Links of Great Interest 7/17/09

Bored at work? Check out these links of great interest. 😉

Reader FuzzyBlueMonkeys has won our contest! This lucky lucky reader has won a copy of The Strain, reviewed here.

Verb Noire has some great merchandise available. Now would be a good time to buy, since they’re trying to get to WorldCon.

Reporting continues on the courtroom murder of Marwa el-Sharbani. Unfortunately, it’s getting little attention in Germany, where the murder took place.

“Rape trees” are a growing issue on the US-Mexico border.

Turtle Talk has an interesting article up on how we need more Native etymologists.

Truthout discusses the murder of military women. The Congressional Black Caucus and other civil rights groups are also demanding a continued investigation into the murder of a gay black seaman. Rod2.0 is a blog I just found out about — check it out! (ETA: Provost actually self-identified as bi. Here’s the CNN link from Gloss. )

Margaret Cho talks about Drop Dead Diva.

ThePrettyYear talks about math and boobs. For those of you looking for a great store to get sized correctly, check out Intimacy. I went to their Boston location and was very impressed; the woman who helped me, Jude McGinn, refused to let me walk out of the store with an ill-fitting bra, even though it was way better than the one I came in with, because that’s not how they want to treat their customers.

Regina Benjamin looks like an amazing addition to Obama’s administration. I’m sure this is irritating the racist right, who can’t even handle the Obamas’ having black children.

Racialicious has a great post up by guest blogger Monica, which discusses ephemera and the histories of queer POC. There’s another up by Tiara the Merch Girl on burlesque. Monica is actually the blogger behind TransGriot, which is totally awesome, and has a great post on Kerry Washington.

A Vancouver “women’s” clinic is defining “woman” pretty narrowly. I’m wondering who their target audience even IS. Also, a Winnipeg woman confronts a dark time in Canada’s history, documenting her grandmother’s struggle against a mental health industry that apparently considered informed consent optional.

RadicalMasculinity calls out the term “ally” for its problematic re-centering of the dominant person as the nexus of a conversation about marginalized people. Personally, I don’t like using that term because it’s so neutral and so individualizing in that weird neoliberal way. If I want to identify myself as being in solidarity with a cause, I just say that, or I say, “As an anti-racist/sexist/nationalist/classist person, I think you (where “you” is a person presuming that based on their perception of my identity that I agree with whatever bad thing they just said) are being problematic. Here’s why.” The reason I do that is because me being an “ally” at a big gay event, for example, is really easy and really ego-stroking. I get a lot of social cookies for that, for really just showing up. Me acting in solidarity places the emphasis on the things I do in my daily life, which places the emphasis both on my actions and the political utility of those actions. Thoughts?

These links are NOT safe for work, but are still of great interest. :p

Monica Foster has launched, which is a surprisingly practical, woman-friendly discussion of safely getting into the sex work industry. UnsafeWords lambasts a recent article in The Independent which totally reduces women’s sexuality to the consumption of pink, frilly things.


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