Links of Great Interest 11/20/09

Some folks are trying to put together a feminist gamers’ blog!

How likely are you to be jobless in the US economy?

Caster Semanya gets to keep her medal!

Mar writes about blogging and elitism.

More on Precious.

When I complain about the US military relying on gendered caretakin’ labor, this is what I mean [article since removed]. Props to grandma for saying that she can’t pick up the slack.

I very much agree that releasing sexual pictures is a form of assault.

Hehe, this review highlights exactly how dumb some authors are.

I love Celie’s Revenge. Chick is REAL. Here’s her on Chris Brown and Rihanna: CHRIS BROWN BIT HER FACE LIKE A RABID DOG! [blog now open only by invitation]

ETA: here’s the link:

Here’s an interesting looking environmental justice conference.

UnusualMusic has a great post up at AngryBlackWoman on how much Hollywood fails re: race. She also has a great post up on Sarah Palin and misogyny.

I’m not sure why this case, where police TAZED a child at the mother’s request, isn’t child abuse.

This is a tragedy; a 15 year old boy inappropriately touched his younger sister, confessed to his mother, and then was executed by his father. There’s so many layers of sadness there.

A few weeks ago, Mr. BlackSexxxology asked if you’d let your daughter go into porn. Now the ladies at SpouseBuZZ are asking if you’d let your son join the military.

Hahaha, Texas might have accidentally made all marriage illegal.

Anna at DisabledFeminist talks about the idea of the “Bad Cripple,” the mysterious specter stealing money from the government. I place that stereotype in the realm of the welfare queen and the lying rape victime. Anyways, they have a carnival up here that talks about disability studies and intersectionality.


  1. The Other Patrick says

    The only thing re: the Palin photo I would say on behalf of Newsweek is that this shot is sort of emblematic of Sarah Palin – at a time when people want to have a serious interview with her, she does a Runner’s photo shoot. So I would say the photo represents more than just “sexy Palin”, though of course part of why it became so well known is because of Palin doing a somewhat sexy shoot.

    And still, Newsweek could have put a winking Palin on the cover, or a number of other, similarly representative pictures.

  2. Maria V. says

    Exactly — I think that if she was a male politician who engaged in the same sort of issue-avoiding BS, they’d’ve done that. She’s a political celebrity vs a civil worker, but that doesn’t mean she’s a bimbo or irrelevant.

  3. Anemone says

    The CHRIS BROWN link didn’t work.

    There are some really good links here. It’s going to take me a while to process some of them.

  4. Anna says

    Woe, for it’s been so long since i got Hathor in my inbox, and I guess my subscription must have screwed up.

    *clings to Hathor* I missed you.

    Thank you for linking! :)

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