Men look at faces, not just T&A

A recent study has found that when men and women were shown sexy pictures, researchers were faced with the opposite of what they’d expected to find:

Men looked female faces first, and then the genitals, while women’s eyes went pretty much straight to the male genitals.

Could this be why “pornface” was invented – you know, those vapid expressionless faces women in dirty pictures and pornography are required to wear for the camera? Because if the men had facial expressions to look at, they’d get distracted from the T&A?

I dunno. It’s enough to make you question the patriarchy’s assertions that all men are by nature insensitive pigs, because looking at faces is a way to, you know, figure out if someone’s happy or not. 😉


  1. Patrick says

    Pornface is what really disturbs me about most porn. The performers are so often just clearly going through the motions. How is that sexy?

  2. AH says

    A famous woman once (and I use the word once VERY loosely) said:

    “Can’t read my,
    Can’t read my
    No he can’t read-a my poker face
    (she�s got me like nobody)
    Can’t read my
    Can’t read my
    No he can’t read-a my poker face
    (sheâ��s got to love nobody)”

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