Links of Great Interest: Why am I listening to Justin Timberlake? Is it 2008 again?

Signal Boost: The ARKH project sounds amazing — it’s a video game prominently featuring women and POC as characters.

Signal Boost: 

If any of you know any Lao American writers or artists, I’m putting together an anthology of Lao American Speculative Arts, with the majority of submissions required by January 31st. has details. We’re looking for Lao American work with science fiction, fantasy, mythological, horror or similar themes and elements. Poetry, short stories, visual art, play excerpts and more accepted. Thanks! And feel free to e-mail or tweet questions to me at or @thaoworra. Thanks!

Bryan Thao Worra


:stunned silence:

:slow clapping for this brilliant teen:

Serial rapist finally charged.

I know! Let’s threaten to rape a teenaged atheist!

From Rosin:

Hey, I was wondering if you’d seen the interview with George Lucas on
Monday’s Daily Show, on the new movie Red Tails. Setting aside for a
moment the fact that it is George Lucas, who is a) a rich white dude
and b) responsible for Jar Jar Binks, he’s very blunt about how
Hollywood categorizes any movie with a mostly black cast as “a black
movie” with a limited profit potential, and the larger distributors
won’t touch it. It’s a lot of stuff that Hathor readers are familiar
with, but on a humongous comedy show. The vid’s here.

From Shaun:

Basically Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia refuses to perform a

kidney transplant to save a girl’s life because she’s “retarded” and
hence her “quality of life” doesn’t merit the effort of the operation,
even if the family provides the organ themselves.

From Amy:

‘Most runway models meet the BMI criteria for anorexia’, claims
plus-size magazine in powerful comment on body image in the fashion

From MC:

Here is a very interesting article about how topics like “east meets
west”, sexual assault, slavery and “internal reform v. external
conflict” are dealt with in the Tortall novels compared to A Song of
Ice and Fire.

Should women boxers be required to wear skirts??

THIS IS YOUR WEEK IN GORGEOUS: Check out this Dranei ball jointed doll. <— You’ve got to be a member of LJ and WOW_Ladies to see this post.

From Rucha: A homeless aspiring scientist is a semifinalist in a national competition.

From Casey:

From Bitch Flicks:
An open letter to Pixar discussing the problematic content in their
movies. Unsurprisingly, the comments section is mostly full of trolls
who shit on it.

Shakespeare stays political.

From Casey:

Doctors are advising against telling parents the sex of their baby in
the womb before 30 weeks to prevent sex selection-based abortions.

YAY! We’re in space, y’all!

This is a fascinating discussion

From Casey:

From the Washington Post:
A study shows that women who are assertive in their jobs
by asking for raises and promotions actually do WORSE than both their
male counterparts and women who just stay put.

From Casey:

From Shakesville’s Today in Fat Hatred post, a Georgia campaign to
shame children from becoming obese:

Also, apparently some French diet guru named Pierre Dukan wants to
give students in the 18~25 BMI range higher marks on their
baccalaureate, which means they’ll only be allowed into college if
they’re sufficiently thin.

The Liminal People is what Heroes SHOULD have been.

What four little girls?

OH MY CHRIST, seriously, Gawker?? Because the Trail of Tears was LOLtastic?

A Softer World on “smiling.”


  1. says

    Regarding that Washington Post article – hell yes. In my small organization, the glass ceiling is alive and well. Women like me who speak their mind and ask for raises and promotions get squat, while the women who sit back and do what they’re told get all the goodies. It’s fucked up.

  2. Beauzeaux says

    “Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia refuses to perform a kidney transplant to save a girl’s life because she’s “retarded” and
    hence her “quality of life” doesn’t merit the effort of the operation…”

    Please, this is an untruth that has achieved immortality apparently. Children’s Hospital did no such thing. Apparently a single doctor suggested such a thing — it’s not the hospital’s position. Hoever, it seems to be the position of many USians — just look at the comments anywhere this story has been posted.

  3. says


    You obviously didn’t read the article. He made the decision with a “team”, and assured the mother the operation “would not be done here.” If that’s not the hospital’s position, they’re doing a damn poor job of getting their physicians to follow policy.

    Don’t try to shift responsibility off the hospital. People who think like you are the reason people like Rupert Murdoch and most politicians think they can sanction any horrific thing they want and then go, “Oh, gosh, was my staff doing that? I had no idea!” and be relieved of all responsibility.

    That’s not even the correct legal position, let alone moral.

  4. says

    While I’m excited for The Arkh Project and plan on donating, the article linked above confused two points. Arkh needs $3900 so they can finish the first stage of development; they estimate $100k total.

  5. says

    My thoughts (nice roundup this week, thanks):

    1.) Would love to look at that Dranei doll (my wife collects BJDs), but for some reason it’s not letting me. Not sure if it’s a linky issue or just how she has her LJ set up.

    2.) That thing about boxers wearing skirts is hella ridiculous. Boxing is about beating the crap out of someone…where does ‘elegance’ fit in there? And damn straight they want to ‘distinguish’ female boxers from male ones…they want to show which ones are pretty girls pretending to do a manly thing.

    Female boxers are athletes, and should dress like athletes. Just like female soldiers don’t wear skirts into combat, female boxers shouldn’t wear skirts in the ring.

    3.) Read that article about the plus-size model earlier…as someone married to a plus-sized lady, I appreciated what they’re saying. I’m not trying to criticize, but I do wish she hadn’t referred to BMI, which is a bullshit standard we shouldn’t even be taking seriously.

    4.) That story about Amelia and the transplant was horrifying. I cannot believe such things happen, and they should not be allowed to.

  6. Patrick McGraw says

    I’m a kidney transplant patient. I’m also diagnosed as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I don’t think I can express my feelings about this doctor or the hospital that employs him.

  7. Shaun says

  8. says

    What confuses me is that the person calling themselves is claiming to be the admin of the site where the original article was posted.

    I could really use a day of people making sense. I know communication is a dying art, but seriously?

  9. sbg says

    Re: the runway models article, it never, ever fails to amuse me how quickly people trot out “but fat is unhealthy! we shouldn’t encourage that!”, missing the point entirely that the accepted norm of thin in the modeling industry is, in many cases, incredibly unhealthy and shouldn’t be encouraged.

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