Midweek Media: How to be a Chauvinist Gamer Dude

This bit of hilarity came up in response to the recent discussions about the ridiculous amount of sexual harassment women and girls have to endure if they want to game.

For those using text browsers, it’s a flow chart entitled “How to be a Chauvinist Gamer Dude.” The top step is “Deny that female gamers exist.” This flows to “A female gamer shows up!” which flows to the question “Are you attracted to her?” If so, you are advised to “Demand nude photos and cybersex.” The chart asks “Did it work?” The answer “yes” leads to “Tell everyone she’s a slut who sucks at gaming.” The answer “no” leads to “Call her an attention whore who sucks at gaming.” Now back up to “Are you attracted to her?” If no, you are advised to “Insult her appearance and tell her she sucks at gaming.” A third option on the attraction question is “Not enough information to decide”, which flows to “demand photos” and then, “Did it work?” From there, “yes” leads back to “are you attracted to her” and “No” leads back to “insult her appearance and tell her she sucks at gaming.”

At this point, all the answers flowing from “Are you attracted to her” converge on, “Is she still there?” The answer “yes” leads to “Repeat insults.” The no leads aaallll the way back to the beginning: “Deny that female gamers exist.”

I’m not a gamer, and yet I’ve seen these very tactics in the film industry and… well, any male-dominated environment in which men and boys just wish women and girls would go away and leave them alone.


  1. I. Scott says

    That’s all eerily on-target. I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe. Or possibly cry.
    I’m not terribly social, but I’ve definitely seen this sort of thing on far too many internet forums/newsgroups/open chatrooms.

  2. DragonLady says

    And this is where I bust out my trusty:


    …Assuming I can’t get one of my guildies or family (we game together, sue us) to hop on his/her Hordie (while I keep the Chauvinist distracted) and gank his ass.

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