Links of Great Interest 1/29/10

From Good Asian Drivers [which is gone!!!]: A dramatic revision Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”

Hip hip hooray for community matriarchs!

Bad Starbucks! Sexual harassment is NOT part of fair trade.

Back in my day, when we went natural, we had to make our own goshdang hair products out of coconut oil, shea butter, and HATE FOR THE MAN. You young’uns have it easy, with your etsy and your hair entrepreneurs.

Is rape over-used in fiction?

Vagina breath mints? Really now?

Thoughts on the “perfect fat”

AGAIN. A fantasy is not consent!

Piers Anthony has not YET published a series or stand alone that hasn’t gotten pervy/rapey fast. Tatham Mound and Firefly are no exception. I’m actually kinda dreading finishing the Mode series, since the skeevy rape/race issues in For All Eternity made me so upset.

Dunno about you other black ladies in the house, but personally, I don’t want a man who’s threatened by my success. The misogyny in assuming that only men do the pickin’ and the choosin’ in matters of the heart is redonkulous.

Remembering George Tiller. [article locked]


  1. Robin says

    The video started out really fun and then got kind of sad. I love that they showed more realistic implications of cheating than the lyrics suggest.

    I don’t recall Piers Anthony’s Xanth series as being problematic, but I read them when I was about 12 and much less aware of such matters. If I weren’t already hip deep in a dozen other book series, I might go back and re-read a few.

    I took the piece on successful black women to be more of a disparagement of insecurities in the men who won’t date / marry them than of the women themselves. If a guy gets hung up on money out of some antiquated idea of Male being inextricable from Sole Provider, the heck with ‘im. Relationships should be partnerships, no matter who’s pulling in more scratch.

  2. says

    I can’t speak to Starbucks’ legal handling of their obligations, but calling that a “relationship” that both employees “concealed” is ridiculous. That implies that she was a consenting participant. They could at least have said, “We didn’t know anything, but we’ll try harder in the future.” It’s interesting that McDonald’s seems to have handled their case much better.

    The comments on the “rape overused in fiction” article were interesting – lots of good points. I think it really really IS overused, especially by writers who seem to want the drama of the event, but not the tedious misery of the aftermath. That’s just not cool.

    The rape fantasy thing – Penny Red’s remark is bang on. Here’s another analogy. I fantasize to you about robbing a bank, talk about how I’d do it, how many people we’d need, and guns and what day and time would be best. Unbeknownst to me, you get a gang and some guns together, then take me to the bank to rob it. I say, no, I wasn’t serious, but you just point a gun at me and tell me to do my part or else. Is that legal? I just don’t see what’s so confusing about this.

  3. Anemone says

    I remember some really bad comments from when that Starbucks story first broke, about how if you don’t like it, get another job! Hello? I’ve begun to realize, after attracting a troll on my blog, that people with opinions like that aren’t clueless or misinformed, they’re just being bullies. They know.

    And now I can feel relieved, if not downright smug, for never having gotten around to reading Piers Anthony. I may have been turned off by cover art.

  4. says


    That “rape fantasy” story is even worse than the first one…at leas the first one was an actual RAPE fantasy.

    How does any sane person equate “consensual group sex fantasy” with “gang rape is cool”?

    I…fuck. No hay palabras.

  5. Jen says

    That Piers Anthony thing…
    Yeah, Five-year-olds, they’re all asking for it, the little ‘nymphs’.
    Let’s just say it’s fitting it’s in the ‘fantasy’ section.

  6. Maria says

    heh. His narrators talk about the nymphs of Xanth in the same way that the narrator of Lolita talks about HIS nymphs.

  7. Charles RB says

    I’ve heard about judges having idiotic views on rape cases, but the prosecution responded “This material does paint a wholly different light as far as this case is concerned” and wouldn’t offer new evidence? At the very least, he could have raised that there was no evidence that the victim was intending to have group sex or heard there was a group when she went there. And that’s me assuming he thought “there’s no point raising consent issues as the jury is unlikely to get it” rather than him not getting it (and in that case, why not do it anyway as a last-ditch move?).

  8. The Other Patrick says

    George Tiller… I don’t know what to say, really. He and his now sole surviving colleague are true heroes, and I feel very, very sad that there aren’t more doctors willing to do late-term abortions. If there were, say, 20,000, then harassing them would become prohibitively expensive in both money and manpower. Better yet, one should be able to go to any doctor and be able to get an abortion there if circumstances warrant it… but that’s crazy talk, even in Germany we don’t have that – I recently read the portrait of a family who had a child born with severe disabilities, physical and mental, simply because they couldn’t find a doctor who would abort the child after the disabilities were diagnosed. And now they’re fighting to get government support and medical help for the kid.

    The rape thing… words fail me. I can’t understand how we’re living in the fucking 21st century and still don’t know that this is not okay. Lack of consent = Don’t do it. If consent was given, but is withdrawn = don’t do it, or stop doing it immediately. It’s not hard. And, really, the judge is an asshole of biggest proportions.

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