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Signal Boost: WAKE UP, MS!

Signal Boost: Topeka is not a safe place for women.

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Signal Boost: Vote for the Winslow Indian Health Care Center’s Pink Ribbon video!

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reflection on Yom Kippur

Yolanda Dominguez talks about silly model poses.

BOOBS ALERT. Danger, danger, danger.

Seriously, SlutWalk, WTF.

From SunlessNick –> Emma Watson dumped for being “some child actress.” Um, hello, Harry Potter lasted like 10 years as a movie franchise. She went from being some kid to being one of the most recognizable actresses in the world. Who’s this guy? England’s version of the Situation?

Aftershocks of DADT.

He’s like an internet meme that won’t go away.

:lights a candle: “Gay is good.”

Ughhhhhhh the real tragedy of the economy is that women are SINGLE

Bjork’s new album sounds amazing!!

From JTLaloc:

Hello there, fantastic site, I browse it on the daily but I was
wondering if you had picked up on this abomination:

Sorry if you were having a good day before clicking that link
but…yeah. It’s an MMO, or something similar to farmville, only aimed
at girls and how girls should behave and act. It even has special
boyfriends for girls to find — with unique allowances — and ugh, the
more I think about it the more I want to go back to bed.

occupy Wall Street?


  1. sbg says

    Two quick things:

    1) I am both amused and kind of alarmed that Ace of Base lyrics so aptly speak to that SlutWalk thing. I still agog anyone would create that sign, let alone truly believe what it said. I mean…what?!

    2) While I would love to be able to read Yolanda Dominguez’s post, I find it’s not necessary to understand the language – the pictures say everything. LOL.

  2. says

    Okay, let me see if I’m getting this. Topeka’s DA says they haven’t the funds to prosecute misdemeanors, so he’s stopped doing it, because he’s like God or something and can do whatever he likes. So the city made domestic battery, which is a STATE crime, a misdemeanor, thinking that would force him to prosecute misdemeanors. But now they’re talking about just sending them to a District Court, which they say will be easier on victims because they usually got appealed there anyway. But in the meantime, domestic battery isn’t getting prosecuted. Great! Remember, ladies, just report your troubles to the cops and all will be well! Fuck this shit.

    Re: Slut Walk. I don’t see any recognition that the offending phrase is the name of a John Lennon song. Everything the article says is true, but I think it’s a significant additional element, because Lennon was such a progressive hero in so many ways. In that song, he was identifying how badly women are treated, which was awesome, but unfortunately he thoughtlessly chose to express that with a racial slur, which really sucked. That kids don’t get that is not only passive racism of the Marcia Clark “I thought things was all fixed now” variety, but also a failure to critique our cultural heroes. Which we’re going to have to do in order to change the culture (obviously, that’s my view, since I started this website).

    Re: single women and feminism. I am SO SICK of hearing women complain that feminism brainwashed them to make a certain choice. (A) If someone’s bullying/pressuring you to do something, that ain’t feminism, no matter what they call it and (B) You’re a grown-up! Do what you want and stop blaming others. Didn’t these people go to junior high and learn about peer pressure?

  3. Azzy says

    The silly model poses link made me crack up, especially since I recently had pictures taken for a portofolio. It was ludicrous how the photographer expected me to contort my body: “Hip out! Shoulder lower! Lower I said! And keep that hip out!” Look, dude, I’m trying, but I’ve got RIBS there. Those poses feel just as unnatural as they look, even if you’re the skinniest girl in the world. My body was sore as hell for the next two days, probably because I wasn’t used to it, since there is no situation in my everyday life in which I need to thrust my hip out like it’s dislocated. Yeah. I now have a whole new perspective on modelling.

  4. Dina Bow says

    That lady popular thing won’t get popular. I mean, Anyone into customization would probably prefer a site like Gaia anyway. Gaia has waaay more dept and isn’t filled with boring things like watching your character’s weight.

    …And the graphics are better, too.

  5. Raeka says

    Dina Bow,

    Are you a member of Gaia…? I’ve been one for a while : D I was totally not expecting Gaia to come up in conversation on this website.

    Er, and in an effort to keep this relevant, while I’ll second that Gaia does have more customization, I think ladypopular might appeal to more mainstream girls –Gaia’s avatars are kind of chibified, not slender like the socially acceptable norm. (Of course, that’s one of the things I like about them… )

  6. Gabriella says

    Seriously, Christy Clarke got done for THAT? Our Shaow PM is wel-known for his ‘budgie smugglers’ and… we care abou THAT? (Gabbie goes off to mutter to herself in a cave somewhere…)

  7. Dina Bow says


    Bimbo does has a lot more members than Gaia. I guess people mostly like making pretty characters and obsessing over weight? Or they don’t know sites like Gaia (or Tinier Me) exist? I did play Bimbo for about 30 minutes before I got bored with the whole thing. The only thing that made come back was that email saying my bimbo was sick and dying because I wasn’t taking care of her. I eventually left for good, but its still a cruel trick.


    Thats also why I prefer Gaia and the avatars can have another purpose besides being pretty 24/7.

  8. Casey says

    Dina Bow,

    Bimbo has more members than Gaia? I was always under the impression that Gaia is the end-all, be-all of cute avatar-wielding social networking sites (I’ve been on it FOR YEARS) and Miss Bimbo was just some whatever thingy…also I just joined TinierMe and although the art scheme and avis are cute IT FUCKING SUCKS! It’s like, IMPOSSIBLE to navigate and all the good stuff you have to buy with real money…>__>V)

  9. I.A. Scott says

    How the hell do people possibly imagine that an un-implanted fertilised egg is a person? Pretty sure it has more in common with a metastatic cancer than a person at that point.
    I wonder if they also support rights for actual single-celled organisms. Because I kill millions of those a day even before hygiene and cooking, and not really in humane ways either. (starvation, asphyxiation, being consumed alive, being coated in bleach, being exploded…and that’s just my immune system).

  10. says

    I.A. Scott,

    I know you’re being rhetorical, but the mantra “life begins at conception” has a nice poetic ring, and most people lack the thinking skills to realize what a flawed idea it is. Sure, in hindsight, it seems like my life began when I was conceived, but I’m saying that as a full-fledged person who meets every legal definition of “alive.” There’s a big difference between saying every endangered species tree began as a small seed (wow, neat!) and suggesting that everyone who unknowingly destroys a seed of an endangered tree should be prosecuted just like a logging company that knowingly chops down endangered trees. They don’t see the distinction.

    Moreover, it’s just such an easy target to take on and then congratulate yourself for being a hero. Taking on people who abuse kids is hard work! It requires you to, like, learn shit and stuff! But yelling about life beginning at conception and how we’re going to make laws we don’t understand about it with consequences we haven’t thought through? Fun times!

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