Mazda gets that women buy cars

I just saw a Mazda commercial in which two guys are standing in front of parked cars and talking. One tries to convince the other you can tell a lot about a car’s owner from the car, and points out a hot red Mazda sportscar with leather seats and other cool features, and says, “This guy is the MAN!”

That’s when a woman walks up, unlocks the car with her remote, gets in and takes off with a knowing smile at the guys.

The commercial does not market the car specifically to women. It seems to be saying this is such an awesome SUV that any cool person would want to have one. It’s not the “You’ve come a long way, baby” car, and it doesn’t come in pink. The woman in the commercial is wearing a sexy tight shirt and jeans, but she doesn’t act or look particularly girlie – she comes off as intelligent and fun-loving. This is simply “the SUV you didn’t see coming.” And she’s one driver who fits it.

Thanks, Mazda. Yes, we buy cars. Yes, we like cool features and hot colors and sporty engines, just like guys do. Yes, a lot of us like SUVs, too. And yes, we’re amused by guys who don’t get it, and we enjoy a laugh at their expense. Congratulations: you’re an early adopter of the market everyone’s going to be running to catch up with in another ten years.


  1. Glaivester says

    There is also a Hummer ad where a woman buys a Hummer after another woman cuts her child into the line for the slide. “Get Your Girl On,” is the title.

    An ad I would really like to see would be a man and a woman at a sex therapist, where the woman is complaining that her husband can’t pleasure her because “can’t find it,” (along with something to make it clear that she is referring to her clitoris without explicitly saying so). The husband explains that it’s not his fault, he can’t find it because “it is so small.” Next scene, the woman is driving a really big car. This could be used as an ad for big cars (“who cares what why you want to buy a Brand X SUV?”) or small cars (“what you buy says a lot about you, buy the right thing.”)

  2. Jennifer Kesler says

    I find the Hummer ad repulsive. No kudos to them. And not just because of the pathetic “girly” slogan, but because ALL of their ads are condescending and pander to the idea that Americans are too weak to deal with anything, so we should all just go buy Hummers to compensate for our lack of character.

    I can’t recall the ad with the man that I’ve seen from Hummer, but the theme in both cases is, “Don’t do the grown up thing, and demand respect from the ‘hole who’s trying to bully you – nah, go buy a tank so you can feel powerful.” I’d just as soon not share the road with someone who’s so full of pent-up aggression that they’ve bought a tank in hopes of expressing it against someone who doesn’t make them pee their pants.

  3. SunlessNick says

    How to the guys react to seeing her? A nice touch would be if they return a smile, “car-nut to car-nut.”

    All the same, I can’t think of any other ad like that.

  4. Jennifer Kesler says

    They’re just sort of stunned, and then the skeptical guy says to his friend, “He’s the man, huh?” and walks off rolling his eyes.

    I like your version, too, but this one has the effect of making the “He’s the man” guy look silly, while letting the other one off the hook. And it’s funny, which never hurts.

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