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I have nothing to say about this. So I’m going to quote from the post.

what do you call the blinded, terrified groping of a grandmother who knows her grandchildren are in the room, blasted from safety and sleep into chaos and danger, whose granddaughter is on fire? how do you comfort a man like aiyana’s father, which was forced to lie face down in his daughter’s blood by the same police officers who killed her?

A flash mob used Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” to call for a boycott. I’ll probably be posting this throughout the summer, since this might end up being a long battle.

…Buh? Mercy for a rapist because he didn’t get that you aren’t supposed to rape people? And what’s with the honey?

Jenna Bissell’s 5th grade teacher might have denied her medical treatment because of she has two moms.

Look, seriously? We’re all bad feminists.


A slow disaster unfolds in the Gulf of Mexico. Mother Earth: Look, it’s not me, it’s you.

From Jen, one of our readers:

My band wants to play at the Green Man Festival in Wales and to do so we have to win votes on our music video here:

I was hoping all you guys would vote for us, I would just die if another bland all-male indie band won another one of these popularity contests when you could have an awesome feminist ska-punk band instead!!!!!

Watch out for your health, people!

From Ray: Virginia fails re: domestic violence. Annnnnnnnnnd this is why the privileging of marriage as the end all and be all of relationships is toxic.

A Muslim Miss USA? Whoa, nelly! Well, she’s not that cute anyways.

From Charles RB:

UK government intends to bring in anonymity for rape defendants in
England and Wales; arguments for and against are weight up here, plus
a mention of conviction states (3% of all reported rapes, which is 50%
of those which go to court).

MongooseChronicles highlights the fallacies of girlie secrets.


  1. Robin says

    The “wandering” thing is happening in Barbados and seems to be another way of saying “running away from home” with an undercurrent of “straying from the teachings of the church”. I’m all for protecting kids, but I’m not sure why that second part’s considered a civil crime.

    I don’t care what Miss USA’s ethnicity or religion is. For the most part, I don’t care who wins any beauty pageant. But I’d really prefer that the contestants not come across as uninformed about major social and political issues in their interviews.

    The “girlie secrets” article is disturbing on many levels. A lot of my criticisms line up with Mongoose’s, but I’d like to specifically address all the personal grooming weirdness. If a guy can’t handle looking at me without makeup, or when I haven’t shaved my legs in a day or two, or when my weight fluctuates by three whole ounces, then I don’t want to be with him. Perpetual perfection as defined by advertising isn’t worth the time and effort to me, and I don’t expect my friends and lovers to buy into it either. It just cuts into the time we could be spending together, anyway.

  2. Jen says

    Hey, thanks for posting the links guys.


    great, now every man who’s read msn ‘news’ last week is gonna start sexually harrassing me because I secretly can’t get enough, apparently. Thanks for speaking for all women, especially thanks for telling everyone I have a secreat moustache that even I don’t know about.

  3. sbg says

    Robin, I love you for your third paragraph alone. Seriously, I don’t want to look like a schlub, but I have this apparently deviant philosophy about dating – including first dates – in that I will not get gussied up in clothing I would not normally wear, hairstyling I would not normally bother with, makeup above and beyond what I do daily (eyeliner, mascara, blemish concealer), etc., etc. Why? I dunno, it just strikes me as somewhat dishonest. You should be who you are, not who you think people think you should be. 😉

    Mary, I <3 Olivia Dunham so hard. And Astrid too.

  4. Ray says

    sbg, I totally agree with you! While I enjoy the *occasional* formal dinner and a show sort of date, I much prefer the more relaxed type.

    Or better yet, the dress-down type. I’m a big fan of dates that involve things like walking through a park, going together to a game night, or even laser tag… Well-meaning friends have often pointed out how unlikely I am to “find a man” when I am so up front about how I would rather do these things that get all dolled up for a dinner that costs more than I can justify. But I’ve had a few great relationships based on mutual interests such as those above, and, like you say, I feel like it would just misrepresent me and my interests to behave otherwise. If a guy asks me out/I ask him to something more unusual, and we both like the idea, then we already have something in common.

  5. Charles RB says

    “Jenna Bissell’s 5th grade teacher might have denied her medical treatment because of she has two moms.”

    If she’d denied medical treatment to a student who was constantly being disruptive in class, I don’t believe she’d still be around in the school; even if the district was closing ranks in public, it’d quietly send her on “leave”. Yet this does not happen here. Hmmmmmm.

  6. scarlett says

    re: the rapist. Last I checked, ignorance of the law wasn’t actually a defence. That particular defence infuriates me ‘cos there’s enough cross-culture aggro without people like him adding to it with their ‘but it’s alright in MY country’ crap.

  7. says

    I absolutely did not relate to one of the “girly” secrets this Jane Hoskyn reveals. Most of it is seriously neurotic bullshit that says a lot more about Hoskyn’s psychology than it says about women in general. And what really irritates me is, men buy this shit. Then they start getting to know me, only they are just SURE that whatever bull they’ve read from the latest incarnation of Hoskyn is the truth, and I’m not being honest when I really am. Eventually I let them know I’m never having anything to do with them again, and they’re always so stunned because it never ever occurred to them that maybe I wasn’t lying, that maybe all my signals that indicated “You are getting on my last damn nerve” really did mean “You are getting on my last damn nerve.”

  8. Jen says

    yeah me neither, Jennifer.
    I totally relate to what you say, I meet (or even date) these guys who are like ‘what, so you aren’t like THAT? How unusual’ Like YOU’RE the freak because you don’t live up to fictional girl stereotype. Just wanna scream MAYBE NONE OF US ARE LIKE THAT but maybe if you tell 10 girls that’s what you are (time and time again while they are growing up) 9 of them will just comply and the remaining 1 will just have to live with being a freak.

  9. photondancer says

    The ‘but it isn’t a crime back in my country’ rape defence gets a good workout in Sydney too. It actually is, but I guess the defence lawyer was hoping the judge isn’t as well-educated as this particular taxi driver is, according to the article.

  10. scarlett says

    I had a feeling it was something like that. *yeah, I’m just hope the judge is too ignorant on my country’s laws to call me on it.* Which I actually think is besides the point. I don’t see how ‘it’s not a crime in my country’ is a defence. I mean, if I could work out from high school political and elgal studies that ignorance is not a defence, I don’t see what made someone who would have had to have jumped through a lot of hoops to get here special.

  11. says

    It actually is, but I guess the defence lawyer was hoping the judge isn’t as well-educated as this particular taxi driver is, according to the article.

    I was wondering about this. I think the situation – young women out unescorted, drunk in public to the point of unconsciousness – might never happen in Iran. But rape has historically been a property crime against whatever man owned the woman who was violated, so a terribly anti-woman regime can actually have *stricter* laws against rape, in a sense*, than a more woman-friendly government.

    *Though they’ll likely have much worse laws about what the man who “owns” the woman is allowed to do to her, or what the state may do to her if she incurs its wrath.

  12. Charles RB says

    (Trigger warning re Iran, so I’m putting that at the bottom of this post)

    re “it’s not illegal back in X”: That child ‘bride’ who went to the high court in Yemen to protest against being forcibly married? When that story broke, one thing I saw with interest is that what happened to her was against Yemenese law. And that’s true of other countries. Article last year or so on African women-led groups that work against female genital mutilation? It brought up police busts.

    It came off to me that this sort of crap is illegal and, shock of shocks, people just ignore the law.

    re Iran: one of the more horrible bits about 80s Iran in Persopolis? Virgins aren’t meant to be executed under religious law (I think; it may have been national), so female prisoners would get raped as a way around that – and a way of terrorising the family (and by extent every other family). The official Iranian goverment line, IIRC, is that this is all a big lie, but if it is I bet they’re quite happy to spread the story around.

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