let racism factor into his decisions about who doesn’t belong in a neighborhood and maybe even needs to be shot for being there. This simple point just seems to elude huge numbers of people. It’s much easier once you realize we ALL have learned bigoted ideas, even against ourselves (for those of us who are women or minorities), and being anti-bigotry is not about just avoiding the most destructive forms of bigotry, but about trying to avoid ALL forms of bigotry and accepting that you won’t get it right 100% of the time.

    Of course, this isn’t one of those truths that immediately enlightens people. Even after hearing it and understanding it, many people will simply be too lazy to care. They’ll prefer to redefine racism in ways that pushes it away from them, rather than redefine themselves to push further away from racism.

  17. says

    Patrick McGraw,

    Too true!

    I just watched an old Twilight Zone episode – “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” It’s the one where everything mechanical suddenly fails one afternoon on Every Street, America, except one guy’s car comes on… suspicion ensues. There’s a cowboy character (Charlie) who gets himself a gun, and when a neighborhood guy comes out of the dark (everyone having forgotten he was going to the next street over to see if their power was out, too), he shoots him and kills him. Everyone turns on him, but he points the finger at a young boy, and everyone starts chasing the boy down the street. As they descend into complete mob psychology and all start killing each other, two aliens on a hillside observe. One tells the other: this is how you do it. Mess with a few things, and let them destroy themselves. And yes, the pattern never varies much, so they can just go neighborhood by neighborhood and take over the planet in this manner.

    This episode was about the Red Scare, which is a repeat of witch hunts, which is all just a longstanding pattern in human history. But as the extro notes, “prejudice kills.”

    In case it’s not dazzlingly obvious where I’m going with this: it’s particularly chilling and poignant in light of Trayvon Martin’s murder. Zimmerman, like Charlie, thinks that merely not being sure who someone is and whether they have legitimate business in your neighborhood is reason enough to confront and eventually kill them. For Charlie, skin color wasn’t a factor because they’d been told the monsters would “look just like everybody else”, and it’s a very homogenous white neighborhood. But the same principle applied with Zimmerman; he’d been told that criminals typically come in the deeper shades, so that’s what he expected. Neither of them could be bothered to stop for one minute and think.

    I mean, for pete’s sake, would a thinking Zimmerman have assumed that successful burglars typically stroll into gated neighborhoods in broad daylight wielding not a burglar’s tool kit, but candy and iced tea? Zimmerman wanted to claim that Martin seemed “not right”, but Zimmerman certainly displayed some highly antisocial characteristics himself.

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