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SIGNAL BOOST: Expanded Horizon’s fundraising drive — help support antioppression speculative fiction. Seriously, please donate and signal boost if you can. Their Nov issued featured the awesome Maria (ahem!) and the fantastic Craig Gidney, and their Dec issue features Nisi Shawl. Dash of Expanded Horizons┬áis one of the nicest editors I’ve worked with, and is also the drive behind Critical Psi Theory, which is itself a fascinating blog. By supporting Expanded Horizons, you’re providing more publication opportunities to fantastic writers, and helping the editors engaged in this mission make this their major gig.

SIGNAL BOOST: More on “Rape is rape.”

SIGNAL BOOST: This story calendar would be a great friend for a Nanowrimo buddy.

New FiM fanart

Cliches that can go away

More Eltahawy’s assault

From SunlessNick: Anyone feeling a flashback coming on?

From Casey: has an article called “5 Old Timey Prejudices That Still
Show Up in Every Movie
“. It’s a good 101-level introduction to the
glaring marginalization in film we discuss on the site. The comments
section is full of bullshit apologism like “WHAT ABOUT THE LAST KING

No food stamps for fatties.

More on standardized testing.

From Izzy:

Just a warning, it’s graphics heavy. It ran quite sluggishly on my

It is a survey you can fill to find out how complicit you are in
worldwide slavery.

A Prop 8 victory!

Conservative women’s groups keep it classy.


:side eyes coal plant:

Congrats to Michael Zone!

A review of Pariah

A review of Vampire Diaries

A review of the new Marilyn bioflick. Gotta say — I saw this in theaters maybe two weeks ago, and while it was interesting, it would have been MORE interesting if the film had grappled with Marilyn as a leftist, as a self educated woman, and as someone grappling with a serious mental illness. It really played up the whole tragic-blonde story and while I loved it, it didn’t, to me, break new ground.

A review of Young Adult

A really cool anti-rape campaign.

THIS is the party that cares about workers.


  1. sbg says

    Wow, Rick Perry made me throw up (and not a little) in my mouth. I can’t believe we’re having to endure well over a year of Republican “debates” and BS.

  2. Raeka says

    Does anyone know if there’s any sort of nonprofit working to provide women troops overseas (or at home) with abortions and morning-after pills? I want to make a donation :/

  3. Quib says

    Rick Perry scares me, in part, because there’s something grammatically impenetrable and incomprehensible about so much of what he says.
    “those Catholic charities that are offering health care, doing work uh, or, uh Trafficking. Of individuals” (0:46 – 0:57) The charities are doing work to traffic individuals? the charities are trafficked? are the charities helping trarficked individuals???
    “I’m not saying here, that everything he does is not associated back to, uh, his faith. What I’m saying is his administration and the people he’s associated with, and when you start seeing the Catholic Bishops. with their great concern about this administration, Then I think that is a war on religious traditions in this country”. (2:35-end)
    I think I can follow this one, but it’s like three different sentences crashed together.
    This is all irrelevant to actually debating his position, but I swear every third or fourth sentence of his is only world-like sounds.

    It’s kind of terrifying to think that the backlash he’s trying to stir up might actually gain traction.

    The really cool anti-rape campaign seems to be currently unavailable :[

    Standardized testing is definitely a nightmare in a number of ways. I am bit peeved at “none of my friends use this math” being spun as “so who needs math?” It should serve as a reminder that much of the curriculum in use demand that every student masters every subject, which doesn’t reflect the demands of most careers. I don’t know what kind of math was on the test, so maybe it does need to be adjusted or updated, but it’s not reasonable to disregard math anymore than reading or writing.

    It sure would be nice to see Elizabeth Warren get more support from the democrats, or anyone really.

  4. says

    I really encourage everyone to check out the Slavery link. If you’re not aware how hard it is to avoid boosting the use of slave labor with your purchases, you will be once you take that survey.

    Elizabeth Warren rocks. I don’t know why everyone isn’t forced to listen to her, because what she says represents the sort of thing the protest movements NEED to be about. It’s not just “We’re not getting ours”, it’s that many of the ways we do things are designed solely to benefit corporations. What kind of a “free market” is it when businesses get government to collaborate in setting up markets where they can’t fail, even if they run their businesses into the ground? Only small corps have to provide what the market demands anymore. Big corps just provide whatever the fuck is cheap this weak, and get Congress to rearrange the laws if it doesn’t sell. See also: Hollywood lobbying of late. They are coming at things from every direction just in case something works. Stop piracy! Kill the guilds! Surely “force people to see movies in theaters” can’t be far behind, and that’s it. Once the Tea Party rubber stamps that one, I’m moving to another country.

    Quib has just perfectly summed up what might be the very worst thing about Rick Perry: WTF does he stand for? I don’t know, because the man cannot talk. I’m pretty sure whatever it is sucks, but that’s only because I haven’t heard of the Repubs doing anything responsible during my lifetime. But, huh?

    So, let me get Santorum’s message straight. The banks need huge handouts – those are GOOD things – so they can pay their CEOs eleventy billion dollar bonuses, but food stamps aren’t necessary because some people have more fat on them than is necessary. A drugged chimpanzee could point out the logic flaws with this:

    –Some people are fat BECAUSE they can only afford cheap food, and GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES in COLLABORATION WITH CORPORATE FARMS have conspired to ensure that cheap foods = processed carbs and low-nutrition shit. You can be “fat” and malnourished at the same time.
    –Many, many people on food stamps are not fat by any definition. Duh? Santorum, please meet my drugged chimp. She has a better grasp of the issues than you have.
    –Many wealthy people are on food stamps because they know how to work the system. Could we not, like, work on addressing fraud like that instead of getting rid of it altogether?

    I was very pleased to hear someone on the radio say that the Republican party is worried about their current clutch of candidates and don’t really want any of them as president. Apparently some Republican senator or somebody called Newt Gingrich “a blender with the top off”, and that’s become my quote of the week. I would like to stick Gingrich in a blender with the top on, but I’ll settle for his own party thinking he’s too erratic and liable to change his mind at the drop of a campaign contribution for even their tastes.

  5. says

    Re: the conservative women’s groups applauding a decision to continue denying raped American military women abortion services. These people need to understand:

    –Rapists are narcissists. They are not nice men who got horny. They are really, really bad people, yes, every single one of them, and rewarding them in any way for their behavior makes you a rapist collaborator, and frankly, you should share their sentences.
    –Rapists have paternal rights, and they will pursue them not because they love their unplanned kids – they’re incapable of loving anyone but themselves – but to torture their victims OR because they want someone they can rape anytime they like, and kids are awfully vulnerable targets to that. Yes, you uninformed fools, a man who rapes women is not unlikely to rape kids, too.
    –By forcing rape victims to bear their rapist’s children, we are rewarding rapists and tacitly letting them know that, hey, rape is okay! We get it, we’re on your side, buddy! Rape some more bitches!
    –I hope they rape YOU, conservative women’s groups. I don’t want anyone to be raped ever, but since it’s inevitable AND YOU REFUSE TO JOIN REALITY, then you should bear the cost of your judgment.

    For fuck’s sake, people, I’m not getting this information from weirdo fringe feminist theory, I AM GETTING IT FROM THE F.B.I. I am so bloody sick of people making public policy without the information their own fucking FBI can contribute on the issue. How can educated, informed people NOT be aware that rape doesn’t work like their own personal pet theories? There is HARD DATA about this stuff, but at least twice a month we get comments here telling me that my own provided hard data on how rape works is incorrect because they have been picking their nose and looking out the window and came up with another theory.

    I’m sorry for all the shouting, but I just cannot deal with anymore uninformed people spouting pet theories without even CHECKING to see if there’s, like, hard data on their topics.

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